Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 23

MLB: New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers


J. Fernandez @ Correia (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Nolasco @ Pelfrey (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Colon @ Aceves risky for Colon but 0 walks in 20.0 IP deserves a shot!

Locke @ Hamels

Wainwright @ Detwiler

Dickey @ M. Gonzalez

W. Davis @ Scherzer – Davis very impressive so far but very tough matchup

Villanueva @ Cingrani – check Cingrani’s next 5-6 probable starts… suhhh-weet

Kershaw @ Niese

Hughes @ Price – Hughes worth it on the road vs. a lesser offense

McAllister @ Quintana – two nice sleepers with plenty of upside

Iwakuma @ Norris – check out Norris’ home/away splits

Minor @ Francis (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Teheran @ Garland (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Ogando @ Vargas

Gallardo @ Richard – always start Richard at home, period

Corbin @ Cain


You guys should start a list of all the guys that Sciano said he loved LAST year so we know to draft them the following year. Last year it was Ian Desmond and this year it appears to be Holland.

and Minor😉

Not a bad idea:-) Though Holland struggled last night. I’m still a fan though. It also seems like Big Erv has a great year every other season.


Hi Big Z what do you think of the trade I made this weekend. One of those where you dont bother discussing by mail, just send out a couple of offers and one gets done…gotta love those🙂

Sent Medlen and Kennedy for Price. Needed a top quality starter in a 10 teamer I felt, as I had a tonne of no3’s. I got autodrafted Ken as I missed my draft by an hour, and wasnt a big fan anyway, so im willing to pay him to upgrade from Medlen (who seems will experience major regression this year) to Price (who’s had a rough start, but that probably enabled me to get him). Like the deal? I’ve now picked up DLR and K Kendrick to give me an extra starter, who’d you like more?


In a 10-team league, I’m OK with it as there’s plenty of SP depth on the wire. I’m a big Kennedy fan though (drafted him in four of my five leagues!) so it’s tough for me to get over my bias.


Saunders is sitting on the Waiver wire. Should I pick him up for Hafner, Gattis or Morneau?

Nope. Saundo could implode at any moment. I’d be too scared to pitch him.


I meant Michael Saunders coming off the DL, lol.

At this point, I’d pass.

Who wins Altuve/Butler or C.Crawford/Bourn/Hosmer

I also have kipnis and murphy for 2B


I’d rather have side A and get the steady production from Butler. There’s just a little too much risk in the Crawford/Bourn/Hosmer group.


I’ve been offered Yadier Molina for Desmond Jennings. Molina would replace Salvador Perez, and I’ve got Werth on my bench to take over for Jennings. I’m good on speed (Ellsbury, McCutchen, Desmond, Pedroia, Werth & a couple other contributors) and could use a boost in batting average, obp & rbi. But it’s a keeper league (9 keepers; no rounds or dollars, just your 9 best players). I’m thinking this is a good fit. What do you think? Thanks


Yeah, I’m fine with it. The no round value factor does make a difference too, as most people who own Jennings in a keeper originally took him in like the 20th round.


I’m in an auto draft league & ended up with ALL relievers (we start 9 pitchers but there’s no SP or RP). There’s a 20-inning minimum though so your site is invaluable. Thanks!

Hey big Z, im thinking of dropping andre ethier for either Mujica or Shaun Marcum, help me choose please. My OF consist of Pence, Werth, Nelly Cruz and Alex Gordon, Have Middlebrooks and Morneau on Util and IF positions. My closers consist of Frieri, Grilli, Betancourt and Henderson. Starting pitchers are Iwakuma, Scherzer, Gallardo, Jose Fernandez, Ian Kennedy, Jaime Garcia, Buchholz, Wandy Rodrigez and Garza on the DL. Thanks for any help!


Well, you definitely don’t need Marcum with eight quality SPs already on your roster. Mujica is a must-add in any format at this point. If you have to drop Ethier to pick up Mujica, it’s not a terrible move, but generally speaking I’d give Ethier some more time.


Yo Z,
I’m confused: Migel Gonzalez was in the two start pitchers list as “pitch” but in the Tuesday Pitch or Ditch, he’s down as ditch. What gives? I picked him up and now am unsure about using him tonight.


Just a difference in opinion between me and Cory I guess but the other thing to keep in mind is that sometimes a weekly lineup decision when it comes to a two-start pitcher differs from a daily lineup decision. A guy who you might want to sit for one start could be someone you’d want to start in a two-start week if the second matchup is favorable.


I’ve got another trade offer on the table. I give Joe Nathan and get Alex Rios. My other closers are Balfour, Holland, and Frieri. Valverde is a free agent, so I’d likely pick him up in case Frieri loses his job to Madson. Rios would push one of Werth or Lowrie to my bench, with the other in my utility slot. I like giving up a closer for a good hitter, but Rios can be up and down. What do you think?


Yeah, I think that’s pretty fair value and Rios is a clear offensive upgrade over Lowrie.


Just traded Milone, Marte, and Freese for Bryce Harper, I should be doing cartwheels right?

How do I join your league? you just trade raped the poor guy.

Now, in your opinion how vetoable is the deal? He came to me with it

Not quite vetoable in my mind, but not smart on his part. If there’s an uproar about it among the other owners in the league, I wouldn’t be opposed to putting it to a vote.


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