Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 3

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins


Leake @ Villanueva

Nolasco @ Pettibone – Nolasco pitching reasonably well but hard to trust in CBP

P. Hernandez @ Masterson – hard to trust Masterson vs. any lineup with decent lefty power

Griffin @ Sabathia – hang with ‘em on Griffin

Detwiler @ Burnett

King Felix @ Romero

Marcum @ Minor – tough matchup for Marcum if he’s not at 100%

Doubront @ Holland – risk/reward to both, but Holland pitching better

Santiago @ Guthrie – blue plate special!

Fister @ Norris

S. Miller @ Lohse

Moore @ Francis

M. Gonzalez @ Vargas

Miley @ Marquis

Kershaw @ Zito


Villanueva a start against the Reds…wow. Are you guys a believer in him long term?


Personally, in a 12-team mixed league I’d be a little hesitant to pitch Villanueva. But he’s been solid over the past couple of seasons so I’m starting to become a believer. That said, a stat correction is inevitable, and I’d rather he not be in my lineup when it comes.


Someone just released Rodney in my league. Is he worth putting a bid on? I have $100 waiver money. I could always use another closer.

Or I could grab Maddog Madson off the wire and stash him.

Absolutely grab Rodney.

Even with his control issues? How long do think his leash as closer is?

Considering what he did last year, I think it’ll be fairly long. Wasn’t a fan of his heading into the season though.


Which side wins?
A: Pedroia
B: Henderson, Holland, and Rutledge

I am side A and would be left with only Mujica as my closer…


I’ll almost always side with the best player in the deal, which is clearly Pedroia. But no way would I want to be in a situation where Mujica is my only closer, so I’d pass. You’re simply sacrificing too much for the Rutledge to Pedroia upgrade. If you had another strong closer to go along with Mujica, I’d feel differently.


What do you think about Vernon Wells? Would you rather have him or Melky Cabrera the rest of the way?


Still not totally sold on Wells but he continues to prove me wrong. I’d go with Melky as I view him as the superior across the board contributor, but this decision is getting to be tougher and tougher with each passing day. Would I actively look to trade Wells for Melky at this point? Not really.


Austin Jackson or Bruce ros


Depends on your needs but now is actually a good time to buy low on Bruce, as he has only one home run. Power hitters are becoming a very scarce commodity and the fact that Bruce is off to a slow start only leads me to believe that a monster HR stretch is in store.


Nolasco career ERA under 3 in decent amount of starts at CBP.

My closers are A. Chapman, G. Perkins and Valverde. Do i need Kenley Jensen on my team or should i drop him and find someone that could help me in other ways or do you see him taken over the closer role later in season?


Depends on who you’re looking to pick up but if it’s some mediocre waiver wire guy and you’re not extremely roster crunched, I’d hold onto Jansen.


Hey Zach,
Pedro Alvarez or A-Ram in a 12 team, mixed, H2H? A-Ram just came up on the WW. Thanks.
Rich D.


A-Ram. He’s more of an injury risk going forward but he has the far superior track record and will actually help you in AVG rather than being a huge liability.


Nolasco’s #’s are outstanding in CBP though.

Trout for Trumbo and Craig…who gets the better end of the deal?


Not an awful return but I’d still go with Trout.


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