Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 4-6

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals



Correia @ Kazmir – Correia’s getting it done, but regression is a cruel mistress

Colon @ Hughes – do you trust Hughes at home vs. the #1 scoring offense in MLB?

Iwakuma @ Dickey

F. Garcia @ Hanson – tough call on Hanson but I’ll play it safe vs. O’s

Quintana @ W. Davis

Scherzer @ Harrell

Lackey @ Ogando

Cingrani @ Samardzija

Wainwright @ Gallardo

Strasburg @ Locke – have to go for it w/ Locke vs. struggling Nats

J. Fernandez @ Hamels

Niese @ Teheran – risky start for Niese on the road, but I’ll take the shot

Price @ Garland

Corbin @ Richard – sticking with Richard at home

Lilly @ Vogelsong – assuming Lilly starts, I’m going for it


Pelfrey @ Kluber

Straily @ Pettitte

Saunders @ Morrow – hang with ‘em on Morrow

Peavy @ Shields

Lester @ Darvish

Hammel @ Richards

Verlander @ Humber

Harvey @ Hudson

G. Gonzalez @ Wandy

J. Garcia @ Estrada Garcia better at home, but he’s rolling

Latos @ Jackson – Jackson is DTM

Slowey @ Halladay – Slowey worth a gamble in deeper leagues

Kennedy @ Volquez

Cobb @ Chatwood

Ryu @ Cain


Parker @ Jimenez – I like Parker better at home but appears to be turning the corner

Worley @ Buchholz

Buehrle @ Hellickson

Maholm @ Arroyo – not risking Maholm in GABP

Tepesch @ Feldman – blue plate special!

Cahill @ Capuano

LeBlanc @ Cashner

Lee @ Bumgarner


What kind of return should I be looking for if Im trying to sell high on Napoli? Thanks for all the advice

Depends on your positional/categorical needs in addition to Napoli’s market value in your league. Every league is different and all it takes is one other owner to make a deal, so just see what’s out there.


Unfortunately, I bought into the likes of Kipnis, Chisenhall, and Ruggino in my draft this season. Now, I am regretting the brutal starts they are having. I like Ryan Raburn, but it seems like the consensus is to only get him in AL only leagues, but mine is mixed league. He has 2b, OF elegibility in my league. He is on fire right now, and no one wants him, apparently. Should I grab him and drop one of the aforementioned slugs, or the likes of Travis Snider or Chris Carter? Thanks.


Nah, stay the course. I still have more confidence in the guys who are currently on your roster.


Hey Zach, I’m in H2H and am way behind in ERA/WHIP, about even in W and comfortably ahead in Ks. I can either keep Estrada for his one start or drop him and grab one of JoFer/Lilly/Quintana/Teheran for Sat THEN one of Pettite/Wandy/Hammel for Sunday. Thanks for the help!


Probably too late but I think Fernandez is worth grabbing in pretty much any format after his latest outing.


Dickey drop him for Holland? I know they say he is sore but you would think they would sit him if that was the reason for his awful season……he just doesnt appear to be a reliable start this season


I’d definitely pick up Holland but wouldn’t be ready to drop Dickey just yet.


What do you think David Price owners should do for the time being- bench him until he strings together a couple of good outings, or keep rolling him out there and hope that he’s not injured?


Keep rolling him out there. I wouldn’t want to miss a dominant outing, whenever that does come. Personally, I just don’t like to bench my aces regardless of the situation.


Hey Zach,
Would you trade E42 for J Zimmerman
I have Rizzo at 1B….i tried to trade Rizzo for Zimm but this is he counter offer.
I really need pitching…i have a lot of power Upton, Harper, Braun, Rizzo.


I like Zim but for E42 I think you could get a legit ace…like a King Felix, Hamels etc. Zim is still a notch below those guys in my mind.


hi Zach,which of these two starters would you go with for this year only ? M. Estrada or Jason Hammel ? I know Hammels K’s are down right now but should rebound but Estrada has given up ten HR’S already to lead the league.Thanks

Hey Steve!

I’d go with Estrada. He’s a little riskier than Hammel, especially considering his erratic start to the season, but he also carries more upside, particularly in the K department.


I’m in a 12 team H2H league. I loaded up on catchers. I drafted Pierzynski and McCann (very late), and picked up Buck for his recent power surge. I had Crisp, Ellsbury, Victorino, Bautista in my OF, but picked up Nava for his recent success. Traded Crisp and Halladay for Big Papi and Matt Harrison (who I cut, and picked up Jose Fernandez) to solidify my power numbers, and I figured Ellsbury, Victorino, and Wright would give me the SB I need.

J-Roll has been hurting me at SS, so I was thinking about picking up Dee Gordon, if he can get on base. What do you think?

Also, with McCann about to be activated, which catcher should I keep?

Finally, with a starting rotation of A. Sanchez, Darvish, Buchholz, Cueto, Fernandez, and Grimm (placeholder), should I take a shot at trading for Fister if it means potentially losing Joey Bats?



First off, I’d try to trade Buck while you still can possibly get something decent for him. He can’t possibly keep this up. I’m fine with picking up Gordon if you have the space. Maybe you play him over Rollins for a few games until J-Roll can get back on track. But I do still have faith in Rollins. Stand pat with your rotation. I think it’s fine.


Hey Zach,
Slap me and remind me again why I shouldn’t drop BJ Upton to pick up Starling Marte in my 10 team, h2h, mixed league. My other OF’s are Braun, Harper, Pagan, and Matt Carpenter. I mean, I do know what you get with BJ but this is just too frustrating. He isn’t even making contact two thirds of the time.
Thanks, bro.
Rich D.


I think the end of season results for B.J. will still be OK, but I’ll admit that I’ve never been a fan of the guy. If you’re really roster crunched in a 10-teamer, I actually wouldn’t be strongly opposed to that move, though it’s not like Marte is a proven commodity either.


I picked up Detwiler while Chacin was on the DL. Now that Chacin is active, I need to drop one, they have very similar numbers, which one would you drop?


Detwiler. He’s on the better team and I’d rather not own a Rockies’ starting pitcher if I could avoid it.


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