Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 14

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Los Angeles Angels


Kazmir @ Pettibone – time to start taking Kazmir seriously…

King Felix @ Sabathia

Lackey @ Moore – Lackey looking very good so far…

Peavy @ Correia

Guthrie @ VargasVargas worth a look in deeper leagues, for the home start

Lohse @ Locke – tough matchup for Locke and K/BB says play it safe

Zito @ Dickey – don’t trust Zito on the road but like Dickey vs. Giants

Bailey @ Nolasco

Gee @ Gast

Holland @ Colon – Colon still worth a look at home though.

Cashner @ Tillman  – could be a lot of K’s here

Harrell @ Fister

Francis @ VillanuevaVillanueva fading as Garza nears return

Teheran @ Corbin

Haren @ Kershaw


Every fantasy site on the planet is taking Kazmir this week. While the matchup is tasty, Kazmir kills lefties, I just see this as one of those implosion type picks. Kazmir had two really good starts against really bad lineups. I need to see more. Ubaldo is a better bet this week than Kazmir.

And Haren could be a surprise winner against Kershaw. That’s how bad the LAD offense is lately.

The odds for a Kazmir implosion are certianly high, but with the uptick in velocity on his fastball and an average phills line-up its not here. Brandon McCarthy has been terrible so far and look at the slump buster he put up Sunday. Pitch alllll the way, riding Kazmir till the wheels fall off.

Zach Wheeler or Gerrit Cole for prospectin? Wheeler getting it together in the PCL and seems to just be waiting out the super 2 for a call up, what do you guys think?


Wheeler. He’s a lot closer than Cole to being called up. Rumblings are that it could happen within the next few weeks.


I have Heyward coming off the DL some point this week and I am unsure who to drop the replace him. I have an OF of Adam Jones, Holliday, Cespedes, Vernon Wells, and Micheal Saunders, and I have Todd Frazier in a Util spot. Who should heyward replace, I am thinking Saunders but he has actually been good so far this year. I am trying to trade Vernon Wells, but noone has been interested in him in my league.


Yeah, I’d also say Saunders, but it really would be a shame to drop him. What about dropping someone else (a pitcher perhaps?) to buy yourself some more time to find any takers for Wells or Saunders? Another option would be to try to trade Frazier for an upgrade at another position where you don’t have a log jam.


Ive had Hicks 2 times on my roster this year and wonder if he will be able to be a consistent player this year in the power/speed department? I have 6 OF’s with McCutchen/Gomez/ Beltran/ J Upton/ Ruggiano/ and D Brown…..also I see you have Dickey as a start, do you feel it would be a mistake to keep him on the bench this evening?


Hicks’ AVG is horrendous and he’s striking out too much. I’m just not a fan of the guy until I see some more consistency. Not a terrible mistake to bench Dickey considering how erratic he’s been but if you still own him, this is a pretty nice matchup. If you don’t feel comfortable starting him here, you might as well not own him!


lastly do you feel Moustakas and Middlebrooks are both worth hanging onto….I keep one on the bench and play Arenado

I’d hold onto both for now.

Hey Zach, just got R Zimmerman in a trade (thanks for the vote of confidence btw) and was considering pairing him with one of Peavy/Cahill/Minor to upgrade at SP. I don’t really need him as I have Longo and our rosters are just starting 8 positions with 3 UTIL that are full with Grandy coming back in addition to Aoki/Freeman/Pagan. Which of the three SP should I try to send and who do you think I can get in return? I was thinking someone like Price, Cain, or CC. Thanks as always!


Of that group, I have the least confidence in Cahill, but it all depends on who can net you the best return. Just be open to all offers.


I’m trying to update 3b since I have Lawrie and Alvarez a trade offer I have is beltre and cc for grili Cobb and ethier bats segura or Carlos Gomez I have Castro at ss and my of includes ethier Austin Jackson Fowler and Stubbs. Which player should I add if any.


I like that trade offer and since your OF seems a bit light and you already have Castro, I’d lean towards dealing Segura. But considering the way Segura is hitting right now, go and see if you can squeeze a bit more out of the other owner. Grilli’s value isn’t going to get much higher than it is right now either.


Who you rather have going forward? Zimmerman or Machado?

If Machado can put up numbers remotely close to Z I like to package him to upgrade another position.

Tiny Tim,

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Machado puts up numbers close to Zim. He’s the real deal. I’d look to package Zim instead. I think you’ll be able to get a better return, thanks to name value, and you might actually be better off considering Zim’s lengthy injury history.


Im going to start Dickey…..do you think this is a must quality start for him to hang around rosters in fantasy


I’d give him a longer leash than just this one start, but if he gets shelled tonight, my patience would be wearing very thin.


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