Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 21

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Los Angeles Angels


Garza @ Wandy – great matchup for Garza’s return

Scherzer @ Kluber

Hughes @ M. Gonzalez – Hughes a better road play, but tough matchup… pass

Cobb @ Ortiz

Leake @ Niese – perfect home/away setting for both

Pelfrey @ T. Hudson – hang with ‘em on Hudson vs. weak Twins

Cloyd @ J. Fernandez – Cloyd an underrated prospect, and of course great matchup

Straily @ Darvish

Doubront @ Quintana – Quintana risky but plenty of upside

W. Davis @ Norris – Norris solid at home and Royals don’t’ score much

Greinke @ Burgos

Kennedy @ Chacin – playing it safe on Kennedy in Coors… bench but don’t cut

Harang @ Williams – Williams gets SEA/KC in weekly leagues, oh baby!

Wainwright @ Volquez

Strasburg @ Cain


How interesting is that Cain v. Strasburg matchup. Two struggling aces. It’s either going to be a 1-0 game or a blowout.

hey guys, any thoughts on this trade trade, Prince Fielder/Cole Hammels for Ryan Braun/Eric Hosmer/Justin Grimm? 12 team h2h.


Usually, I’ll go with the best player in the trade, but in this case I prefer the Fielder/Hamels side. Grimm is irrelevant here, so what it comes down to is how do you feel about Hosmer. I haven’t lost faith in him but the lack of power is concerning and there’s no denying that he’s been a big time disappointment so far. To me, Braun doesn’t quite make up for the significant downgrades at both 1B and SP.


well in my league we have holds and saves as seperate categories….I have Parnell/ Paplebon/ Holland as well as Cishek and have Rosenthal/ Matusz/ Pestano and recently dropped Joe smith rather than Cishek…if Cishek loses his closer spot he would no longer be worth having….any thought on if Miami will remove him…..could add a 7th OF like David Murphy and drop him….just added Smoak to fill in for Howard at 1B and looks like he may be a better option?

Sounds like Miami will be using a closer by committee for the time being, so I’m not completely opposed to dropping Cishek. That said, if you’re going to use that roster spot simply for bench depth, I’d sooner just hold onto Cishek until we get a better idea as to how things will play out in the Miami bullpen.


Would you trade weiters for Heyward? I have Napoli to plug into catcher.

Big Mike,

Absolutely, especially considering that you’d be replacing Wieters with Napoli.


I have Paul Goldschmidt, Freddie Freeman and Ryan Zimmerman. I received a trade offer which basically boiled down to Paul G. for David Wright. Would you take that?


I never thought I’d be saying this but I’d hang onto Goldschmidt. More power, more upside, better lineup, more favorable home ballpark.


is Moustakas a drop or worth a spot on the bench?


In a 12-team mixed, I think he’s a drop, depending of course on your fallback option.


12 team mixed. What should I do with Vogelsong? Already have Hill & Masterson on the dL. Is he droppable?


In a 12-team mixed, he’s definitely droppable.


Been offered marco estrada n paul maholm 4 my Cole hamels am I crazy even thinking about this Phillies r horrible when he pitches


Yeah, you’re crazy to think about it. Pass!


lance Lynn was just dropped in my league….I picked him up and dropped Betancourt (MiL) you feel that is a worthwhile move? what are your thoughts on Grandal? I have S Perez and Rosario as my 2 catchers right now


Yes. Why Lynn was available in your league is beyond me. I’d sit tight with your current catchers. I like Grandal but his big league track record is still rather thin. Right now, I would not feel comfortable choosing him over Perez or Rosario.


Doing some prospecting in my keeper league.
Of Billy Hamilton, Wil Myers, Oscar Taveras, Nick Franklin who will a) be called up first and b) have the biggest impact this season?

I’ll say Franklin gets called up first but Myers still makes the biggest impact. Just a hunch though.

What do u think of this trade im really on the fence about this
I get verlander, weeks, marcum and ellsbury
I give Mad Bum, wheeler, andrew baily and carlos gomez
To me it looks like im gaining nothing and i might even be losing in this
Right now gomez is half my teamand playing better the ellsbury and i have kendrick and seager for 2b (its hard enough to get both there bats in the lineup). Baily is my only other closer and marcum is atrocious this year. Am i crazy or am i being smart with the hesitation. The verlander element to me just looks like a trap
Thanks for the advice


I was about to say that if you can afford to lose Bailey’s saves, it might be a worthwhile deal for you, but since you’re weak in saves and considering your 2B situation (you have absolutely no need for Weeks), I’m OK with you passing on this one. I don’t think you’ll regret it all that much.


Thanks you guys had the final say in this one

Masterson for Price?

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