Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 26

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays


Bailey @ Zimmermann

Johnson @ Nova – your patience with Johnson should not be endless, though…

Maholm @ An. Sanchez – tough matchup for Maholm, playing it safe

Feldman @ LeBlanc – why not?

Bedard @ Dempster

Kendrick @ Gee – don’t love Kendrick on the road, but after handling CIN and STL…

Kazmir @ Big Erv

R. Hernandez @ Peavy

Grimm @ Diamond – Grimm worth a gamble in deeper leagues

J. Sanchez @ Lynn

Nicasio @ McCarthy – one more shot on McCarthy at home

W. Chen @ Milone

Wilson @ Harangdon’t really trust Wilson, but Mariners don’t score much

Burgos @ Beckett – Beckett’s peripherals are still OK

Lincecum @ Cashner

***ZACH SAYS “I’d pitch Chen. 3 ER or less in each of his first four starts and the matchup is favorable. Agree on rest.”


I have Josh Johnson and after last week’s outing vs Yanks who do you think has the upper hand this time? Do the hitters seeing him less than a week later, or does Johnson learn from his mistakes? 5.1IP, 8H 4ER 3BB 4K wasn’t the most inspiring performance, esp the 2.0 WHIP – yikes!


Well, now he’s been scratched for his next start so no need to worry about it. I’m concerned about Johnson going forward but all you can do is hold onto him. His trade value is non-existent right now.


I presently have Cuddyer, Parra, Crisp and Gardner as my outfield and Ruttledge at 2nd. I also have Kubel and Aaron Hill on the DL but would like to drop someone to pick up a pitcher, either Ted Lilly, Mike Leake, J.A.Happ or Jonathan Pettibone. any thoughts? Thanks.


Either drop someone else or don’t bother. Those SPs are all PoD guys for now and I wouldn’t sacrifice any of those everyday hitters to pick up the SP.


I forgot to add to the question above having to do with picking up a pitcher. We are using K’s, wins, era, whip and saves for the pitching categories. Thanks.

Trade question: I’m thinking about trading Car-Go and A. Escobar for Tulo and D. Jennings. I’m pretty set at OF with McCutchen, J.Upton, A.Rios, and Heyward. Looking to upgrade at SS. Your thoughts on trade? Thanks.

Should I be concerned about Jedd Gyorko? He’s not my primary 2B & he’s not affecting my team that much (Stanton owner here) but I’m just wondering.


Not liking what I’m seeing from Gyorko and since he’s a rookie I just don’t know what to make of him. I wouldn’t be opposed to dropping him in a 12-team mixed league. I haven’t seen anything to make me think that his value will all of a sudden be significant.


unsolicited advice:
Al: Leake (Cingrani will take his spot), maybe Pettibone if you are risk adverse
Seth: Relax, Gyorko will make you happy with patience, possibly very happy.

I’m in a weekly head to head league and I’ve been offered beltre and I’d give up trumbo and Tim Hudson I also have middlebrooks at third. Good trade or should I leave it.

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