Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 25-27

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies



F. Garcia @ Dickey – Dickey is rounding into form

Kazmir @ Lester – looks like the Kazmir experiment has already ended badly

TBD (LAA) @ Guthrie

Correia @ Fister

Sabathia @ Moore

Nolasco @ Peavy – Nolasco worth a look in deeper leagues, though

Griffin @ Harrell

Holland @ King Felix

Nicasio @ Zito – Nicasio still risky despite impressive outing last time

Locke @ Fiers

Wood @ Bailey

Gast @ Lilly

Pettibone @ Haren – Haren’s unpredictability making him unusable

Minor @ Gee – Gee is much better at home but starting him still takes #want

Cashner @ Miley


M. Gonzalez @ Jenkins

Pelfrey @ Scherzer

Kluber @ Doubront

Hughes @ Cobb – still OK with using Hughes on the road

Sanabia @ Axelrod – Axelrod worth a look in deep and AL-only leagues

J. Williams @ W. Davis

Colon @ Keuchel

Tepesch @ Iwakuma

Garza @ Cueto

Hamels @ Strasburg – NICE

Wandy @ Gallardo – tough draw for Wandy but he’s been solid as usual

Garland @ Cain

S. Miller @ Kershaw – sell high on Miller. Just sayin’

Marquis @ Corbin

Teheran @ Marcum


Liriano @ Verlander – true test of Liriano’s hot start

Wainwright @ Shields

Chacin @ Norris

J. Fernandez @ Odorizzi – 2017 All-Star Game starters preview?

Bumgarner @ Straily – your call on Straily, I’ll pass

Volquez @ Harang

T. Hudson @ Buehrle – Hudson too hittable of late, I’ll pass

Cloyd @ Buchholz

Samardzija @ Quintana

Hammel @ G. Gonzalez – Nationals are struggling so go for it on Hammel

Jimenez @ Leake – toss-up on both, I’ll play it safe

TBD (MIN) @ Burgos

Darvish @ Kennedy (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Nuno @ Niese – Niese seems to be turning it around and is at home

Wilson @ Greinke

Perez @ Cahill (Gm 2 of doubleheader)


marquis in 16 team?

I have a question. I can start only 1 of the 3 following pitchers:

Homer Bailey vs ChC (Again, good matchup, and Bailey pitches well at home despite the park)
Hisashi Iwakuma vs Tex (Iwakuma’s fantastic at home, although Texas is worrisome)
Shelby Miller @ LAD (Pretty good matchup, but the opposing pitcher is Kershaw)

I play in a points league. Bailey (only him, not the others) has a -5 point penalty for me if I start him today (worth the same as a win) because I’ll be breaking a rule (don’t ask).

Anyone have any insights? Thanks.

Why sell high on Miller? Is this because he is basically using 2 pitches?

Was offered A Gordon/grilli/konerko (I have mujica/frieri and don’t need konerko) for Matt kemp? 6×6 14 team keeper league, not sure if I wanna part ways with kemp just yet.


Yeah, I’d just stick with Kemp as it sounds like this trade wouldn’t fill a need.


picked up Dominguez(Hou) on friday and he has done well, replaced Middlebrooks with him but am wondering if he will be more productive than middlebrooks and Moustakas ROS although wouldnt take much as I have Arenado starting at 3B and Moose on the bench,,,,,


Dominguez has been so streaky this year, so it’s tough to figure out whether or not he’s for real. I think I’d take him over Moustakas at this point but I’d be willing to give Middlebrooks some more time once he comes off the DL.


Do you like Lackey? I’m thinking of dropping Lohse for him but not sure of his philly matchup coming up next?


I wasn’t a fan heading into the season but you can’t argue with the results. He’s been very solid more times than not and certainly makes for a quality PoD option.


Asked a question about hitting prospects last week, this week it is pitching prospects. Which of these recently called up prospects do you think is the best for this year: Odorizzi, Gausman, Skaggs, Wacha? Am I better off holding a roster spot for Zack Wheeler?


I’ll take Wacha with Gausman close behind, the edge being league/division. And with the Cards’ rotation dealing with so many injuries, Wacha has a good chance of sticking around through the end of the season if he performs well enough. I’d go with Wacha over Wheeler, who has been a little shaky at Triple-A recently. Plus, Wacha is up right now. Wheeler isn’t.


I’m in 5×5 mixed H2H keeper league (any round except 1st) and just got offered Fowler/A Sanchez/1st rd pick and give up Altuve/A Reed/2nd rd pick…
I have Kipnis & Seager for 2B plus Kimbrel/Rodney/Valverde left for CP…he won’t take Rodney or Valverde.

He’s balking with 1st rd pick…he wants to do a 2nd for my 3rd round…would this be deal breaker for you?

Thoughts all,

Keeper: Reed (16th rd) or Kimbrel (4th rd)?

I’m thinking give up Altuve/Reed(or Kimbrel) for A Sanchez/Fowler?

Do I need to add draft picks to balance it off in my favor for either deal?


Depends a little bit on what Sanchez’s keeper value is but I actually slightly prefer the Altuve/Reed side.


Hey Zach,

In other league I picked up Smyly, hoping he’d get into rotation soon, should I hang right or go back to using slot for PoD?

Rest of Pitchers: Zimmerman, Morrow, Scherzer, Buchholz, Iwakuma, Latos, Rodney, & Grilli.

Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d use it for PoD. Smyly is no more than PoD.


If I may, just a brief off-topic comment. I know that some of the people who read and moderate this blog are also involved with MLBAM Productions. I’m sure that they are aware of the fact that they could get a LOT more subscribers to MLB.TV, and/or charge more money for the subscriptions, if the home team’s games weren’t blacked out. I’m also pretty sure that HUGE bucks are the reason behind the blackouts. If a full season of non-blackouts are not going to happen anytime soon, could you maybe look into negotiating a deal where the blackouts are lifted, say, 5 times a season?? Specifically, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day. These are holidays that are usually spent with friends and family, of which (GASP!!!) not all are baseball fans. Unfortunately, this means their TVs are not tuned to the ballgame, and in my situation, the family that I spend those holidays with don’t even have a satellite subscription that includes our local FOX Sports channel. I would LOVE to be able to watch the Reds games on these holidays without the need to DVR them at home, avoid all contact with the outside world, and then sit up until 2 AM watching the game when I finally get home. Just a thought. Sorry to intrude on the fantasy talk.

Hi Zach,

BJ Upton has hit the wire.
Should i pick him up? Do you think he will turn things around?


Depends on who you’re dropping, but in a bubble I’ll say sure, why not!


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