Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 1

MLB: New York Mets at New York Yankees


Gee @ LeBlanc – have to “Pitch” pretty much everyone vs. Stanton-less Marlins

Diamond @ An. Sanchez

J. Gomez @ Burgos

Bailey @ Lynn

Wilson @ Milone – Wilson shares MLB lead in walks allowed

Bedard @ Phelps – Phelps has sneaky-good K upside

Lee @ Bauer – don’t trust Bauer’s command issues

Buchholz @ Buehrle

Zimmermann @ Maholm

Sale @ Tepesch – Tepesch worth a gamble in deeper leagues

Cashner @ Feldman

Hellickson @ Mendoza

Lincecum @ McCarthy – hang with ‘em on McCarthy, stuff is there

W. Chen @ Harang

Nicasio @ Beckett – Dodgers can’t hit, can’t hit at home, can’t hit righties


What are your feelings about Moose for the rest of the year? I know he has had a terrible season so far, but his peripherals are a lot better. I see him breaking out in a big way. Am I crazy?

Yep, I’m still a believer!


Pick one. Gee or Phelps?


Gee. I’ll go with the experience edge and the NL factor over the higher K upside.


Another Josh Johnson owner here. I have the following rotation, would you feel comfortable giving him the boot?
Cliff Lee
Gio Gonzalez
Mike Minor
Alex Cobb
Ross Detwlier

Also, are you holding out on both Salvador Perez & Eric Hosmer? Hosmer’s my backup to Pujols, but I have no other catcher options. Buck, Martin, Cervelli, Hundley and Lucroy still available.



I’d stay the course with the guys you have.


Pitch chen or Phelps tomorrow? Both have good win opportunities

Hey Zach,

Ok got offered David Wright but it means giving up Y Darvish. Other option is he has Miggy.

Right now I have Seager w/ A Ramariz on DL

I don’t have a lot of SP…Strasburg, Darvish, & Iwakuma
CP: Reed, Kimbrel, Valverde, & Rodney.

If like to package CP with Strasburg for Miggy but am I giving up too much? What do you think about Miggy or Wright?

Thanks as always


Miggy > Wright and while on paper a Wright for Darvish deal sounds good to me, I think in your situation, with A-Ram days away from coming back and with a thin SP staff, you have more of a need for Darvish than Wright, so I’d hold onto Yu.


Hi Zach,
I’ve been offered Yelich in a 12 team 5×5 NL only for a SP. I have depth with Hamels, Lynn, Gee, Cahill, Nolasco, Capuano, Pettibone. My OF is hurting with Heyward, Ludwick, and Colvin AWOL. I’m left with J. Upton(thankfully), Duda, Span, Xavier,Nix/Lagares. I think there is a good chance that Yelich helps me this year, but what is he worth to me considering that I have a SP to spare. Obviously not giving uo Hamels,Cahill,Lynn. I’ve tried with Pettibone but met with resistance. Who would you offer to get Yelich if you think he’s going to contribute enough this year to give up a SP. It is a keeper league, but at this time of year I always try to think championship no matter where my team is.

Maybe Nolasco plus something else? If you can pull off a Yelich deal without giving up any of those three SPs, I’m all for it, particularly in a keeper. The long-term reward outweighs the short-term risk.


Big day with waiver wires! Brett Anderson and Josh Johnson were dropped, any of them make for a cheap pickup? Should I drop any of these bench players: Uggla, Freese, Kendrys, or these pitchers: Niese, Milone, or Villenueva?

10 teamer, keeper league…


In a 10-teamer with so much SP depth on the wire, getting an above average SP with a track record does make a difference, so despite the injury issues, I think I’d take a chance on Johnson, probably over Villanueva, who I think is due for a stat correction.


Hey Zach,
I currently own Frieri, Nathan, Wilhelmson, and Mujica. Would you dump Frieri for either Valverde or Madson (both are currently available) or stand pat?

Rich D.


Stand pat, though I’d explore possibly trading someone like Mujica and then picking up Madson to lock up the Angels’ closer situation…might be worthwhile.


In a 10 team mixed head-to-head league are Youkilis or Bourjos worth one of my two disable list slots? Should I bother with either in a 10 team mixed league? Ryan Zimmerman is currently in one DL slot, but he should be back in a couple of days. Tulo, Swisher, Lowrie, and Werth are all banged up but none are looking like DL candidates at this point. Thanks


If you have an open DL slot, why not? If you don’t, I think you’ll be able to live without either in a 10-teamer.


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