Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 24

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers


Samardzija @ Latos

Morrow @ Stinson – sticking with Morrow despite poor start

J. Garcia @ Strasburg – not trusting Garcia on the road

Kluber @ Sale

Saunders @ Harrell

T. Hudson @ Chatwood

Kennedy @ Bumgarner

Anderson @ Lester – pitch Straily for the spot start if Anderson can’t go

Wandy @ Halladay

Mendoza @ Verlander

Lilly @ Harvey – Lilly worth a look in deeper/unmixed leagues

Pettitte @ Cobb

Darvish @ Williams

Estrada @ Volquez


I was listening to sports talk radio today in NY and the host was saying right now there is no pitcher in all of baseball he would trade Harvey for. For fantasy I guess this applies to dynasty leagues, but in terms of real baseball what do you think about that statement? The more i think about it the more i agree.


There’s no denying that Harvey has been exceptional, but c’mon, you wouldn’t trade him for Verlander or Kershaw or King Felix? I think we here in NY tend to go a little overboard when evaluating our own young players when they get off to great starts. Remember when Joba was the next great closer? Or when Hughes was an ace in the making after he had that 18-win season? Making trades based on “right now” is usually asking for trouble. Make trades based on what you think will happen from this point forward. Harvey may very well put up ace numbers this year, but I’ll take my chances with Verlander. Or Kershaw. Or King Felix.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Michael Saunders is sitting on the Waiver wire. Should I pick him up for Hafner, Gattis or Morneau?

Or should I stash Zunino and drop one of those folks?

Kendrys is also on the wire.

I’d pick up Kendrys for Hafner. I’m not much of a believer in Hafner long-term.



Gyorko was dropped in my league so i picked him up.
My current 2b is Ricky Weeks and i also have Rutledge. Who do i start now and who will have the better full year? i hate to give up on weeks but hes just horrible right now



I’m not a Weeks fan either but I wouldn’t drop him just yet. Play Rutledge for now though. I think he’ll give you the best numbers across the board, at least for the short term.


Hey Zach, how do you feel about this trade? Heyward & Huston Street for D. Jennings and Middlebrooks. My DL spot is taken up at the moment by Eaton. How would you feel if Street was taken out (not sure if they’ll take the offer then however).


A fair swap, but you are selling a little low on Heyward. Maybe first try to downgrade the quality of the closer.


Dear 411,

I’m playing on a 12 team mix Keeper league.
I loss Aaron Hill into DL so im trying ot seek for a replacement.
Fortunatly i have Matt Carpenter as an Utility but mainly as my 4th outfielder.

I have a lot of pitching and need to make a move because my Lg has a 1250 INN limit, and im already 40 INN above in the projections. I know is early, but i think its better to trade a pitcher for a 2B.

My rotation are: Gio, Harvey, Minor and Zimmerman, AC Griffin, Paul Maholm or Doug Fister.

I’m willing to trade one of the last 3 on the above list.

Would you target Espinosa or Scutaro for any of the above last 3 SP?
I have an offer of Espinosa for Fister. I don’t like it much, i think Fister has much more upside than Espinosa in a Keeper league.

Would you think it would be fare to trade Maholm for Espinosa?
Or should i target any other player?



Also Kendrick is on the wire. Should i pick him instead of any trade?


Giving up Fister for Espinosa is WAY too much. I don’t even think I’d do Maholm for Espinosa. I think you should just stand pat for now and find a 2B stopgap on the wire. Don’t worry about being 40 innings over. It’s too early to pay much attention to that. Save your SP chips for later in the season.


Hey Zach,
Ben Revere or Nate Schierholtz in a 12t, h2h, mixed league, and 6 cat (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS) league?
Rich D.


Despite the slow start, I’d still go Revere. More overall upside.


Hi Big Z thanks for chiming in on my trade.

Think you missed the bit about who to add with my open roster spot though. K Kendrick or J De La Rosa, whod you like more?


DLR might have the higher ceiling but I think Kendrick is the safer play. I’d go with him. Still hard to fully trust any COL starting pitcher.


Hey Zach,

Im in 5×5 keeper league (4players) I’m looking to make a move for some better offense. Is fowler real deal for long term success this year? I’m trying to unload an excess of closers to a guy who has fowler but not much else except for cano(won’t deal him)

Closers: Kimbrel, Rodney, Reed, Valverde(just picked him up)
Possibilities from his : A Gone, Beltran, Gordon, Prado, C Santana, & Price (I know not offense but still…)

My roster: S.Perez, Goldschmidt, Altuve, Seager, A Cabrera, Jennings, J Upton, Stanton, Kipnis, Ortiz, & A Ramirez DL,
Strasburg, Darvish, Iwakuma, & CPs


Appreciate the advice as always,
Josh A


That’s a tough one because your offense is so strong that I don’t really see a ton of areas where you can upgrade. What about going after an SP? Rodney for Price? Maybe throw in someone else too if need be?


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