Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 20-22

MLB: ALDS-Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers



Kuroda @ Buehrle

Big Erv @ Dempster – not sure I trust either, but the results demand action!

Porcello @ Richards

Diamond @ Floyd – Floyd worth a gamble for the more fearless K-chasers

Beckett @ W. Chen

Kazmir @ Humber

Parker @ Hellickson – bench but don’t cut Parker… stuff is still there

Maurer @ Tepesch – same as Erv/Dempster for Tepesch

LeBlanc @ Arroyo – same as Tepesch for Arroyo

G. Gonzalez @ Hefner

Lynn @ Lee

Maholm @ McDonald

Jackson @ Burgos

Cahill @ De La Rosa – tough matchup for Cahill but I’m a fan

Richard @ Lincecum – your call on Lincecum, who knows what he’ll do


Nova @ Johnson

Billingsley @ Arrieta

Guthrie @ Doubront – I think Guthrie is legit

Milone @ R. Hernandez

Correia @ Axelrod

Jimenez @ Bedard – bleeech

Harang @ Grimm

Fister @ Wilson – very risky matchup for walk-prone Wilson

Sanabia @ Bailey

Zimmermann @ Gee – I like Gee A LOT more at home

Medlen @ J. Sanchez

Feldman @ W. Peralta

Stults @ Zito

McCarthy @ Nicasio – bench but don’t cut McCarthy

Westbrook @ Kendrick – high risk start for both but play the trends…


Griffin @ Aceves

Sabathia @ Moore

Happ @ Tillman

Masterson @ Quintana – righty-heavy ChiSox a good matchup for Masterson

Nolasco @ Pelfrey – if you’re ever going to gamble on Nolasco, this is it

King Felix @ Peacock

Holland @ Blanton

S. Miller @ Haren – playing it safe on Haren for now

Burnett @ TBD (PHI)

Wood @ Leake – Leake better on road, but good matchup and coming off a strong start

Minor @ Francis

Lohse @ Marquis

Miley @ Vogelsong



I was offered a trade friday night and i knew you wouldnt be available to help over the weekend so i had to make a decision and im kinda on the fence about it.

I was offered Matt Latos for Desmond Jennings. I decided to take the deal because my pitching needs the help more than my offense.I am way ahead in steals and still have many guys who could give me the steals i need to win that category. Also i decided to drop A.Escobar and pick up Duda to fill the Utility roll that jennings was filling.

this is once again a 10 team 5×5 weekly roto league. my team now looks like this.


B-Weaver and Garza

When Weaver and Garza come back ill have to make a decision to maybe drop detwiler and or ogando because at that point ill just have too many starters but for now what do you think about that deal?Also would you feel more comfortable with duda, frazier or cuddyer in an everyday role at Utility?



A totally fair trade. I’m fine with it, especially since you’re still strong in SBs. Frazier would be my choice for the UTIL spot for the time being. He’s pretty much impossible to bench right now.


HELP Please🙂
I was offered Todd Frazier, Mike Napoli, & Albert Pujols for Jacoby Ellsburry & Jose Bautista…

I’m perplexed.. I currently have Swisher & Carter in my 1st base arsenal & Headley now back from the DL in @ 3rd.. Suggestions?


It’s close but I’d actually pass on this one. Even though Pujols is the best player in the deal, Ellsbury and Bautista are clearly #2 and #3. I also don’t have a ton of confidence in Napoli staying healthy long-term.


I am getting murdered by Kelvin Herrera blowing these saves. I need a new closer, but there aren’t a lot of options available since most other managers are hoarding closers. Do I drop Hererra for any of these relief pitchers? (My other closer is Jason Grilli) I would prefer someone who is actually the closer for their team, but given the very small number of closers left, I broadened my list to include non-closers too who might at least to a better job than Herrera at this point.

John Axford, Carlos Marmol, Jonathan Broxton, Joaquin Benoit, Vinnie Pestano, David Robertson, Ryan Cook, Tyler Clippard, Eric O’Flaherty, Drew Storen, Shawn Camp

Add Mitchell Boggs to that list


Benoit is closing right now, so he’s the most logical choice. Feel free to drop Herrera. Looks like Holland has a firm grip on the job again.


would you drop Morrow for Quintana?

Just been offered ra dickey + rnd 16 pick (next year draft) for my Jose Fernandez + rnd 12 pick. Is this a must accept?

This is a keeper league btw (but only 5 keepers)


Yes, I’d make that trade in a second.


Hey Zach, I was verbally offered Butler and Halladay for Desmond and Scherzer. I feel comfortable with Jed Lowrie at SS and was looking for a 1B upgrade over Hosmer, but now that Freeman is back I’m not sure if I need it. What do you think? Thanks as always!


Pass. I’m still a little concerned about Halladay and wouldn’t be all that happy with Lowrie as my long-term starting SS. And, like you said, with Freeman coming back your 1B situation is fine. Not to mention that Hosmer is bound to pick it up.


what are your thoughts on Dominic Brown….My OF consists of McCutchen/Gomez/ J Upton/ D Murphy/ Ruggiano/ Beltran….wondering if I would replace one with Stubbs and hope he can keep his avg around 250 with speed/power?


I’d stick with the guys you have. Brown has been unimpressive so far and Stubbs has burned me in the past, so I just don’t trust him.


Standard 5×5 roto. I was offered Matt Cain & Ellsbury for Strasburg & Ethier. What do you think? I could use the steals & runs of Ellsbury & my pitching is strong.


Absolutely do it. The upgrade from Ethier to Ellsbury is far greater than the downgrade from Strasburg to Cain.


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