Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 30

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays


McCarthy @ Grimm

Peavy @ Wood

King Felix @ Cashner

Griffin @ Zito

Morales @ Pettibone

Bailey @ Kazmir

Fister @ Locke – riding Locke as long as it lasts

Gee @ Nuno – you read that right. Vidal Nuno!

Haren @ F. Garcia – no idea what Haren will do so I’ll ditch

Colome @ Nolasco – Nolasco OK in deep leagues but I’m off that bus

Dickey @ Minor – maybe the return to the NL will help Dickey?

Lohse @ Walters – good matchup for Lohse

Guthrie @ Wacha – great matchup for Wacha’s debut, but Guthrie is struggling

Harrell @ Nicasio – Nicasio worth the gamble at home vs. whiff-prone Astros

Lilly @ Vargas – your call but I want no part of this


Vargas is coming off 3 great outings, pitches fantastic at home and the Dodgers have the 2nd worst offense in baseball. All signs point to pitch

well May need to drop a OF Ruggiano vs Hicks kind of liking Hicks right now as he appears to be waking some and better offense around him?? going to drop Moose once Hanley returns


Hicks is still striking out a ton and his AVG is woeful. I’d hold onto Ruggiano instead but you seem to be a big Hicks fan!


You holding onto to Nuno or just pitching him vs the weak mets offense.


Nuno is still PoD. Unless he wows us tonight, I wouldn’t bother dedicating a roster spot to him.


Can you guys talk about Paul Maholm on Friday’s show? He seems to have moved from “must start” to pitch-or-ditch but only at home with a favorable match-up. Is that how he should be treated? Thanks!


I still see Maholm as a small step above PoD, but you’re right that he’s been erratic of late. I’ve never really bought into him as a must-start anyway. No way would I feel comfortable pitching him in the tougher matchups right now.


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