Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 5/20

Hey everyone,

This week’s two-start pitcher choices were unappealing to say the least and for the most part, it’s more of the same for next week. Here are my notes, and as always be sure to listen to today’s podcast as we’ll have our usual two-start pitcher segment with Cory, Mike and special guest Nando Di Fino of CBS Sports!


Julio Teheran  (vs. MIN, @NYM)

After getting off to a shaky start to the season, Teheran has settled down nicely, allowing three runs or less in each of his last four starts while posting a superb 14-to-1 K/BB ratio. He gets a pair of appealing matchups next week, as the Twins are a mid-pack offense while the Mets’ lineup has struggled mightily of late. Pitch.

Scott Kazmir  (vs. SEA, @BOS)

There’s no denying that Kazmir has pitched fairly well over his last four starts, but I still don’t trust him to the point where I’d roll him out there in a two-start week where one of the matchups (@BOS) is very scary. This is a situation where one blowup could ruin the entire week. I need to see more. Ditch.

Carlos Villanueva  (@PIT, @CIN)

The month of May has not been kind to Villanueva, who has gone 0-2 with a 7.27 ERA and 1.79 WHIP in three starts. And he will likely be the odd man out once Matt Garza returns from the DL, which will probably happen sometime next week. While there’s no way I’d start him in a mixed league, you can do a lot worse in an NL-only. Villanueva still offers some strikeout upside, the @PIT matchup is a decent one, and he actually pitched very well at Great American Ball Park back in April. But like I said, in a mixed league I’m passing.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays

Bartolo Colon  (@TEX, @HOU)

Colon’s the type of pitcher who can dominate or get roughed up by any lineup. His strikeouts are down this year but you’ve got to like the two walks over 47 1/3 innings! On the other hand, you can’t like the seven homers through eight starts. In a 12-team mixed league, I’d take the conservative route and ditch since the @TEX matchup certainly comes with disaster potential. But in a deeper mixed league and of course an AL-only, I think I’d give it a shot and hope he gets through the first outing in decent shape before tossing a gem @HOU. Then again, would you be at all surprised if the reverse happens?

Wade Davis  (@HOU, vs. LAA)

Although Davis has managed to piece together a few quality performances this year, he’s also gotten lit up on a bunch of occasions. I’m not a big fan of these feast or famine types, especially when their strikeout rate is nothing special and their WHIP is 1.89. Even in a deeper mixed league and despite the semi-attractive matchups, I’d let Davis be someone else’s problem. Ditch.

Shaun Marcum  (vs. CIN, vs. ATL)

I had high hopes for Marcum heading into the season, as one of the more consistent yet underrated hurlers in the Majors over the past few years would get a chance to pitch his home games at Citi Field. But neck and shoulder injuries kept him sidelined for almost the entire month of April and he’s kicked off his Mets’ career in mediocre fashion. And that’s being kind. The good news is that his latest outing (6 2/3 IP, 2 ER) on the road against the Cardinals was his best one to date, so maybe Marcum is finally putting it together. That said, both of these matchups are very tough, even at home. In an NL-only league, you probably don’t have many better options, so you’ll have to start Marcum out of necessity. But in a mixed league, I’m staying away. Keep an eye on Marcum though. He could be mixed league relevant rather soon.


In a deep keeper league 6×6 h2h with obs the 6th offensive cat, which side of this trade do you prefer…Carlos Gomez kept as a 7th rd next year and Rickie Weeks as a possible 9th rd for Wil Myers as a 17th rd next year and Kipnis as an 8th. Thanks!


That’s a close one. Even factoring in keeper values, Gomez gets the nod over Myers, but it’s not a huge gap. But Kipnis is a considerable upgrade over Weeks at 2B (I’ve never been a Weeks fan), so to me, that’s the deciding factor. I’ll take Myers/Kipnis.


Which side do you prefer:
A. Hamels and Posey
B. Jennings, Mccann, and Stanton

I’m side A and I have OF depth and I lack SP. My OF would still be Heyward, Soriano, A. Gordon, Cargo, and Viceido.


I’m totally fine with that. It’s a fair value deal but you’re getting the quality side of the trade while giving up the quantity.


The guy does not want jennings anymore, instead he wants alex gordon, but he will throw in 10 faab. Do I still make the deal?

I think I’d pass then.

Hey Zach,
Victorino or Fowler ROS?

Sorry i want to reformulate the question:
Fowler and Nava are in FA should i replace Victorino with any of them?
Are both of them better options than Victorino?

Yes on Fowler, no on Nava.


Fowler. He’s younger with more upside and is simply having the better season. I’m expecting more of the same.


In a 10 team H2H points league, thinking about trading Napoli and Cashner for Holland and Konerko, what do you think?


I’ll endorse it. Another fair value trade but I’m still a believer in Konerko despite the slow start and consider Cashner to Holland to be a clear SP upgrade.


Hey Zach,
I hope you had an awesome weekend. Fortunately, I had Hellickson benched….again. I’m growing frustrated and am thinking of picking up Garza (dropping Hellickson), who I believe starts Tuesday against Pittsburgh. This is a 10 team, h2h, mixed league. Make the move or stand pat?
Thanks, bro.
Rich D.


I’m getting tired of Hellickson as well, and in a 10-team league where there will always be quality SP options on the waiver wire, I think that there’s little risk in making that move.


Hey Zach, are you at all worried about Cole Hamels? Also, what are your thoughts on Josh Johnson ROS, what kind of numbers do you think he’ll provide after he comes off the DL?



Not concerned at all about Hamels and not much of a fan of Johnson. The AL isn’t treating him kindly at all and I’m not sure he’ll rebound to the extent that he’ll finish the season with quality numbers. And of course there’s always the possibility of continued health woes.


Hello, W you Think about Odorizzi? Start Vs. RA DIckey… Thx.

Senor Zach,

Do you like J Williams as a stream this week? KC is a tough match on the road, but Seattle on a travel day at home looks good on paper. Do you like anything you’ve seen from Williams recently?


Overall, I’m a little skeptical when it comes to Williams, but I do like these matchups and he has been pitching well. In mixed leagues of 12 teams or more, he’s worth a shot for the two-start week.


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