Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 11-13

MLB: Spring Training-Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago White Sox



Buehrle @ Buchholz

Smith @ Hellickson

Jimenez @ Verlander – keep an eye on Ubaldo… velocity is back up and pitching well lately

J. Williams @ Quintana

Pettitte @ Shields

S. Johnson @ Worley

Darvish @ Bedard

Parker @ Maurer – last chance for Parker to save his rotation spot?

Liriano @ Niese

J. Chacin @ Wainwright

Jackson @ Strasburg

Maholm @ Bumgarner

Burgos @ Latos – Burgos will start in place of Estrada, who is pushed to Monday

Lee @ Cahill

Slowey @ Ryu – ride the Slowey train!


McAllister @ Porcello – tough matchup for McAllister but I’m a fan

Morrow @ Dempster – bench but don’t cut Morrow, especially coming off stiff neck

Stults @ R. Hernandez

Kuroda @ Big Erv – have to roll Big Erv, right?

W. Chen @ Diamond

Tepesch @ Lyles – favorable matchup for Tepesch

Milone @ Saunders – check the home/away splits on both of these guys… seriously

Wilson @ Sale

W. Peralta @ Arroyo – bench but don’t cut talented but inconsistent Peralta

Gomez @ Harvey

Feldman @ G. Gonzalez – Feldman is rolling, have to go with it

De La Rosa @ J. Garcia

Medlen @ Lincecum

LeBlanc @ Capuano

Kendrick @ McCarthy – tough matchup for McCarthy but he’s this close to getting it together


Phelps @ Masterson  (Gm 1 of doubleheader) – still don’t trust Masterson vs. any team with good lefties

Nuno @ Bauer  (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Norris @ An. Sanchez – Anibal might strike out 20 vs. whiff-tastic Astros

Santiago @ P. Hernandez

Mendoza @ Blanton

Grimm @ Griffin

Hefner @ Lynn

Estrada @ Burnett – Estrada pushed back from Friday; hang with ‘em

Nicasio @ Wood

Minor @ Miley

Zimmermann @ Beckett – what reason is there to start Beckett, really?

                                                                                                                                               ***ZACH SAYS “Cory’s loyalty to McCarthy is truly admirable but I need to see more before I can trust him. He’s coming off just his first quality start of the season and the Phillies’ lineup isn’t exactly one to pick on.”


Hey Zach, who would you rather have for ROS, Berkman or Laroche. I have Berkman but it looks like Laroche is starting to heat up as usual.

Laroche all the way. He’s a lock for 25/90 every year. The ugly part is out of the way.


LaRoche. He’s less of an injury risk and has been remarkably consistent over the course of his career. You know exactly what you’re going to get from him while Berkman is more of a boom or bust type.


Who would you spot start? Zack McAllister, Scott Feldman, Wei-Yin Chen, Joe Saunders or Nick Tepesch? I need strikeouts and a win in my weekly league.


McCarthy has a great start next week @ MIA looking ahead. If he puts up a QS today v Philly I think he’s an Add.

Ubaldo is DEFINITELY back. Most people want to wait a few more starts, but by then it will be too late. Jump on him for his start v Seattle next week in weekly leagues.


I know it is still early and weve been through this before but im pulling my hair out over my pitching staff. I am currently in sixth place in a 10 team league because my pitching. I have

Cain, Latos, Gallardo, Scherzer, Weaver and Garza
I also just picked up Guthrie and my closers are
Nathan ,Street, Holland and Valverde.

Will Guthrie be able to continue on his roll? Will Cain and Gallardo get it together?



Don’t pull the hair out of your head! That’s a very strong team there. As for Guthrie, take advantage of the hot start while you can as I’m not overly convinced that he can keep this up over the long haul. But his numbers since joining the Royals are exceptional, so is it possible that he can be 10-team mixed league relevant for the rest of the season? Sure.



Last week my question was about the Trading E42 for J Zimmerman.
I really need a SP and know that i could get a little better option for him.
Today i have two options again on my trade area:
1) E42 for J Zimmerman (Already have your opinion)
2) E42 for Matt Cain
3) Zimmerman better option
4) Cain better option
Thanks for your help.


E42 for Cain is pretty fair but I honestly would just hang onto E42. You know how we all feel about trading hitting for starting pitching, particularly if the hitter is an elite one. I’d rather keep E42 and use the waiver wire to find SP help or make a smaller scale trade.


You are right, but in this situation i think is worth the risk. I still have power with: Braun, J Upton, Harper, Rizzo, Kinsler…….
I’m in and 7×7 H2H league with 100 moves only during the year. At this point using the wire i have used already 30 moves. I have won almost all weeks the batting categories but have lost all weeks the pitching ones, so i need to make a move now before is to late.
In a Roto lg Stats count all year long, but in H2H is a matter of week competition.

do you think Nick Franklin will get a call up soon and do you feel he would be a productive player in fantasy this year…..we can stash 2 minor league players


It’s entirely possible. Definitely worth stashing, depending of course on the quality of your other minor league guys (if you don’t have two options that are better than Franklin).


I had Paul Maholm up until Sunday, when I dropped him for a spot starter after his lousy Saturday showing. Anyway, I scooped up Zach McAllister today and feel he is a very solid No. 5 or 6 starter, which is what Maholm was for me. Anyway, I would like to get your take on the situation. I like McAllister but do you think I made a mistake in dropping Maholm? Do you think McAllister is the real deal? You guys seem to be big fans of his so please advise.



I am a McAllister fan but probably would’ve stuck with Maholm due to the track record (not great but solid). If you have the luxury of an already deep staff, however, I’m fine with taking a chance on McAlister’s higher upside, so I don’t think that this was necessarily a bad move.


who do you like better…Jimenez or Kazmir

Ubaldo. It seems like he’s made some key mechanical adjustments. Kazmir has been off the fantasy radar for so long that I need to see a little more from him.


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