Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 10

MLB: NLDS-St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals


Kluber @ Scherzer

R. Ortiz @ Lester – Morrow scratched from this start

Volquez @ Cobb

Hanson @ Axelrod – White Sox are 28th in MLB in OPS vs. righties, go for it

Hughes @ W. Davis

Hammel @ Pelfrey

Ogando @ Keuchel

Straily @ Iwakuma – not trusting Straily right now, gaudy minor league numbers or not

Samardzija @ Detwiler – Detwiler cooling, but home start vs. weak Cubs beckons

Gallardo @ Cingrani

Wandy @ Marcum – not much conviction on either recommendation though

Garland @ S. Miller

Cloyd @ Kennedy

J. Fernandez @ Magill – Dodgers are 28th in MLB in OPS vs. righties!

T. Hudson @ Cain


I was just offered Kemp/R Zimmerman for Gordon/Arenado in a 10tm 5×5 H2H league . I really like my guys, but I have to take this, right? I don’t know if this is enough to change your answer, but we can keep 3 guys at one round earlier than the previous year (can’t keep anyone from the first two rounds). Their rounds for next year would be Zim @4th, Gordon @7th, Arenado @ 25th (waiver wire). Clearly he gets the edge in keeper value, but I’m in first this year and we only keep 3 anyway. He seems to really like young guys as he drafted Taveras and Myers, so should I maybe try and get more, ala Craig (@6th) instead of Zim? Thanks as always!!


Yeah, now that Zim seems to be healthy, I’d have to make that trade. It gives you a better chance to win now.


Hey all,
I’m in a 12 team, h2h, mixed league. Currently, Posey is my catcher, Frazier is at 1B, Alvarez at 3B, and Middlebrooks at 1B/3B. McCann is still available. Do you see any better combo by adding McCann at C, moving Posey to 1B, moving Frazier to 3B, and dropping either Alvarez or Middlebrooks? Another is to drop Parra when Crisp comes off the DL and add McCann.
Rich D.


Unless you’re really struggling in AVG and feel that you’re better off without Alvarez, I’d just stand pat. You already have an elite catcher and if we take the position factor out of the equation I’d still rather have your CIs than McCann. I think Alvarez, Frazier and Middlebrooks will all put up superior counting stats from here on out.


how long would you sit Dickey on your bench before deciding to drop him for another starter such as Holland/ Kazmir/ Masterson/ wood/ McCallister or anyone else


A few more starts. We’re getting close to that time though.


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