Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 2

MLB: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs


R. Hernandez @ Big Erv – BIG ERV!
Stults @ Wood – Wood has earned it, and Stults is worth a look in deep leagues too
Sanabia @ Kendrick – Kendrick at home vs. the worst offense in baseball… he’ll probably give up 9 runs!
Dempster @ Happ
Haren @ MedlenHaren earned a reprieve by shutting down Cincy
Peavy @ Grimm – Grimm worth a look in deeper leagues
Porcello @ Lyles
Westbrook @ W. Peralta – Westbrook’s early work screams for regression, and Milwaukee is raking
Tillman @ Blanton


Zach whats your take on Correia?


He’s a PoD guy. I still wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him unless the matchup is very favorable.


12 Team Head to Head, Cain, Ellsbury, Hafner for Sebathia, McCutchen, Bautista. Which side?


Sabathia/McCutchen/Bautista. Great sell high on Hafner!



Halladay just hit the wire in my league..pick him up or leave him for someone else? id be dropping Grimm.


Leave that old horse out to pasture.


For Grimm, yeah, I’d absolutely make that move.


in a league where we use LF CF RF I have no decent option in RF been offered cuddayer 4 my carlos gomez still got Jennings n a jax 4 CF do it ?

411 Crew,
14 team roto mixed, 7×7 w 6 keepers. Simple question, What is with Motte? He has my DL spot taken and I am fighting to stay afloat with both Reyes and Stanton now on the DL taking up a bench spot. I have Paps and Mo with the Papa Grande experiment happening as my 3 closers. Drop Motte or try to package him with another player to try and help fill in some offensive deficiencies with two of my big guns out?

G from Oz.

Motte has little to no value right now. Reyes and Stanton are both much more deserving of your DL spot. Motte has been a FA in my league for a month now, for good reason. Cut him loose, he has no value in a pkg trade so why deal away one of your other players? Stash Reyes, bench Stanton, cut Motte. Go for a ratio RP if you need one. Look at Capps on SEA, Melancon on PIT, et al. Guys with great ratios will do more for you than someone who might not pitch for another 12 months.


I’d be open to a trade if you can pull it off but I’d rather not drop Motte. We should get a better idea about his situation within the next couple of weeks, so hold off for a little while longer.


Got offered cuddayer 4 my carlos gomez I need RF badly still got jennings n ajax 4 my CF currently using duda at RF do it ?

Is Cuddy elig at 1B in your league? If so, who is your primary 1B? For me, Cuddy has little value at OF, some value at 1B. He’s a solid ball player and swings a big bat at Coors. Could approach 90 RBI this year. However — your OF is fairly strong with Jennings, Jackson and Gomez. Duda is meh.


A fair value trade, so I’m OK with it if it suits your needs.


Justin Grimm at Home. Here we go, boys. We’ll know after today whether this kid is a legit fantasy stud or not.

When are you guys getting back on tv? You would think the MLB Network could find at least one or two 30 min. windows to slide you in during the course of the week, even if it’s at 2 am!! I dont want anymore countdowns on the best two out hits from 1967, or whatever the countdown of the week is, etc., etc. I miss your show.


Yeah, the Network days are over, but it was a mutual agreement as Mike, Cory and the production crew were spending an enormous amount of time on prep work and we were giving the show to the Network for free, so ultimately it was just time to move on. Putting on a TV show involves a lot more prep hours than a podcast.


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