Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 28

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers


Maholm @ Morrow – Not trusting Morrow outside of very favorable matchups…this isn’t one of them

De La Rosa @ Lyles – Great matchup for DLR

Gomez @ Porcello – Porcello not a terrible play here but I’m just not a fan

Lee @ Dempster – Ditch on the struggling Dempster

Slowey @ Hellickson – I’m off the Slowey bandwagon

Jackson @ Sale – E-Jax is DTM for the time being

Lyons @ Big Erv

Kickham @ Parker – Parker on a nice roll now

Volquez @ Maurer

Kuroda @ Harvey

Gausman @ TBD (WAS) – Gausman showed me enough in his debut that I can trust him here

McAllister @ Latos – Not a good matchup for McAllister

Diamond @ Figaro

Blanton @ Ryu


12 team mixed H2H league and I have a question about a trade proposal I received. I was offered Everth Cabrera for Cueto. Cueto has been on my DL and is now back. My current SP staff is Kershaw, Zimmerman, Bucholtz, Haren, and Hellickson. Cabrera is eligible at 2B, SS in my league and that is occupied by Kipnis, B. Crawford, and Hanley Ramirez (DL). I was thinking of saying no to the trade and counter-offering to trade Cueto for Jean Segura or Michael Pineda (DL). Then again, I was thinking I would not really gain any advantage either way. Am I just thinking way too much?

Hi Zach,

12 Team Mix Keeper Lg.
Witch side do you prefer ROS:
A)Andy Dirks/Nolan Arenado
B)Domonic Brown/Billy Hamilton


doubt billy hamilton will be coming up this year, but for a pinch run situation come september

Dirks/Arenado. I’m not all that convinced that Hamilton will make a significant big league impact this season, particularly because he’s a one-trick pony.


hey well I was looking at picking up Franklin who is coming up to play 2B but he is only eligible at SS since he has no major league experience wondering why he wouldnt be 2B eligible

Not sure, as he’s even listed as a 2B on MILB.com. He’ll gain 2B eligibility soon enough though.


Would you deal D. Ortiz, Aoki and Wacha (minors) for M. Harvey, T. Hunter and A. Escobar? Need an ace SP and MI help, have depth on offense. Moreland would fill in for Ortiz, Escobar replacing D. Gordon and/or J. Rutledge. 12 team dynasty league. Thanks.


Fair value and for you I think it does make sense.


Sorry in advance for long message but I just traded for Straus and cueto so my so is very deep I have price weaver cueto Straus Parker McAllister latos Wheeler Cobb and arroyo. I think I need of because I have bats ethier Fowler rasmus and Austin Jackson. Who should I trade and what should I ask for in return


In these kinds of situations where you obviously have great depth at a certain position, I like to just make everyone available and see where I can get the best offer. You’ll never know until you start shopping these guys.


well with Hanley again returning soon I have to make a decision who to drop….I have Peralta who has been very consistent, E Cabrera who is productive and nice speed and than Gregourious who looks promising….could hang onto all 3 until Reyes returns from DL and drop Moose for now to open slot….may drop Hicks also but not sure if hanging onto that many SS is realistic since someone will be on the bench

I’d drop Hicks.

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