Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 24

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners


Kendrick @ Zimmermann

Medlen @ Hefner

Phelps @ R. Hernandez – why isn’t there more love for Phelps? Stats don’t lie

Milone @ Bedard – not starting Milone on the road

Lynn @ Capuano

Tillman @ Nolin

Feldman @ Arroyo – have to ride Feldman, even if the ride gets a little scary at times

Vargas @ Mendoza

Burnett @ Estrada

Grimm @ Saunders – yep, Saunders is a “pitch” at home, even vs. Texas

Deduno @ An. Sanchez

Masterson @ Lackey

Koehler @ Danks – keep an eye on Koehler in favorable matchups, though…

Stults @ McCarthy

Chatwood @ Lincecum


was surprised to see that Vargas didn’t get the nod…


Vargas’ road ERA is 5.16. I think that’s enough of a reason to ditch.


Thoughts on Tillman vs Toronto?

As an owner of both Masterson and Feldman, I’m much more terrified of mastersons starts than Feldmans. Interested to see if these guys can sustain the level their pitching at so far, or at least keep it reasonably close.

Thanks guys


Tillman is a pitch…six straight quality starts!


I only have one closer (Balfour), last in saves, but I’m in 2nd place overall, 3 points out of 1st. I’m 1st in SB, 22 SBs ahead of next guy. Maybe I can sell high on Segura??? He’s a hot commodity right now, but I don’t need his speed. Is there a power adjustment due, and maybe a BA adjustment??? Or is this guy really gonna hit .350 all year and keep hitting HRs??


I like Segura but I think it’s safe to say he won’t hit .350 all year and that we’ve probably seen the best part of his season. I don’t necessarily see him as a sell high guy but if he can net you a monster return, sure why not explore trading him?


In a bad situation I drafted reyes when he got hurt I plugged rutledge in now that he got sent packing looking 4 a SS best options on wire r aybar alexi Ramirez cozart B crawford didi kozma yunel don’t really like ne who u say best 1 till reyes comes back also I could trade my howie kendrick 4 jedd lowrie kendrick riding the pine ne way with Phillips as my 2nd base 12 team mixed weekly lineups Thanks again

I’d pick up Alexei and call it a day. He’ll probably give you better production than Rutledge anyway.


Currently Gattis is doubling Mauer’s production with half the playing time. Something has got to give, right?

Who would you rather play for the rest of the season?

Mauer, but there’s no harm in holding onto Gattis for now. He does offer some nice trade value if you can only start one of the two catchers.


so profar is available in my league….is he going to play enough or be productive enough to take in a non keeper league….I just dont see the production there to have him in the line up?


In a 12-team mixed non-keeper, I don’t think I’d bother. In deeper leagues though, he’s certainly worth a flier.


Gausman or Odorizzi in a keeper league?

Since I’m no minor league guru, I’ll just have to go with Jonathan Mayo’s prospect rankings and say Gausman.


I have been offered Miggy, Maholm & Victorino for Longoria, Shelby Miller & Aoki. Just looking for ur opinion before I accept.


You’re not robbing him but yeah, I’d accept.


Why is Arroyo a ditch? I picked him up thinking he was good matchup vs cubbies…..

Not a bad play, but he’s just so unpredictable that we have a tough time trusting him regardless of the matchup.


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