Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 31

MLB: Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants


Miley @ Garza – Miley hasn’t been great, but it’s the Cubs

Lester @ Sabathia

Cueto @ Wandy – tough matchup for Wandy but he’s been solid this year

Scherzer @ M. Gonzalez

Gallardo @ Hamels – rhetorical question: how much longer do we go with YoGo?

Moore @ Kluber

Marcum @ Turner – coming off 12 K’s, have to!

Strasburg @ Teheran – Teheran is hearing graduation music…

W. Davis @ Holland

Iwakuma @ Pelfrey

Cain @ S. Miller

Kershaw @ Garland

Axelrod @ Colon

Keuchel @ Hanson – good matchup for Hanson’s return

Jenkins @ Marquis


What are your thoughts on Dom Brown? Is he for real. I was watching his game last night and both his HRs just sneaked over the fence. His 26% Hr/FB rate seems to indicate this is not for real, but I don’t know


Still not sold on Brown. His K/BB ratio is still very high and he’s teased us before only to then suffer through a prolonged slump. 10 homers in May though! Wow.


RoS Jason Castro or Grandal?


Surprisingly perhaps, I’m going to say Castro. The sample size on Grandal remains very small and the reality is that we just don’t know to what degree his performance last year was enhanced by the illegal substances he was taking. There are a whole lot of question marks surrounding Grandal while Castro is very quietly putting up solid numbers.


Hi guys 10 team H2H weekly points cbssportsline league.

Just got a trade offer of C. Hamels and Y. Molina for L.Lynn and S. Perez. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger. Am I overthinking this? Lynn has been a central cog in my pitching staff. Hamels is scary. I know Hes great but man He’s scary. Yadi is deffinately an upgrade over Perez. I have J.Reyes sitting there as a trade piece. Picked up Segura and going to ride him the rest of the season. Would you try and trade reyes and perez for Yadi and Hamels, or should I hold out til Reyes is healthy and when He is, what can I expect to get for him (in general value, I know y’all arent fortunetellers =) ).



Yeah, I’d make that trade in a second. You still have to consider Lynn to Hamels as an upgrade going forward and the catcher swap is a definite upgrade. Hold off on trading Reyes. Dealing a guy who is on the DL (and actually getting fairly close to returning) is never a good idea as you’re not maximizing his value. I wouldn’t trade him at all, but if you are going to deal him, now isn’t the time.


Is Lorenzo Cain coming back to earth? Worth stashing Gregorious if I’m starting Peralta and using Ortiz in my Util spot?


Nah, I’m still a Cain fan. At the end of the season, assuming he stays healthy of course, I think you’ll be happy with what you got from him. No need to pick up Gregorius. Peralta and Ortiz will be solid starts the rest of the way.


Who should I pick up for tomorrow’s start. Julio Teheran or Bartolo Colon?

Or I could add Shaun Marcum.

Marcum definitely! It’s against Miami!


I like both but I’d go with Colon. He has the more favorable matchup and has been a little more consistent than Teheran overall.


I am thinking of dropping Dickey for Holland?


If Dickey is truly your best drop option, yeah, at this point I don’t have a huge problem with that.


Friend of mine offered me a trade, was wondering if I could get an opinion.

( I give)Andrus, Hanley Ramirez, and Lincecum for Aramis Ramirez, Pagan, and Homer Bailey.


A pretty fair swap and some of it depends on who would be replacing Andrus at SS. But in a bubble, I like this trade for you as you’re getting an upgrade at SP and more reliability at 3B (this Hanley situation has been a headache for his owners). As long as the SS dropoff isn’t too drastic, I’d go ahead and accept.


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