Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 8-10

MLB: Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox



Darvish @ Buehrle

Masterson @ Porcello – Masterson is still vulnerable to lefties, and the Tigers can hurt anyone

Milone @ Danks – the White Sox can’t score, but Milone’s 5.06 road ERA says ditch anyway

Pettitte @ Saunders – Saunders worth a look at home in deep leagues, though

Gausman @ Hellickson – can’t use Hellickson vs. the O’s the way he’s going now

Wilson @ Buchholz

Bedard @ Big Erv – you read that right!

Slowey @ Marcum

Burnett @ Samardzija

Diamond @ Karns

Kendrick @ Gorzelanny – tough matchup for Kendrick, caution is advised

Lyons @ Latos

Stults @ Chatwood

Medlen @ Fife

Bumgarner @ Cahill


Grimm @ J. Johnson

Kazmir @ An. Sanchez

Blanton @ Dempster

Tillman @ Moore

Griffin @ Santiago

Harrell @ Mendoza

Phelps @ King Felix – taking another shot on Phelps vs. Mariners

Koehler @ Niese – Koehler worth a look in deep leagues since Mets don’t score much

Deduno @ Zimmermann

Pettibone @ Lohse

Locke @ Jackson

Minor @ Lilly

Richard @ Nicasio

Gaudin @ Skaggs

Lynn @ Arroyo – Arroyo’s rolling but I never trust him vs. good offenses


Lackey @ Cobb

Weaver @ F. Garcia

Kluber @ Ogando

Dickey @ Axelrod – Dickey was much better last time out and the White Sox are weak

Fister @ Guthrie

Keuchel @ Iwakuma

Gallardo @ Nolasco – if you can’t use Gallardo in Miami, cut him

Bailey @ Feldman

Miley @ Kershaw

Teheran @ Marquis


I am in a 12 team H2H keeper league, should I add Gerrit Cole or Tyler Skaggs? Along with that should I drop Julio Teheran or Oscar Taveras?


Imo, I would take Cole, keep Teheran and if I had to drop him it would be Taveras, he’s out with a high ankle sprain which could be a nagging injury for weeks or even months besides he wasn’t called up yet ( I mean ya keep him if you have the room unless you find out he won’t play for your season). I’m no expert of course but Teheran has been pretty damn good even stellar at times. Cole pitches Tues which might be a 2 week start although his pitch count should be limited).

I almost sounded like a real life fantasy guru.


We put your question on today’s podcast, which will be available on iTunes shortly.


who do you like better….JD Martinez or Cameron Maybin? do you like both more so than Hicks, who I for some reason have a hard time letting go….just looking for a 6th OF currently have Martinez/Hicks but my starting 5 are Gomez/ J Upton/ Beltran/ McCutchen and and D Brown

Let go of Hicks!!! Maybe now that he’s on the DL, the decision will be easier for you, though maybe now that he’s on the DL, you’ll be able to keep him on your roster!

I prefer Maybin to Martinez. I think he brings a bit more to the table in terms of across the board production.



What are your thoughts for this trade? I give up Dominic Brown and Matt Cain for Adam Wainwright and Hunter Pence. If Matt Cain is too much to give up, should I try Travis Wood instead? Another owner wanted to trade Adam Wainwright for Dominic Brown, straight up.


I’d make any of those trades, but if you can pull off Wood/Brown for Wainwright/Pence, that would be my preference.


follow up I dropped Hicks for Maybin as he has done well since returning…..when Middlebrooks returns will need to decide to drop JD Martinez or Y Gomes….

Is it time to let CJ Wilson go? I have enough pitchers in my rotation and his season has been quite a disappointment up to now. I could stream him here or there but don’t think he can be relied upon. I could use his spot for streaming as well.


At this point, I’m totally fine with that.


What should I do with Lincecum? And who should I drop now that Stanton is coming back? Nava, De Aza, Quentin, Reddick or Arencibia (in my utility spot. Pierzynski is my C). Deep Mixed H2H league.


In a deep mixed league, Lincecum should not be dropped, so I think the only thing you can do for now is hold onto him and just pitch him in the more favorable matchups.

Since you don’t need him for your C spot, I think I’d go ahead and drop Arencibia.


Lackey got smacked last time with TB. while Cobb only had 1 ER. Wouldn’t Cobb have the edge instead of it being even? Thanks

Issues! Making my 911 call to 411; 10T 15×15 H2H dynasty,
1) Stanton coming off DL, who would you drop; Cingrani, Wheeler, Skaggs, Gausman, Wacha, Gerrit Cole?…
2) Drop Moustakas for Rendon, Franklin or wait to see if Brett’s coaching makes a difference?…
3) Expect June to force my non-active rostered Myers & Traveras to an active spot so thinking trade Josh Hamilton (bad timing but would sell typically heats up about now), would you place Hamilton’s value in the area of only “low buy” bats (like Starlin Castro type) or maybe a “quality” DL SP or prospect, i.e. Beachy or Jose Fernandez types? Is Hamilton’s value any higher?
Sorry for the length but it’s “alot of issues”….Thanks guys – R.K.


1. Wow. Dropping any of these guys could backfire but I’d go with Gausman. He’s been erratic so far and I wonder long-term how pitching in a hitter’s park and in the AL East will affect his overall numbers.
2. I’d hold onto Moose.
3. I’d aim for higher but like you said, waiting as late as you can will probably only help Hamilton’s trade value.


Logan Morrison or Lucas Duda? standard categories plus OPS.

Morrison. Duda just isn’t a reliable option right now, and likely won’t be going forward. I’m not a fan.


In a 12 team dynasty league, who got the better deal in this trade? A) received Machado and Shields. Moustakas, Lawrie, and Rendon were his 3Bs. B) received Samardzija, Phillips, and J Upton. Weak OF and Infante as 2B.

Also, team A has Gordon, Cutch, Stanton, and Trout as OF


B. In a dynasty, I value Shields and Samardzija fairly equally, so then it’s a matter of Machado vs. Phillips AND Upton, which to me is a clear win for the latter side.


A trade proposition came up. I give up Freddie Freeman and Beachy (on DL) for Cliff Lee. What do you think?


Fair value, so if it suits your positional needs, I’m fine with it.


Hi Big Z, long(ish) time no speak.

Anyway enough of the sentiments! Got a big deal for you to look at in my keeper league, not only re this year but next:

I’ve got a bunch of crappy CI’s and wondering if trading E5 is worth the upgrade there it’ll bring. Trade proposal:

Send: EE (1 year remaining, $8)

Get: Zimmerman ($20) and Butler (2 years remaining, $15) or Rizzo ($0)

The extra corner guy would mean id then use one of Tex,Freeze, Morales at Util. Obviously losing a great keeper in E5, but getting Rizzo should be another great one, and Butler wouldn’t be anything to sniff at either.

Should I consider either of these options? Just feel Tex,Freese,Morales aren’t good enough for CI and Util spots in a 10 teamer.


Yeah, I like the Rizzo one. Taking into account the contracts, EE to Rizzo really isn’t a tremendous downgrade, certainly not enough to pass up adding Zim.


what’s your thoughts on Starlin Castro for the rest of the year good buy low option ?

Depends on how low the other owner will go, but sure why not. I’ve never been a huge fan of his but his high-end production over the past couple of seasons cannot be ignored.


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