Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 25

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals


McDonald @ Lee

Shields @ Verlander

Ryu @ Hefner

Humber @ Buchholz – still not sold on Buchholz, but keep rollin’ it

Arroyo @ G. Gonzalez – don’t trust Arroyo much but he’s been dealing and Nats are scuffling

Buehrle @ Kuroda

Jackson @ Slowey – Slowey worth a gamble in deeper leagues, seriously!

Hellickson @ Sale

Tepesch @ Worleygoing for it on Tepesch vs. weak Twins offense

De La Rosa @ Cahill

Hammel @ Parker – not convinced Parker is out of the woods yet but he’s worth a risk at home

Richards @ Maurer


What do you think about mark ellis in LA? Im thinking about cutting ties with rickie weeks, but that seems to be a big risk at this point. Do you think hitting 2nd in that LA line up is going to give ellis a big enough boost to go the distance?

14 team mixed 5×5 obp instead of avg, thanks!


Pass. As much as I’m not a fan of Weeks, Ellis is just not all that exciting from a fantasy perspective. And he’s old.


Since Aaron Hill went down it’s been a parade of teh awful at 2b for me. Of these disasters, which do you think is best Ellis, Keppinger, Ryan Roberts, Chris Nelson?


I’ll say Keppinger, but you’re right that none of those guys inspire much confidence right now.


I have a streaming dilemma coming up this weekend. H2H Points league, do I run Gee v Phi, Doubront v Hou, Colon v Bal? All nice home matchups. I’m feeling Doubront, Gee then Colon but Colon has been rock solid. Thoughts? Thanks as always.


Yeah, I’d have a hard time benching Colon, especially since he’ll be at home. I’d rank them Colon, Doubront, Gee.


Ugh, I waited one day too many, both Colon and Doubront were snatched up this morning in my league. Looks like I’m rollin’ with Gee vs Phi. Not too bad of a matchup really.

Hey 411,

After I just accepted a Heyward (I received) for Harvey deal I receive this offer. I give Adam Jones for Kershaw. If I made the deal I think I would shift Craig to OF and play Hosmer at 1B or drop Hunter for Ike D. Should I bring Kershaw aboard?

Usually I never make so many deals this early but these have to be entertained.

10 team – 6×6 roto non-keeper with QS and OBP, SLG

My hitters are Wieters, Craig, Kipnis, Castro, Freese, Aram Ramirez, Ad. Jones, Kemp, Bruce, Heyward, Hosmer, and Hunter

My pitchers are Hamels, Gallardo, Samardsja, Kennedy, Moore, Darvish, and Weaver.

Thanks and appreciate it,


Yeah, I’ll endorse that one. And I love the net result of the two trades: Harvey and Jones for Heyward and Kershaw.


Hey Zach,
What are your thoughts on Brett Anderson and Brandon Morrow after a few starts this year? In one league, I’m ready to dump Anderson to pick up Mujica (since I’ve picked him up everywhere else and I have six other SP in a 10t, H2H, mixed league) and I’m willing to hang onto Morrow in my other league since he has pitched decently in the past and is playing with a nice offensive team. Anything I’m really missing?
Rich D.


Nope. I agree with both of those moves. I still like Anderson but I’m definitely growing impatient. And Mujica shouldn’t be available for much longer.


Not sure why you’re down on De La Rosa for tomorrow. I think I’m going to stream him over Tepesch. Thoughts?


Personally, I’m not opposed to that at all.


I know they say that C Johnson has earned every day starts but was not in the line up today….I have Moustakas on my bench and C Pena at CI so not much there…what do you think of C Johnson going forward…once Hanley is back can plug him in at 3B/CI Also thinking o going with just 5 starting pitchers and use relievers for saves/holds in a daily league….dropped Morrow a couple of days ago and staying with Wainwright/ Sanchez/ S Miller/ Bailey/ and Dickey? I dropped Morrow and picked up Gregorious as I need some MI help with Hanley and Reyes on DL…what you think of him


I’m not sold on Johnson long-term and he can easily slip back to a 50/50 timeshare with Francisco very soon. Stick with him for now but don’t count on him to be a lineup regular for the rest of the season. Gregorius is playing over his head right now, particularly in the power department, so no, I would not have dropped Morrow for him. If you desperately needed an MI, I’m pretty sure there were better drop candidates than Morrow.


I need another stater. With cashner back in the rotation lilly, colon, w. chen, or cashner. Its a tough desion im leening tword cashner because of the k upside but his inconsistancy scares me. Thanks
12 team deep mixed.


If I had to pick one, it would probably be Cashner but play the matchups for now. All of those guys aren’t quite PoD grads just yet.



I’m in a deep 12 team keeper NL only 5×5 with a ML draft, so the waiver wire is a ghost town.
I have more talent on the DL (Hill,Hart,Ramos,Ruiz,H-ram,Fujikawa,Marcum,Liriano) and ML than on my active roster:
1B YAlonso SD (2014 7)
2B DSolano Mia (2014 10)
SS MScutaro SF (2014 15)
3B JFrancisco Atl (2014 1)
OF APollock Ari (ML 7)
OF JTabata Pit (2015 1)
OF JRuggiano Mia (2014 2)
OF DBrown Phi (2014 5)
C KSuzuki Was (2014 6)
C DNavarro ChC (2015 9)
UT FGalvis Phi (2015 3)
CI MAdams StL (ML 7)
MI SLombardozzi Was (2015 3)
P MEstrada Mil (2014 4)
P CRichard SD (2014 2)
P DGee NYM (2014 3)
P TCingrani Cin (2014 2)
P JMarquis SD (2015 3)
P MAdams Phi (2015 3)
P TRosenthal StL (ML 7)
P WPeralta Mil (ML 7)

1B #CMarrero Was (ML 7)
1B #HMorris Mil (ML 7)
2B *AHill Ari (2013 14)
3B #NArenado Col (ML 7)
OF *CHart Mil (2015 14)
OF #RLiriano SD (ML 7)
OF #GPolanco Pit (ML 7)
C *WRamos Was (2013 7)
C #CRuiz Phi (2015 11)
CI *HRamirez LAD (2015 23)
MI *WBloomquist Ari (2013 3)
P #JTurner Mia (2015 4)
P *KFujikawa ChC (2015 5)
P *FFrancisco NYM (2015 6)
P #AHeaney Mia (ML 7)
P *SMarcum NYM (2015 5)
P *FLiriano Pit (2015 1)
P #TThornburg Mil (ML 7)

I’m thinking of putting in a large FAAB bid for Lilly or Erlin on sunday (players can’t be claimed if they are on the DL or in the minors). The only other available players worth mentioning:
Mike Baxter
Nick Green
Reed Johnson
Lagares (temped on him)
Alfredo Mrte
Xavier Paul
Matt Reynolds
Jordan Walden

I have one open reserve spot and have no issue dropping Marquis. Do you see upgrade possibilities here (even for 2014) that would warrent dropping some of my current players, keeping in mind that by the end of may I’m going to have a load of players coming off the DL to make room for. I’m afraid the injuries have put me out of the running this year, and I may be better off building for 2014. Thoughts, sympathies?



I think it’s way too early to waive the white flag. I’d just make that Lilly pickup and take it from there.


Is Gallardo a good buy low? I know he does this every year but im not sure hes looked this bad before, his stuff seems down.

Freeze and mini-Cargo are sharing my Util spot right now though, so I guess one would be expendable. Would you trade either for Yoga (10 team, OBP league)?


Yeah, I do like Gallardo as a buy-low guy. His end of season numbers are always solid even though he’s very up and down. That said, in a 10-teamer I’m not sure I’d actively look to trade for him simply because there’s so much SP depth on the wire.


So I received a trade offer from the 1st place team (I’m currently 7th in a 12 team H2H standard 5×5 plus Batting Ks) where I would receive Zack Cozart and Barry Zito for Ben Zobrist. Right now I have Zobrist at SS while Aybar is on the DL, but he’s due back soon so I would slide Zobrist into the OF. My pitching is already pretty good except for a recent spike in ERA (Lee, Kennedy, Pettitte, Minor, Ogando, Jose Fernandez, Milone, Beckett, and McCarthy), but I’m concerned that Cozart is not going to give me the power boost I need. So I’m thinking about offering Zobrist with Fernandez and one of my catchers (Mike Napoli and John Buck, since his only catcher is Kurt Suzuki) for Ryan Braun and one of his pitchers (Iwakuma, Moore, Miller, Dempster, Shields or Cobb). It would look something like this:

Give: Buck or Napoli, Zobrist, Fernandez
Get: Braun and SP.

Which guys should I target in this deal, and does this look like a good counteroffer to make to improve power production?

Instead of Fernandez, is there another SP of mine that might be more enticing to the other owner to make this deal?

Only way to know is to find out. I wouldn’t be opposed to selling Beckett right now either.


Any trade where you’re getting Braun is something to seriously consider and yeah, I do like that idea. I’d rank the SPs: Shields, Moore, Cobb, Iwakuma, Miller, Dempster.


Thanks. Who would be better to trade away? Buck or Napoli?

Buck, without question. The guy is playing WAY over his head. Napoli at least has a solid track record.


another question about Chris Johnson…..is he a drop at this time even though leading in avg…sean rodriguez is available but not sure about his ABs going forward or maybe I should just stay put…..thinking of dropping Moustakas when Hanley returns which I hope will be very soon


Stand pat for now. There’s no way I’d drop Johnson for S-Rod.


Hey Zach,
What are your thoughts on Hanrahan regaining his closer role with Boston? I’m currently loaded with RPs: Papelbon, Rodney, Reed, and Mujica. My SPs are: Morrow, Ryu, Miller, Masterson, and Garza (DL). This is a 12t, h2h, mixed league. I would like to drop Hanrahan and pick up one of: Wood, Santana, Hammel, Westbrook, Leake, or Cahill. What’s your take?
Rich D.


It’s possible but unlikely I think. Bailey is simply the better pitcher. Still, I’d wait a little longer to see how that situation plays out. I’d lean towards holding onto Hanrahan and might consider trading one of the closers (Reed, for example) for a better SP than any of those waiver wire guys.


Who would you keep between Duda and Soriano this year?


I’ll take the conservative route and go with Soriano, despite the slow start.


He slow started last year and went on to hit 32. I think he hit his first hr like may 18 last year. Thanks Zach!

Dump Frieri and pick up Valverde while he’s still available?

Or drop Frieri to get Madson who is also still available?

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