Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 22

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Angels


Worley @ Maholm – Maholm is useful vs. weak offenses

Parker @ Tepesch – bench but don’t cut Parker; better of late but hasn’t handled a top offense yet

Hellickson @ Buehrle – K/BB says Hellickson will get better, but HR rate says not yet

Kuroda @ Hammel

Buchholz @ Sale – tasty

Latos @ Harvey – yummy

Cahill @ De La Rosa – DLR has four scoreless outings this year; I’ll take my chances

Samardzija @ Liriano – Liriano throwing well and Cubs are a good matchup

Maurer @ Wilson

Shields @ Lyles

Ryu @ W. Peralta – Peralta struggling too much to use even vs. Dodgers

G. Gonzalez @ Bumgarner

Verlander @ Jimenez – if Ubaldo can handle the Tigers, though…

Lee @ Slowey – well that ended badly

Lyons @ B. Smith


Hey 411,

12 team Keeper Mix league.
Is Cingrani worth a bench spot while down?




Depends on your roster situation, but I’m not at all opposed to hanging onto him.


just a general question….when I draft I usually tend to not take to many players from 1 team….but as of now I have 3 starting pitchers from St Louis( Shelby/wainwright/lynn) and Rosenthal in the bullpen…..I picked up Smoak to play while Howard is out but you think Smoak may bypass him to start in fantasy?


I usually prefer not to draft multiple SPs from one team but if it happens, it happens. I wouldn’t go out of my way to avoid it to the point where you’re passing up good value. As for Smoak, I’m not a fan at all. I’d take Howard over him 100 times out of 100. Not even close.


ive hung onto Moustakas and have Middlebrooks/ arenado at 3b/CI with Hanley on the DL only 2B on my team is Infante….would offering Moose for Espinosa seem fair since both are struggling?

I’m not an Espinosa fan either and don’t understand why you’re trying to trade for him if you already have Infante, a far better 2B option.


Since Cuddyer will be coming off the DL soon, I will need to drop someone from my team. I currently have Carlos Santana and John Buck rotating at catcher and I also have Gardner, Parra, Aoki, Crisp and Nava at outfielders and utility. Who do you think that I should drop?


Assuming this is a 1 C league, there’s no need to hold onto Buck if you already have Santana. I’d then look to trade one of your OFs for an upgrade at another position since Cuddyer will fill one of those spots anyway.


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