Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 29

MLB: ALDS-Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers


Danks @ Feldman

An. Sanchez @ Burnett

R. Hernandez @ Koehler – you read that right on Koehler. I like his stuff.

Estrada @ Deduno

Capuano @ Weaver – perfect matchup for Weaver’s return

Lackey @ Kendrick – bad time for Kendrick to regress, vs. Red Sox

Hefner @ Phelps

Rogers @ Medlen

Mendoza @ Lynn

Saunders @ Stults

Arroyo @ Masterson

Zimmermann @ Tillman

McCarthy @ Grimm – playing it safe on McCarthy despite recent success

Bedard @ Chatwood

Milone @ Lincecum – don’t like Milone on the road


I’m taking Milone “on the road” in SF. It’s a 10 minute ride from “Home”. Although he’s never faced SF, Lincecum has been too volatile to pick.

Not sure how you don’t start Chatwood the way he has been pitching + being vs HOU even at Coors. Also think in deeper leagues Stults is a solid start, otherwise agree.

In a 3 man keeper league I have cabrera, braun and goldschmidt on my team and have stanton on DL. a couple of teams have asked if stanton is available. whats his worth now? i could use a ace starter. should i wait and when he gets hot then move him. Thanks.


While I’d certainly be open to offers right now, your best bet is to wait until he comes back healthy as opposed to selling him at 50 cents on the dollar.


Im in a daily league and at times I will put a supporting player in over another due to pitching matchups and have been pretty successful with this but am not sure that is a good strategy,,,,a example would be Wed with maybe replacing Peralta with Didi? Although the one time Ive done this with Peralta he went 4-4…..whats your take on this strategy? I never do this with my star players


I rarely do this, especially with a guy like Peralta who is off to such a great start. Yeah, he’s not a “star player”, but he’s playing like one so far this season.


Gyorko or Freese ROS?


I’ll take Freese, especially since we’re talking ROS, as the worst part of Freese’s season is likely behind him, assuming of course that he can stay healthy from here on out.


Grilli bats latos and ethier to get minor willingham and beltre

He changed it to willingham and beltre for bats and grilli


Some of this depends on who your current 3B is but I’m fine with it. Grilli’s value is probably not going to get any higher than it is right now and though Bautista to Willingham is a legitimate downgrade, Beltre is an elite 3B…top-3 in my book.


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