Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 4

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins


Kazmir @ Phelps – can’t trust Phelps after getting hammered by Mets

Moore @ An. Sanchez

Grimm @ Dempster – too risky for either

Griffin @ Lohse

Peavy @ King Felix

Nolasco @ Pettiboneyour call on Nolasco; I’ll pass

Nicasio @ Bailey

Tillman @ Harrell – toss-up on Tillman; I’ll pass

Skaggs @ Wacha – have to, right?

Richard @ Lilly

Hefner @ Zimmermann

Locke @ Minor – might as well ride Locke as far as he goes

Deduno @ Mendoza

Feldman @ Weaver

J. Johnson @ Lincecum

                                                                                                                                               ***ZACH SAYS “I’ll roll the dice and say pitch on Nolasco. He’s been extremely effective pretty much all season and his career numbers at Citizens Bank Park are, somewhat surprisingly, excellent (6-2, 3.31 ERA, 1.16 WHIP in eight starts). Ditch on Locke. Stat correction alert! Agree on rest.”


I want to sell high on Corbin. More preferable an option; trade Corbin for Samardzija or Lee?

Just to specify, I meant Cliff Lee.

Lee, but either would be a steal.


wondering whats happened with Ruggiano, not playing much for Miami….may drop and use a fill in for today…looking at JD Martinez although Coghlan is there but thinking of staying away from another Marlin

Yeah, I slightly prefer Martinez anyway.


Thanks for all your advice so far. Someone just dropped Leonys Martin and I was thinking about picking him up for Ben Revere. The only reason I have Revere is for the steals and I don’t think Martin is that far off and he will provide much more power as well. Thoughts?

Also, Brandon Belt or Garrett Jones? Both sit against lefties. Who do you like?

They have fairly similar numbers. Belt is the upside play but Jones is a little safer. I’d go with Jones. I think he’s the better bet to give you consistent power production going forward.



I’d stick with Revere. He’s still getting more playing time than Martin and can carry you in the SB category, especially since he’s starting to get on base more consistently (.300 AVG since the beginning of May).


Thanks. Any expectations on Middlebrooks when he comes back?

I was a fan of Middlebrooks heading into the season but fortunately didn’t take him on any of my teams! I wouldn’t expect much. He’s looking like Adam Dunn-lite this year, except without the walks. Too many strikeouts and too few walks. I think he’s rosterable in a 12-team mixed, but I wouldn’t rely on him as my starting 3B.


Do I countinue to start Matt Cain even though his ERA is clearly a problem? Should I bench him until there’s some improvement? Or should I continue to start him and hope for the best?

Any advice would be helpful thank you!!

-First year doing Fantasy Baseball-


Continue to start him. Surefire aces like Cain are bound to get into a groove at any moment, and the fact that his ERA is so high right now actually leads me to think that he’s due for a dominant stretch. And you won’t want to miss the good part of his season after suffering through the rough part. The WHIP and K rate are still solid, so if he could just make some improvement in the walk rate department, he’ll have far better results. I’m not worried.


Hey Zach,
What are your thoughts on Brandon Morrow? He just doesn’t seem to be the same this year and now he is hurt. The only possible replacements available are Feldman, Leake, Colon, Lackey, and Vargas. Wait out the DL stint and hope he turns it around or stand pat?
Rich D.


Well, if you can just put Morrow on your DL, there’s no problem here. But if you’re out of available DL slots, I don’t have an issue with you cutting ties with him and going with Colon (until of course he gets hurt!)


How do you feel about Skaggs tomorrow? Great start vs Rangers but that Cardinals lineup terrifies me. I’m taking a chance on him; am I a fool?


Depends on how deep your league is, but generally speaking I’d take the conservative route and sit him for this one. The Cards scare me too, to the point where I’m actually benching the red hot Mike Leake when he faces St. Louis this week.


I just traded a pitcher for hitter in my 14 team league so I have a free SP spot, who you like from the free agent list… Tim Hudson, Ian Kennedy, Dempster, Teheran or Gausman. Not for this week but rest of season.


I might be crazy but I’m sticking with my boy Kennedy. I haven’t lost faith in him and I feel that long-term he’ll put up the best across the board stat line. Short term, Teheran is probably the best option.


What’s your level of confidence in trotting out J. Johnson on his first day back? Seems like a bold move given his early-season and rehab performance. Thanks,


Yeah, unlike Cory, I’d be hesitant to do it. I’d give him at least one start to show me something, especially considering how erratic he’s been this season even when he was “healthy.”



How do you feel about Lincecum in a 12 team mixed league? Should I dump him for Big Erv, Pettitte, or Kendrick? Also, I stashed Beachy. Should I expect good results?



While I’m not overly confident about Lincecum, I’d hold onto him over any of those other guys, all of whom aren’t true difference makers. Lincecum could be a difference maker if he could just pitch with more consistency. I see him as a bench but don’t cut for the time being.


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