Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 23

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers


Jackson @ Gomez – EJax hasn’t earned a start, but it’s the Pirates…
McAllister @ Dempster – tough call on McAllister but I’m a fan
Gausman @ Morrow – bench but don’t cut on both, don’t love the matchups
Blanton @ Big Erv
Diamond @ Porcello – Porcello on a nice run, and it’s the Twins


I just want to say thanks for what you do. I play in a league where I change rosters spots daily and I always check with you concerning SPs and I have a low ERA and WHIP every week. Thanks again!

Much appreciated, Rick!

411 CREW,
14 team, 7×7, mixed roto, 6 keepers. Looking to make a Big move to grab Miggy for Longoria with the selection of the other coming from-Parra, Profar, Gattis or Dirks. I have Rosario as my everyday C and OF of Trout, McClutch, Marte with rotation of the afore mentioned with Stanton on the DL. The other guy is struggling early this season so trying to tug at the heart strings.

Your thoughts,
G from OZ


I’m all for it and would lean towards trading Gattis, mostly due to the playing time factor.


Hey Guys- Let y’all I benched Corbin for that gem. Is he a grad now?

Definitely on the grad radar. Let’s see what he does before the next chart comes out.


Would you drop Puig, McLouth or A. Escobar to pick up Reddick?

Honestly, I’d just stand pat. We’ve yet to see any encouraging signs from Reddick this season.


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