Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 5

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals


Wandy @ Teheran – Teheran is a grad, the 2-seamer making all the difference

Kluber @ Sabathia

Turner @ Hamels – Turner worth watching though

Colon @ Gallardo – have to bench Gallardo for now but don’t cut

Axelrod @ Iwakuma

Dickey @ Zito last chance for Dickey?

Garza @ Vargas

Gee @ Haren

Cobb @ Fister

Garland @ Cueto

Ogando @ Lackey

F. Garcia @ Keuchel – Garcia on a nice run but hard to trust

Walters @ Guthrie – Guthrie slumping but a nice bounce-back matchup

Miley @ Kelly – Miley struggling and Cards can rake

Marquis @ Kershaw


Trade Question: I trade Andrew McCutchen and Patrick Corbin to get Carlos Gonzalez and Matt Harvey. Your thoughts?

Do it! A no-brainer in my mind.


well hoping Hanley is back tonight and can stay healthy…thinking of dropping Arenado as I have Middlebrooks on DL and Dominguez…….when Middlebrooks returns thinking of dropping Didi over Peralta and E Cabrera?

ROS I’d still rather have Arenado than Dominguez. I’m fine with dropping Didi if you have to. Why you would even consider dropping Peralta or E. Cabrera is beyond me!


I certainly wouldn’t drop Peralta or E. Cabrera unless I had to, but it would be prudent to hold off on this decision as long as possible given prospect of suspensions.

I have Y Gomes backing up at 1B what ya think is Ike going down or would he be worth taking a flier on and keep him as back up to Howard

Ike is he worth a flier or is he going down….have Gomes(Clev) as a bck up for Howard

Seems like Ike has bought himself some more time but Gomes is producing right now, so I wouldn’t feel a particular need to change course.


I have Butler and Morse rotting on my bench. Would love to know your thoughts on holding on to them?


I’m more confident in Butler than Morse but I think the only thing you can do is stash them on your bench and hope for a rebound. Neither are waiver wire material and it’s not like you’re going to get a lot back for them in a trade.


Sit patient with Salvador Perez, or pick up Arencibia or the red-hot Doumit? Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to stash a backup C since I just picked up Puig about five minutes ago.


At this point, I’m OK with picking up Doumit for Perez.


Hi Zach,
Angel Pagan or Nate McLouth for ROS in a 10t, h2h, mixed league? Thoughts?
Rich D.


McLouth. He’s simply having the far superior season, which to me outweighs Pagan’s track record edge.


411 Crew,
14 team roto mixed and struggling with my pitching to say the least. I have Burnett, Peavy and Stults. Have been P.O.D with a revolving door. Wins, K and ERA are below the average. I am open to making a trade for some pitching either using Gattis or Marte if needed to grab a couple of arms at once. With two months now gone, can u suggest some pitchers who have started slow and may be able to turn it around the ROTW? Liriano and Nolasco are FA but I am not confident with them.

Help, the flag defence is not looking promising right now!

G from OZ

I was thinking of Cole Hamels, Bumgarner, Grienke, Gallardo, Ian Kennedy, Tillman, Jason Hammel. Ogando is a FA also. Bumgarner and Kennedy are in one team and Cole and AJ in another. Thinking to try and package either two into a deal choosing from Gattis, Marte or Matt Joyce.

G from OZ


Sounds like a good idea to me. Off the top of my head, Matt Cain is another great buy low target. And I also wouldn’t be opposed to picking up Nolasco for the short-term at least. He’s been very solid this season.


Hey Oz, Wheeler is going to be up for the Mets soon, I’d stash him if you have the space and see how he does.

Cheers Adrian, he is stashed in my NA spot with the hope he come up firing. Still think a move will/may also help inject some help.
Thanks for the heads up.

with the possibilities of suspensions would you hold onto Didi as Hanley is my only other eligible SS….currently have Peralta and Everth but both could be gone….I do have Reyes on DL and hopefully he can return soon


I wouldn’t make any panic moves based on these reports. Even if something does happen, I don’t think anything is imminent. The player’s union will fight this every step of the way.


which side would you prefer Derek Holland and Puig or Chris Davis

I was offered Chris Davis and have lind at 1B for me and am pretty deep at pitcher.

Go with Davis. I’m starting to think that this isn’t a fluke anymore and Puig is a question mark, at least for the short term. Will he even stay up once Kemp comes back? How will he fare once opposing pitchers make some adjustments? Davis is without question the best player in this deal.


Rendon is available, I read a lot of hype on this guy but will he be a producer this year or back to the minors…..and will he get 20 games at 2b? I could drop Dominguez or JD Martinez for him


From what I’m hearing, Rendon should gain 2B eligibility rather quickly as long as he produces at the plate. Dominguez is putting up big numbers right now, so I’d hold onto him. But dropping Martinez for Rendon is a low-risk, high-reward move.


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