Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 15

MLB: NLDS-San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds


Marquis @ F. Garcia

Axelrod @ Pelfrey

Gallardo @ Wandy – going on the working assumption that Gallardo actually pitches better at some point

Lester @ Price

Marcum @ S. Miller

Kluber @ Hamels

Ogando @ Straily – Straily hasn’t earned the trust to face tough offenses

Iwakuma @ Hughes

Leake @ SanabiaLeake on the road, vs. the Marlins? Have to go for it

W. Davis @ Enright – the Angels are struggling so bad right now, take a shot on Davis

Keuchel @ Scherzer – over/under on Scherzer K’s? 14?

T. Hudson @ Kennedy

Vogelsong @ R. Ortiz – Morrow pushed back to Saturday

Garland @ Samardzija

Detwiler @ Greinke – Detwiler regressing a little but Dodgers are soooo bad


Its not even a question ill take the over on scherzer against that line up 17ks
If that game is broudcasted in your area you might want to watch it. You might see something special

How worried are you guys about Yoga?


I’m not all that concerned yet. He’s always been very streaky but somehow finishes every season with quality all-around numbers. I actually wouldn’t mind buying low on him right now.



Is it time to drop Ricky Weeks or just move him to thebench and see if he turns it around? I have Rutledge starting at 2nd in his place. If I was to drop him Gyorko is probably the best 2nd baseman available. Will Middlebrooks is also available but I have Longoria and Fraizer already at 3rd.



I’d keep Weeks stashed on the bench for now. As much as I’m not a fan of his, I think it’s too early to simply give up on him. He’s a very streaky hitter, so hopefully a hot stretch will come soon. He’s certainly due for one. I’d still take him over Gyorko from here on out.


thx Zach for the comment that if I dont pitch Dickey why have him….I put him in and good game…..Kudos to you

10 team mixed head-to-head keeper league (9 keepers). I’m struggling with what to do with Middlebrooks. I’ve got him benched, playing Konerko ahead of him at the moment, with Werth coming off the disabled list soon. Mitch Moreland is available. Hold on Middlebrooks and wait for a turnaround or cut bait? I didn’t get any bites on the trade market. Thanks


I’d hold onto Middlebrooks. I think Moreland is playing a little over his head anyway.


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