Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 16

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Toronto Blue Jays


Niese @ Wainwright – bench but don’t cut Niese
Burgos @ Liriano – I need to see more from Liriano first
Harang @ Pettitte
Doubront @ Cobb
Latos @ J. Fernandez
Verlander @ Darvish – must-see TV
Cain @ J. Chacin
Quintana @ J. Williams – good matchup for both
Strasburg @ Volquez


Zach my man, you are the final call on this trade. Ive been getting approvals elsewhere (sorry!) but still not so sure. Trades this:

Fister and Henderson for C Davis

Im looking for a CI with Freese and Hosmers suckitude and I think Davis is legit. But not sure I can afford the pitching losses with only 3 closers and many potential saves vultures owned by one team. Also Gallardos struggles. My staff:

Fister, Price, Shark, H Bailey, Peavy, Gallardo, Kendrick.

Can I afford the pitching hits, and are you worried anout Gallardo?


I’m fine with this. I think your staff is strong enough to absorb the loss of Fister and Davis is clearly the best player in the deal. And it’s not like Henderson’s closing job is secure either.


Quintana, Liriano, or H.Santiago ROS?


I’ll say Quintana. He’s shown improvement in pretty much every category this year and unlike Santiago, his spot in the rotation is ultra-secure. It’s entirely possible that the White Sox move Santiago back to the bullpen at some point, so ROS I’ll take Quintana. Liriano makes me way too nervous, so I’d avoid him entirely.


I started Hughes and Price last night, and I’m now dead last in my league in ERA and WHIP (a big thank you goes out to Vogelsong as well, dropping him 2 weeks ago wasn’t soon enough!). Should I a.) jump out a window b). put my head thru a wall c). drop Price because I’m never going to trust him again unless he throws 4 consecutive gems (Hughes is already off my roster forever) or d.) or pick up, let’s see, I dont know- Mark Buehrle!?!?


I think the correct answer here is (E) none of the above, though I totally agree with dropping Hughes. He’s DTM.


Adam Lind, worth a roster spot in a 12 team daily league….have Howard as my only 1B although Betancourt just got 1B eligibility in our league although hes slumping


Yeah, I guess. He’s swinging a hot bat so you might as well cash in while you can. Just beware of the 3-for-30 slump that is bound to come. Be sure he’s either on your bench or off your roster before then!


Good job on this, you can tell it’s thought out, and not just thrown together. The only thing I noticed that stood out to me is, I believe Sale should be considered an ace. He had a torching (Cleveland 8 runs) but don’t all aces catch those sometimes? (Verlander in fact, just last night)

Despite that 8 run game, he’s carrying a 2.88e/0.94wh, Strong K rate…49K in 56 IP. Managed to do well last year despite the ChiSox management yanking him around between SP/RP.

Just made the Angels look absolutely silly this past Sunday night on National TV.

Seems like people want to discount him because of that *alleged* injury risk he carries with his delivery, and he keeps motoring along.

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