Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 27-29

MLB: NLDS-San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds



Medlen @ Porcello – never mind Porcello, stash Drew Smyly while you can

Happ @ Sabathia – Happ has been throwing well but it’s too risky

Tillman @ Griffin

Holland @ P. Hernandez

Peacock @ Doubront – good K potential, and blow-up potential, on both sides

Moore @ Floyd

Jimenez @ Guthrie

Blanton @ King Felix

Leake @ Haren – Leake much better on the road, and Nats struggling to score

Pettibone @ Marcum – tough matchup for his season debut, but take a shot

Burnett @ Westbrook – Westbrook due for some painful regression

Wood @ Sanabia

Francis @ Miley

Zito @ Stults – might as well!

W. Peralta @ Fife


Dickey @ Hughes – I don’t trust Hughes in Yankee Stadium

Norris @ Lackey

Price @ Axelrod

Masterson @ Mendoza – Masterson is a mirror from which we see reflected our own wants, hopes and dreams, but sometimes our worst fears as well

Ogando @ Correia

M. Gonzalez @ Colon

Vargas @ Iwakuma

Minor @ Fister

Hamels @ Niese – Niese has to start throwing more strikes, though…

Villanueva @ Nolasco

Cingrani @ Detwiler – expect to see lots and lots of fastballs and not much else

Locke @ S. Miller

Lohse @ Kershaw

Vogelsong @ Marquis

Garland @ Corbin


Harrell @ Pettitte

Pelfrey @ Scherzer

Kluber @ Davis – good gamble at home vs so-so Tribe offense

Hanson @ Anderson – not trusting Hanson vs. good offenses

TBD (BAL) @ Saunders

Strasburg @ Teheran

Harvey @ J. Fernandez

Richard @ Samardzija – Cubs can’t hit lefties so Richard is a reasonable deep-league gamble

Wandy @ Gallardo – good chance for Gallardo to get straightened out

Latos @ Wainwright

Cain @ Kennedy

Chatwood @ Lilly – Lilly looked very sharp vs. the Mets


What’s your feeling on Dustin Ackley? He is totally forgotten after last years hype?


I wasn’t a fan heading into the season and he hasn’t really done anything to change my mind. That said, you’re right that he’s under the radar now and there’s certainly upside potential. I wouldn’t mind him as my MI in a mixed league with 12 or more teams, but there’s no way I’d trust him as my starting 2B.


Great stuff

Garrett Richards or Brandon Maurer? Vogelsong or Quintana?


I’d go Maurer and Vogelsong.


I have Vogelsong in a 12 team mixed. After his latest debacle, I think I might drop him. It’s already hard to recover from the harm he’s done from my ERA and WHIP.


In a 12-teamer, I’d be willing to give him another couple of starts before dropping him. Bench for now though.


In a 10-team league with 4 keepers, I have too many guys on my bench. Candidates to drop are C. Gomez, J. Willingham, S. Victorino, or E. Hosmer. Obviously based on this (or last) year’s performance, I drop Hosmer in a heartbeat. But I’m a little nervous about doing so given his potential, especially in a keeper league. Do I throw out my lottery ticket or dump a more reliable, lower-upside player? Thanks.


Tough to think of Hosmer as a drop candidate but in this situation, I’d have to agree that he’s the guy unless you can somehow trade him. Plus, it’s only a straight 4-player keeper and the chances of Hosmer earning top-40 status by year’s end are slim.


Hi Zach any thoughts to introduce a 411 player on this site to play the latest episode of the showgram (sianos term)? Would be useful to play the episode whilst browsing the site, rather than having to play it on itunes, ipad etc.

I almost spit out my drink when I read the Masterson line.

You guys are my favorites.

I have a roster crunch for week 5. My pitching is pretty stellar so I have some tough decisions on who to start and who to bench. Only 9 Spots available for 13 pitchers. the 4 other pitchers sit on the bench in a WEEKLY Cbs Format.

Here are my 13 pitchers:


Felix (@ Toronto)
Gio (@ ATL, @ Pit)
Gallardo (PIT, STL)
Estrada (PIT, STL)
Morrow (BOS, SEA)
Cobb (@ KC, @ COL)
Lynn (CIN)
Lincecum (@ Arizona)
AJ Burnett (Washington)


Holland (7 home – CLE, TB, CHW)
Betancourt (3 Home, 3 away TB, @ LAD)
Street (3 Home, 4 away ARI, @ Cubs)
Frieri (4 Home, 3 Away BAL, @ OAK)

I am currently second on my league. The categories I need to catch up on are wins, Whip and Era. I am 4th in Saves and 3rd in Strikeouts.

So which 4 out of these guys would you put on the bench this week?


This would drive me crazy going forward as it’s very hard to just choose 1-2 of those closers to bench. I’d probably sit Morrow, Burnett, Lincecum and one of the closers. Which one? Flip a coin!



Thanks for answering all my questions this far. I’m looking to upgrade my k/9 because we have an innings cap and I’m a little behind. I’m leading in HR & RBI right now. I’ve got Granderson on the DL and he’s more valuable because its an OPS league. I should not that I’ve only got 7 points in Runs too. Should I dangle Granderson to fix up my K/9? If so, who should I expect in return?



Btw my OF consists of

C. Gomez
C. Davis


I think you should just hold onto Granderson for now. His value will only go up once he returns to the lineup and it’s too early to think about innings caps.


I’ve pitched very well against the Reds, Rangers, Giants, and Braves, but my peripherals (FIP and BABIP) say that I am getting a bit lucky. Am I on the cusp of becoming a Grad?

Zach, Thoughts on Straily making his first start of the season on Monday?


I think I’d go for it. He’s at home and I love the K potential.


Hi guys, H2H cbssportsline 10 team weekly points league.

Been without J. Reyes for a few weeks now. Grabbed D. Murphy at 2B since I had Zobrist, I could move him to SS. Murphy was so hot I thought it a good move. He has cooled off which i understand but now Im thinking for the long term til Reyes gets back. Would you keep murphy or drop him in favor for one of these SS: A. Escobar, J. Segura, E. Cabrera, A. Simmons. I like all of them, leaning towards Escobar or Segura if I decide to go the drop Murph and pick up SS.

Also at catcher, Perez is really not getting it done for me. Lucroy is out there but I want to think long term. Would y’all make the switch or hold?

Do y’all trust K. Kendrick? I grabbed Niese when his owner dropped him, I had to give up A.J. Griffin to do it but thought it was a trade up. Kendrick, Hellickson, and Chen are out there and Im scared to death that Masterson is falling back into his old ways and I have J. Johnson making me pull my hair out.

Thanks guys for your thoughts, its great to have y’all to bounce ideas off of.


I’d go with Segura as his SB potential at least somewhat fills the void left by Reyes. I’d hold onto Perez for a little while longer, though even my patience is wearing thin. I still prefer Niese over any of those waiver wire SPs.


ROS Donaldson or Moustakas?
Thank you


Moustakas. Way more upside IMO and I’m pretty confident that his power will come around.


Who do you like better the rest of the year between Jay Bruce and Allen Craig?


Well, they are two different types of players, Craig more of an AVG helper (though he’s not showing it now) and Bruce more of a classic power hitter (though he’s not showing it now), so it kind of depends on your needs. I’d personally rather have Bruce though.


What do you see as Pujols’ final numbers? I’m about to trade for him, but nervous. Thanks.


I don’t see why he can’t at least match last season’s stat line, meaning that it will only get better from here. A great trade target.


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