Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 6

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles


R. Hernandez @ Scherzer

M. Gonzalez @ Norris – gotta like Bud at home

Hughes @ Harang – I’d like Harang at home a lot more if it wasn’t vs. the Yankees

Holland @ Lester

Straily @ Quintana

Pelfrey @ W. Davis – should be 9-8 based on the pitchers but will probably be 3-2 based on the offenses

Marcum @ G. Gonzalez – your call on Marcum

Kennedy @ S. Miller – risky start for Kennedy but he’s been getting better

Cloyd @ W. Peralta

Cashner @ Chacin – yep, even in Coors

T. Hudson @ Greinke

***ZACH SAYS “I’d pitch Miguel Gonzalez in a very favorable matchup vs. the Astros. 3 ER or less in six of his nine starts this season. I picked him up in Mixed Tout for this week, so don’t think I’m not practicing what I preach!”


I was offered David Wright for Dom Brown. Crazy not to take it, right?

Yeah, I’d make that trade.


No on Greinke? Braves could hit him around, but I think I have to run him out there, I’m short on arms this week! (and Uggla will strike out 4-5 times)

It’s a toss-up but he’s been pretty awful lately and the Braves can hit. I’ll also take the conservative route and say ditch, though it’s far from an easy call.


Hi guys H2H weekly points cbssportsline 10 team league.

Dickey or Gallardo, if the rest of your team was golden and you had to pick between the 2 of them and drop the other, who would you go with?

Thanks, you guys are the best thing going in fantasy BBall.


I’d rather keep Gallardo. I’m very concerned about both of them but Dickey relies so heavily on that one pitch that if it isn’t working on any given night, it’s pretty much batting practice. Also, Gallardo is a lot younger and pitches in the NL.


In my NL only 5×5 rotisserie league I’m in need of saves and steals… I was offered this trade… Papelbon and McCutchen for Harper, I would drop Ankiel and JJ Hoover. Should I accept it or not?

Absolutely accept, especially since it’s a non-mixed, where saves and steals are a lot harder to find on the waiver wire than in a mixed league.


5×5 16 tm – what do u think of me trading Reynolds, Papelbon, Lincecum for Beltre? Too much? Have Grilli on my team too.


I like the fact that you’re getting the best player in the deal but I also think that you’re giving up a bit too much. The difference between Reynolds and Beltre is big, but it’s not so big to the point where it’s worth trading an elite closer to get that upgrade.


I’m thinking of picking up Brandon Beachy from the DL. I already have Mike Minor and Paul Malholm on my team. What are your thoughts as to whom Beachy will replace on the Braves roster.


Tough to say as the Braves’ rotation has been rock solid for most of this season. My guess is that the Braves won’t rush Beachy back and when he is back might either go to a 6-man rotation, at least temporarily, or look to trade a guy like Maholm to open up a spot.


Can’t fathom throwing Cashner at Coors. I’ve been decimated by HRs by my pitching staff this month. Between Cashner, Miley, Haren, and that one fateful Gaussman start, I’ve supplied nearly all of the roundtrippers during May/Early June.

I have Cashner and am a big fan of his; however the match up at Coors is making me really nervous. I’m going to pitch him tonight but please reassure me I am making the right decision since I see you guys also feel Cashner should be pitched tonight. I guess I would feel a lot more confident if he wasn’t coming off two straight mediocre outings and I wasn’t playing my archrival this week (12 team, mixed head to head league).

Thanks for your help as always!


Personally, I wouldn’t have an issue with you benching Cashner. He’s been good but not great this year and his career numbers vs. the Rockies aren’t good at all. This is a situation where the risk might outweigh the reward.


Amid a battle against a guy who is 9-0 this week in 12 team H2H weekly pts, I’m up 50 pts and need a pitcher but there isn’t much to choose from ( my opponent has 10 pitchers coming up to my 6 ) Worried he will edge me. I know that these pitchers aren’t advisable but do you think any have a chance? Or at least who’ is best out of them? Hanson@ Boston( Doubront), Gaudin@ Arizona (skaggs), either Harrell @ Mendoza(kc), or Santiago vs Oak (griffin). The opponent is in parentheses btw and yes I know, an ugly assortment lol.

Gozelanny of Brewers home against Philly (Kendrick) is available too?


I’d go with Santiago. I think he has the highest upside of that bunch and his overall numbers this year are very solid.


Thanks for the help Zach. Sure hope I beat this guy. I am 5-4 which is not bad considering first time playing again in over 10 years ( Didn’t even know who half the guys were in the draft lol). This guy is bragging how great he is. I want this one, and even if I don’t win another game this season. lol Still ahead by 47 with 2 days left (Id be ahead more if Ian Kennedy didn’t get bombed yesterday, ouch!). Wish me luck and thanks again.

P.s. Love the site!

Just got offered Braun for Sandoval. I am now able to slot E5 into 3rd base and I’m using Sandoval as my Util after putting Ortiz at first base. 14 tm H2H 5×5. Worth the risk?


It would make me a little nervous but yeah, I’d make that trade. It seems like you have the depth to recover from the loss of Sandoval and I don’t think this whole PED situation will be resolved anytime soon. I’m not buying the idea that suspensions are coming within a week or two. This could be tied up in legal battles for awhile.


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