Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 11

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Angels at Arizona Diamondbacks


Vargas @ M. Gonzalez – Vargas not nearly as good on the road

Lincecum @ Cole – I’ll be watching Cole but not pitching

Lester @ R. Hernandez

W. Peralta @ Turner – with Stanton and LoMo back, Marlins are no longer an autoPitch

Wacha @ Hefnernice matchup for Wacha despite rocky outing last time

Cingrani @ Garza

Kluber @ Holland

Scherzer @ W. Davis

Hamels @ Walters

Wang @ Quintana – only 4 QS for Quintana this season, but more than 4 runs only once

Haren @ Chacin

Sabathia @ Colon

Kennedy @ Greinke – good bounce-back opponent for Kennedy

T. Hudson @ Cashner

Norris @ Harang – Norris still not trustworthy on the road


any idea whats going on with Hanley? No result of MRI that I have heard of and tired of leaving him in the line up when they say he may play and doesnt!!


The Dodgers are hoping he can come back this weekend but it’s all really up in the air at this point. The only thing you can do is just stash him on your bench.


thx for your advice I like hearing anothers opinion on things…..I dropped Didi for Morrison as needed a back up to Howard and hes eligible in OF also but that gave me 8 OF so dropped JD to activate Middlebrooks….Im currently 1 game ahead in my division and playing 2nd place guy( I gm back) Using Y Gomes since hes in line up today….now with Middlebrooks back using him at 3B with Dominguez at CI? Rendon is available in my league? would take 20 games to be eligible at 2B and have Infante with Brian Roberts on DL….

If it’s a choice between Infante and Rendon, I’d probably just stick with Infante.

Will it be worth it to hold onto Tyler Skaggs in a keeper NL Only league?


Depending on your alternative options, yeah, I’d hold onto Skaggs. He still carries plenty of long-term upside.


I have Bumgarner who I’m keeping for $22 Harvey who I’m keeping for $15 and Strasburg at $29 and maybe even Beachy at $9 so my pitching should be fine… should I try trading Skaggs for a closer?

Even against the mariners you wouldn’t start Norris? Astros will hit Harang, I’m trying to convince myself he will be a good start.

Someone just dropped Gallardo in my league. Is it worth putting a bid in for him?

Yeah, I would. You really have nothing to lose at this point. Low risk/high reward.


Hey Zach, someone just offered me Markakis and Gio Gonzalez for Dom Brown and Puig. Thoughts? My rotation is already pretty good (Gio wouldn’t be in top 3) and Brown/Puig have been hot. Might be a good opportunity to sell high though?


Update: I thought about it for a bit and countered with an upgrade (in my mind) from Gio to Bumgarner. He accepted.

I’m OK with that. Was going to say that I’d aim a bit higher than Gio.


Nolasco pitched yesterday (Sunday by the time you read it) , Jacob Turner will pitch for Miami against Peralta. He had two decent starts so far. I plan to use him. Who do you like?

Yeah, I’m fine with pitching Turner.

Doug Fister or Kris Medlen for rest of the year?


Sounds like Medlen might head back to the bullpen once Beachy returns, but regardless I’d go with Fister. He’s been a bit more consistent on the whole this year.


Is Kluber too risky? I like his k rate and he’s turned in decent outings against good teams.


Kluber is definitely someone worth keeping an eye on, but no way do I trust him @TEX.


Thinking of dropping Wacha Wacha Wacha for Beachy is this a good/bad idea?


I’m all for grabbing Beachy but wouldn’t be so quick to dump Wacha. See if you can drop someone else.


Gonzalez at Angels tonight. Thoughts on pitching him?

In deep mixed leagues, maybe. But I don’t feel too great about this matchup. I do like Gonzalez going forward though…just not here.


I rarely go against your advice Zach but I went with my gut and pitched Gonzo. Worked out well.

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