Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 30

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins


Humber @ Kuroda – OTOH I am picking **against** Humber in Beat the Streak😉

Halladay @ McAllister – tough matchup for McAllister but I’m a fan

Lester @ Morrow

Worley @ Verlander

Hefner @ Slowey – you read that right

G. Gonzalez @ T. Hudson

Quintana @ Darvish

Volquez @ Jackson – indecisive on Jackson, but might as well

McDonald @ Estrada – indecisive on McDonald, but passing this time

Cobb @ Shields

Arroyo @ J. Garcia

Bumgarner @ Cahill

Richards @ Parker – bench but don’t cut Parker, he’s pitching for his job

Hammel @ Maurer

De La Rosa @ Ryu


Think Starling Marte is for real or is there a serious batting avg regression coming? Is he worth trying to get?


I’m still a fan, and he did hit for a high AVG in the Minors, but the high K/BB ratio suggests that he’s due for at least a small correction. Feel free to trade for him but only if the price is right, meaning don’t assume a .300 AVG.


I’m not expecting a .300 AVG, but his BB/K rate is so much better this year. That’s what makes me so optimistic. He is walking like mad, almost 11% of the time and he cut his K rate down from 20% to 13%. My fingers are crossed that he is learning

Who do you see getting more saves this year Madsen or Fujikawa? Both are on the WW and I have an empty DL spot. Also should I stash Beachy?

Thank you.

Big Mike

Big Mike,

I’m going to say Madson just because I’m fairly confident that he’ll be the closer soon after returning. Fujikawa has looked bad this year, so the Cubs might just stick with Gregg now or give Marmol another chance. The way I see it is that Fujikawa has more obstacles in his way than Madson, even though Frieri has done a nice job. The Angels signed Madson to be their closer, and his track record is solid.


Alex Cobb is available. To start tomorrow, I need to drop Bailey or Hanrahan. Which one do I drop?


In standard 12-teamers, Hanrahan is a pretty safe drop at this point.


What do you see as Pujols’ final numbers? I’m about to trade for him, but nervous. Thanks.

Answered this on the previous post.

Hi Zach, I just got proposed this trade in a 14-team 10×10 HTH-league (extra cats: batting hits, BB, assists, errors and SLG%, pitching: ip, losses, BB, TB, GIDP): I get Headley, Adam LaRoche and Vogelsong, and have to give up Rizzo and Jordan Zimmerman. I’ve got Ryan Zimmerman on the dl, with Juan Francisco filling in for him at this point. I would probably drop Ruggiano to make room. At first glance, I don’t really like this trade, but I’m really not sure. Should I make this trade or not?


The more I think about it the more I’m intrigued, but I’d still lean towards passing. The SP downgrade is too steep. Zimmermann looks like he can be a top-15 SP by year’s end and I’m not convinced that Vogelsong can recapture his 2011-2012 form. You’re basically getting Headley to compensate for the 1B and SP downgrades. Tempting but ultimately I’d stand pat. It’s not like Headley is an ultra-proven commodity either, coming off just his first elite-caliber season.


Hey guys, just wanted 2 thank u all 4 the great advice & run a trade ? by ya… I’m in a ten team h2h points 3 keeper league and was offered Giancarlo “I’m still callin him Mike” Stanton 4 Chris Sale. Hitters get tiered bonus points 4 extra base hits but lose a point for K’s & E’s while Sp’s get 3 pts/K & .33/out but lose a point 4 wp… everything else is standard scoring so slight edge goes 2 Sp. My outfield consists of Cespedes, Choo, Marte, Trumbo & Chris Davis, but latter 2 are often used in utility spots or @ 1st. My Sp after Sale (who was a keeper) are Harvey, Moore, Holland, Bailey, Burnett, Lose, Big Erv, Cahill & got Weaver(K) on dl. Should I make this deal???



Now that Stanton is out indefinitely, I’d hold off on that trade.


What is the deal with Colvin? I’ve been waiting for Helton to go down to see him called up, but no such luck. I thought he could put up some nice numbers for a deep NL only with 400ab’s or so, but I’m starting to think he may just clog up a ML spot. At least the Rockies called up Arenado just in time to replace Adams at CI on my ever growing all DL team (Hill,H-ram,Hart,Ramos,Fujikawa,Liriano, H. Alvarez…).


Well, Colvin is certainly performing well enough in the Minors to lead one to believe that a callup could be coming sooner rather than later. The bottom line though is that he’s still worth a roster spot in an NL-only league. I’d try to be patient.


Hey Zach,

14 team H2H, somebody just got scared I guess and dropped Brandon morrow. I was debating putting a waiver claim in for him but not sure if its worth it and who I would drop. My rotation consists of:

Jason hammel
Jaime Garcia
W Chen

What are your thoughts about my options and rotation in general?



That’s a tough call as you would think that in a 14-teamer, Morrow is worth a pickup. But in your situation, with so many quality SPs on the roster, I think I’d stand pat. I would drive myself nuts trying to decide on who to drop.


I agree! I guess its somewhat of a good problem to have. I’ll let somebody else deal with Morrow but if I HAD to cut one of the pitchers (let’s say one of my hitters goes down and I need to fill a spot) who would you say is first to drop from my list? Thanks again!

hey well I dropped Didi to make room or Hanley, also had Peralta and E Cabrera for SS….you think dropping Didi is the right choice…..also dropped Moustakas or Arenado? any thoughts on him as he had a big night and already has more numbers than Mouse had all season…..still have Middlebrooks and C Pena for CI


I’m fine with all of those moves, though I’d actually rather have Moustakas than Pena.



What is going on with Matt Cain? He got crushed again tonight by Arizona. 3 Homeruns!!

On the bright side Scherzer,Latos and Gallardo all had decent nights.

Also I was wondering if you think its worth playing Ellis at 2B instead of Weeks or Rutledge? My team AVG is around .260 right now and Ellis is on the wire. I would be dropping Gyorko to pick him up.


Not concerned about Cain. I think he might have been tipping his pitches last night and he did settle down somewhat after a very rough start. As for Ellis, I just don’t see a whole lot of upside with him.


would you ever sit McCutchen in a daily league?

What kind of return do you think is reasonable for Matt Harvey? I’m looking more towards trading for another starter, hoping to sell high on him. Or do you think it is best to hold on to him ROS? Also I believe he had an innings limit last year, so he should be good all the way through the season. Have you heard any talk of shutting him down late in the year?


Let’s put it this way. If you could get a legit ace for him, even someone in that 1A tier (Hamels, Lee, Sabathia etc.) I’d make that trade. And as far as I know, there aren’t any innings restrictions on Harvey, which might actually be bad news for him as he might wear down come August/September.


Hey Zach,
What are your thoughts on BJ Upton? I totally understand the upside and potential for the rest of the season but one month has passed and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement. I also have Pagan who has been marginal after a fast start. Would you ever consider dropping any of them for someone like Marte (I know you gave your comments on him above this post)? Moss, Vernon Wells, and Parra are still available.

Rich D.


Upton is who he is, and everyone who drafts him should be aware of that. Honestly, I no longer consider him an upside pick. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a very valuable fantasy commodity, but the AVG will always be an issue as long as the K rate remains sky high. No way would I drop him, but every B.J. owner should be ready to take the good with the bad. If you’re sick of him, maybe wait for a hot streak and then try to see what he could bring you in a trade. I’d hang onto Pagan too, especially if you can use the speed.


11 team mixed 5 x 5 keeper. Need help with offense, specifically HR, RBI, and steals. Have good pitching depth. Evaluate this trade:

I get:
Jean Segura
Todd Frazier
John Axford

I give:
J.J. Putz
Tom Wilhelmsen
Tony Cingrani

I would still have Grilli, Betancourt, Valverde, and Fujikawa as potential closers, plus Axford.



I’m totally fine with this.


Question #2: It seems that Joel Hanrahan is back but will not be reclaiming his closer role (unless injury hits). I’m pretty good with RP (Paps, Rodney, Addison, Mujica) and my SPs are Ryu, Masterson, Morrow, Shelby Miller, Garza (DL), and Greinke (DL). Would you drop Hanrahan and pick up Cingrani, Correia, Kendrick, Cahill, or Guthrie?
Rich D.

Sure, I’d make a Hanrahan for Cingrani swap. As long as Bailey stays healthy, I don’t see him giving up that closer job.


follow up….I dropped Moustakas over Pena cause Pena is my only back up or 1B….quick one do you think Betancourt will continue to play when Ramirez returns? Think the Brewers would ever sit Weeks for him

I wouldn’t count on Betancourt long-term. He’s performing way over his head right now, particularly in the HR/RBI departments.


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