Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 1-3

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners



Archer @ Jimenez – tough matchup for both, big upside for both

Harang @ Correia – Harang coming off a shutout, great K/BB, great matchup. Why not?

Verlander @ Hammel – Hammel’s been mostly solid this year

Quintana @ Straily – Straily getting on a roll

Shields @ Tepesch – vs. Royals almost a must-start these days

Doubront @ Hughes – could be 3-2, could be 10-9

Norris @ J. Williams

Fiers @ Cloyd – keep an eye on both, though…

Greinke @ Chacin

McHugh @ J. Fernandez – bad time for Niese to get a sore shoulder!

G. Gonzalez @ T. Hudson

Kennedy @ Samardzija

Leake @ Liriano – gambling on Liriano vs. tough offense

Bumgarner @ Wainwright – NICE

Buehrle @ Richard


Hellickson @ McAllister – can’t trust Hellickson here

Porcello @ Gausman – can’t trust either here

TBD (SEA) @ Diamond

Big Erv @ Darvish – can’t trust Big Erv here due to HR risk

Lyles @ Wilson

Sale @ Parker

Buchholz @ Kuroda

Harvey @ Slowey

Karns @ Maholm

W. Peralta @ Lee

Latos @ Gomez

Gaudin @ Lyons

Corbin @ Jackson

Ryu @ De La Rosa

Morrow @ Volquez – sitting it out on Morrow ‘til he shows some signs of life


Masterson @ Pettitte

Bedard @ Blanton

Danks @ Saunders – yep, pitch Saundo at home vs. weak offenses

Koehler @ Kendrick – tempting on Koehler, but not in Philly

Burnett @ Medlen

Chatwood @ Arroyo

Milone @ Estrada – not using Milone on the road

Cahill @ Lynn

Stults @ Capuano – why not, right?


Pretty likeable group of pitchers to chose from over the wknd- but I question putting Kennedy in BOLD: Cubs on 5 game tear scoring 5+ runs/game and he’s shown nothing but woes all season. You really feel he gets it together this Saturday or more that the Cubs just need to come back down to Earth? Thanks.


I was very high on Kennedy going into the season and he isn’t making me look too good so far, but I’m still not at the point where I’d bench him unless the matchup is very unfavorable. The strikeout rate is still solid and he has pitched better of late. But if you want to play it safe and ditch him, at least for this start, I’d totally understand.


Makes sense, thanks. I’m gonna bench him in my league w/ Wins, but start him in the one that uses IP/Ks per 9/Quality Starts. Clearly I had high hopes for Mr. Kennedy as well- but he can’t even do the dishes properly so I’m quite disappointed.

Hi guys 10 team H2H weekly points cbssportsline league.
Just got a trade offer of C. Hamels and Y. Molina for L.Lynn and S. Perez. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger. Am I overthinking this? Lynn has been a central cog in my pitching staff. Hamels is scary. I know Hes great but man He’s scary. Yadi is deffinately an upgrade over Perez. I have J.Reyes sitting there as a trade piece. Picked up Segura and going to ride him the rest of the season. Would you try and trade reyes and perez for Yadi and Hamels, or should I hold out til Reyes is healthy and when He is, what can I expect to get for him (in general value, I know y’all arent fortunetellers =) ).

Thanks you answered my question in the Friday Post. I appreciate the knowledge =)

To make the best out of a bad situation as a primary ss how do i keep and who do i drop
Alcides Escobar
Didi Gregorius
As always thanks for the advice

sorry one more thing, your opinion, is Nava for real


The guys answered your question on today’s podcast and I agree: Gregorius.


Any word on Cameron Maybin? He was to get about 30 AB’s on a rehab start and he started it last friday. Will he be back soon? I know he has been dreadful thus far, but he is a source of speed while playing


I saw the same thing, so it sounds like he’ll be returning within the next week. I’m very down on him though and once he does come off the DL will probably be dropping him in the one league I own him rather than dropping someone else in order to activate him.


I have a chance to get either Chris Sale or Max Scherzer. Who do you like more? Thanks


Most would probably go with Sale but I’m going to say Scherzer, despite the higher ERA. Scherzer has the far superior K rate and should win more games pitching behind a high-powered Tigers’ lineup.


Finally pulled the trigger on dropping Moose, I know someone else will want him but using Dominguez to fill in til Hanley is back…..also have Arenado so hope it is a good move….

I’m fine with that, Alan. At some point, you have to say enough is enough!


JJ Hardy, Didi Gregorious, or Nick Franklin ROTS?

Thanks for answering these questions.


Hardy. He’s not going to help in the AVG department, but when it comes to power, his track record is solid. Gregorius and Franklin are a little riskier overall.


I need a bottom tier starter. Both Porcello & umbaldo Jimenez are available. Which one do you trust more? They both have been striking out more per 9 lately and have had better results…


Assuming that this isn’t a very deep league (>12 teams), this is a PoD situation. Play the matchups. Never feel that you “need” a low-end starter. Quality options will always be available on the wire.


Do you think Nava is for real, or is just off to a hot start. Same question with Fowler?


Although I don’t necessarily think that Nava’s hot start is a fluke, I view Fowler as more “for real” than Nava due to the more impressive track record and the fact that he’s younger.


Hey Zach,

I have Napoli in my C and have been riding Adam Lind as my 1B. You think he is back to his 2009 form? What are your projections on him going forward? I also have Hosmer on my bench and was thinking about dropping him for Castro. Thanks for your feedback.


This might just be a personal thing, as Lind has burned me numerous times in the past, but I can’t quite trust the guy. That said, he’s showing much improved plate discipline this year, so who knows, maybe the turnaround is for real. He’s certainly mixed league worthy but I think expecting an ’09 renaissance would be a mistake. Have a fallback plan! I’d hold onto Hosmer. No need to pick up Castro (I’m assuming it’s Jason) if you already have Napoli.


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