Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 7

MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres


An. Sanchez @ Zimmermann

Big Erv @ W. Chen – BIG ERV!!

Milone @ McAllister – tough matchup but I’m a fan

Harang @ McDonald – McDonald MUCH tougher at home

Medlen @ Bailey

Sale @ Harvey

Diamond @ Dempster

Happ @ R. Hernandez – Happ a blue plate special for deeper leagues

Lynn @ Wood – Wood’s been getting it done, but scary matchup

Wilson @ Lyles

Grimm @ W. Peraltabench but don’t cut scuffling Peralta

Kuroda @ De La Rosa

McCarthy @ Beckett – McCarthy’s indicators suggest improvement is coming

Sanabia @ Stults – at home vs. Marlins? YEP!

Kendrick @ Lincecum


In a 12 team points league woudl you deal Choo and Waignright for Sale and J. Upton? WOudl you prefer Sabathia over Sale?

Yes. And I wouldn’t prefer CC either…I think he’s regressing. J-UP is on track for an MVP caliber season.

Yes, I’d make that trade. Not ready to place Sale above the proven Sabathia. Yeah, he might not be the same pitcher he was a few years ago, but he’s still pretty darn good. I’ll take my chances with him.


Is it safe to pitch Chris Capuano tonight?


I wouldn’t. Let’s see if he can rebound after getting roughed up in his first start of the season.


Cut one when Greinke returns: McCarthy, Griffin or Bud?


McCarthy. I still haven’t completely given up on him but there’s a point where you simply have to go on the results. And the results have not been good.


well trying to figure out a roster move If I hang onto Dickey for a bit and pick up D Holland for back up I am possibly looking at dropping C Johnson(Atl) as I have Arenado/ Moustakas/ and Middlebrooks at 3B and would consider C Pena but he is my only other eligible 1B behind Howard? Johnson is a bit frustrating as he is not in the starting line up daily,,,,also have 3 SS in Peralta/ E Cabrera and Gregourious but holding tem till Hanley returns once again


I’m fine with you dropping Johnson considering that you’re already plenty deep at 3B with Arenado now up.


Sale is pitching right now…. Hector Santiago a Pitch?


Yeah, I would take a chance on Santiago.


With Brian McCann back from DL which catcher should i drop, Evan Gattis J.P. Arencibia? I would drop Gattis but i hear they are going to keep finding him at bats so i would hate to drop the better hitter.


Tough to drop Gattis but if you don’t have any other options I’d sooner keep Arencibia. It remains to be seen just how much playing time Gattis will get now and you don’t really want to be carrying a part-timer on your roster.


What should we Price owners do with guy?

Absolutely nothing.


Bench don’t cut on Estrada? Or am I better off dropping him and going with the PoD slot?

Or do I just send him out there and hope for the best? I drafted him for K’s, not for ERA obviously.


Bench but don’t cut.


You’re not concerned with Price’s huge drop in velocity?

Should I stay the course with Halladay or should I cut him and pick up Kendrick off waivers?


At this point, if you don’t have an open DL spot, I’m OK with flat out cutting Halladay in a 12-team mixed.


Hey Zach, are you at all worried about J.J. Putz?


Not really, though it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to pick up David Hernandez as insurance considering Putz’s health history.


I just completed a trade in my seasonal league and would like to know if I made a good deal. I get Price and I gave up Peavy and Fister. Am I wrong to assume Price will right the ship? Also my other starters are: Kershaw, Shields, Darvish, and Harvey.


Not a terrible deal for you but I don’t think I would’ve made this trade. Peavy has been putting up ace-caliber numbers over the past few seasons and while I’m not really concerned about Price, is the upgrade from Peavy to Price worth giving up Fister, a high-quality #3 type SP? I’m not so sure.


Hey Zach,

Patrick Corbin or Paul Maholm ROY?


I’ll go with Maholm. I think he’s the safer bet from here on out considering that Corbin is rather unproven at the big league level.


ROS Adam Eaton or Lorenzo Cain ( assuming Eaton comes back healthy ) ?


At this point, I’ll have to say Cain and take the guy who is healthy and producing right now over the guy who is hoping to return by the end of the month and may or may not perform as well as he did last year.


behind braun i have 4 outfielders on my team, 1 needs to go for a DL add. which should i drop out of torii hunter, josh reddick, shane victorino, or brandon moss? need hr’s.

Are you buying Russell Martin’s hot start? Good power and almost as many walks as strikeouts. I’ve got Salvador Perez in a mixed 10-team head-to-head league, with only one catcher slot. Martin and Gattis are on the waiver wire. Drop Perez or hold steady? Thanks


Stick with Perez. He’s hitting very well of late and in the end I think Martin will prove to be an AVG liability. He’s very streaky too, which is frustrating.


Bailey, Iwakuma or Guthrie? I grow frustrated with Parker’s inconsistency & the results just aren’t there right now.


I like Bailey but if all of those SPs are available in your league it probably means that there will always be solid SP depth on the wire, so I’d pay attention to the matchups.


Keeper league trade offer: fielder and 2nd rd pick in ’14 for Miggy Cabrera and a 4th rd pick in ’14. Or a straight up Miggy for Braun?

Honestly, I’d be a bit nervous pitching Grimm by default, even if Milwaukee has been struggling batting wise lately, they’ve got strong talent, and Grimm’s on the road. WHILE I would probably pitch Grimm, I wouldn’t grab him off FA in a league where there’re matchup acquisition limits. Secondly, you’re outta your mind pitching McCarthy vs the BoSox, I think they will rip him apart. In conclusion, I’d probably cut Peralta at this point, unless I was in a 20 team league or an NL only deep league.

And another thing, rate this trade on a scale of 1-10 (1 being bad, 10 being perfect), I give Maholm and Hanley R. for Iwakuma and M. Bourn


I’m lukewarm on this one so I’ll say 5. But I’d rate it lower if I knew that Hanley would definitely be back in a couple weeks. Sounds like Bourn is very close to returning.


I was wondering if you can help. I currently have Aaron Hill on the DL and am using Ruttlege at 2nd base. I am thinking of dropping Hill and picking up Kipnis to play 2nd and use Ruttledge as backup since I have Andrus at s/s. What are your thoughts?


Can’t you just put Hill on your DL? If not, I’m OK with that move. Hill might not return until June and I’d personally take Kipnis over a healthy Hill ROS.


A. Simmons or J. Lowrie?

Hey 411,

10 team, 6×6 roto keeper of any 4 at their prices.

My bats are Molina, Belt, Tex, Weeks, Tulo, Longo, J Up, Cespedas, Marte, A Jax, C Gomez, Myers, Oscar

My arms are Kershaw, Waino, A Sanchez, Lester, Zimmermann, Fister, J Garcia .

I’ve been offered Votto for my Wainwright and Lester. I think it’s a bit much so I countered with Lester and Garcia but no go. Should I move Waino and Lester for JV or sit tight?

As always,


Well, the prices have a lot to do with this decision but you certainly have enough SP depth to make this move.


I prefer Simmons, Lowrie is hitting the DL…right .. about….now.

Follow up: OR even try Zimmermann and Lester?

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