Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 8

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals


Minor @ Leake

King Felix @ Burnett

Westbrook @ Villanueva – Westbrook still hot but Villanueva cooling

Nolasco @ Marquis

Pettibone @ Zito – risk/reward on Zito, but he’s at home sooo…

Fister @ Haren

Mendoza @ Tillman

Griffin @ Masterson – not trusting Masterson vs. A’s lefty power

Peavy @ Hefner

P. Hernandez @ TBD (BOS) – Doubront demoted to bullpen

Romero @ Moore

Blanton @ Norris – Norris at home vs. scuffling Angels…

Holland @ Lohse

Phelps @ Nicasio

Miley @ Kershaw


IN a 12 team points league I just traded Votto for Butler and Matt Cain. I struggled long and hard with my decision, but I think it was for the best. Cain will be replacing my 6th starter who at the moment was Roberto Hernandez. That played a lot in my decision. What do you think?

I like it. The drop-off between Votto and Butler is a lot less than Cain value.

That was my thinking exactly. Now watch Cain get rocked again his next time out.


I’m all for it. Cain more than makes up for the not so steep downgrade from Votto to Butler.


regarding middle men and holds, who do you like more between Delabar or Matusz? Looking at delabar for K’s also for starting pitching…Morrow vs Holland/Slowey thx


I’ll take Matusz. Delabar is walking too many. For the SPs, I like Holland.


how bout leake in 16team league?

Hey Zach, I’m thinking of offering someone in my league Jean Segura and Yovani Gallardo for David Price. He’s looking for a SS and I have both Segura and Castro. How do you feel about it?


I’m fine with that, especially if Segura is just sitting on your bench.


I have Kenley Jansen should i drop him for someone that is a closer like Koji Uehara?

haha, i mean Junichi Tazawa


Uehara isn’t a closer, so no. I’d hold onto Jansen for at least a few more weeks, as League has not been good of late. But if you’re desperate for saves, try to find a way to get Heath Bell on your roster.


start leake in 16 team league?

is it time to bench bruce until he goes yard a gain because hes really hurtin me right now

Never mind i guess i deserved that (he just went yard) but should i be worried dispite that


Stay the course with Bruce. At the end of the season, the numbers will be there.


8 team AL only 5×5 roto league 40 roster spots 23 and 17 bench
I have some players I want to pick up and looking for advise on order I should drop these guys on my bench.
C Gillaspie
B Barnes
JB Shuck
Michael Taylor (I think would take off if given an extended look.. but will he get it)
Mike Carp (same as Taylor)
Jerome Williams (qualifies at RP in our league)
Ricky Romero


My first three drops (in order) would be Shuck, Romero and Taylor. That’s a crowded outfield in Oakland, so if I had to predict who will get more ABs from here on out between Taylor and Carp, I’d say Carp.


I am hurting for saves so offered Verlander and B. Crawford (he needs SS help) for Harvey and Wilhelmsen. Waiting to hear back. What do you think?


I like it for you, but doubt he will accept.


Mccan or arencibia ROS


That’s an interesting one considering Arencibia’s solid start to the season, but I’d still go with McCann’s proven track record. I’m concerned that J.P. will turn out to be a major AVG liability and considering his ridiculously bad 45-to-2 K/BB ratio, don’t be surprised if his AVG drops from its current .252 mark.


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