Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 13

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays


Wainwright @ Harvey – pitching porn
Latos @ Samardzija – pitching NC-17
Detwiler @ Francis
Kuroda @ Parker – tough matchup for Parker but he’s been rolling
Doubront @ Gausman – can’t trust Gausman vs. the Red Sox
Cain @ Morton
Big Erv @ Hellickson – get back on the Hellickson bus vs. Royals
Buehrle @ Darvish
Lee @ Correia


Lind or Howard ROS? I actually think this is a harder question than some might assume.


I totally agree that it’s not a no-brainer, but I’d still go with Howard. I just feel that he has less of a chance of completely collapsing. Lind is liable to turn back into a pumpkin at any moment.


I’m trying to buy low to get Allen Craig and Jason Heyward from an owner. I have Corbin that I would like to sell and I would have to send one of my outfielders his way because there are very few bench spots and 5 OF. Right now I have Jones, Rios, Cespedes, Marte, Gomez and Colvin. What do you think? Is it worth trying to get these guys going forward given my setup?


Depending on the price, I’m all for targeting those guys. Something like Corbin/Marte for Craig or Heyward would be something I’d seriously consider.

The other Zach

Hey Zach,
I was considering dropping Angel Pagan to pick up Ethier. My OF is hurt for right now and I need to add extra troops. This is a 12t, h2h, mixed, with unlimited moves. Do I risk Pagan? Ben Revere is also available.
Rich D.

Also, let’s think about dropping Morrow to pick up Leake….safe move or do you have any red flags?

If you don’t have any better drop candidates, I’m not opposed to that at this point. Leake definitely deserves to be picked up in pretty much any format.



So by dropping Pagan for Ethier, you’re adding extra troops? I’d stick with Pagan. Ethier has been flat out awful this season and Pagan, though somewhat disappointing, at least brings some speed to the table.


My starters are Greinke, Masterson, Ryu, Shelby Miller, Garza, and Morrow. My relief corps is Papelbon, Rodney, Reed, and Mujica. I just chose Morrow because he’ll be on the DL for three weeks. Thoughts?

I’m fine with that. I’ve pretty much had it with Morrow. And I don’t even own him in any leagues!


I would like to grab Brandon Beachy before anyone else gets him. I just grabbed Jake Westbrook, should i drop him after he pitches to them Marlins or maybe Julio Teheran because i hear that he might lose his starting spot? Travis Wood would be my other consideration even tho he’s pitching good? THANKS FOR ALL THE ADVISE!!!

I read the Braves a considering sending Beachy to the pen because their SPs are doing well and Beachy is coming off a major injury…anyone else hearing the same?

It’s a possibility but there’s little risk in dropping Westbrook for him. Beachy certainly carries immense upside.


Yeah, Westbrook is a PoD guy. No need to reserve a roster spot for him. I’d drop him for Beachy.


How dare Corey mention the word porn on this site! Ha, kidding…he is right though with that Harvey/Waino matchup.

Worried about Cain? Or is he still a good buy-low. His homers and hits have gone through the roof this year…


Still not worried about Cain. And I won’t be for awhile! I thought about editing out the aforementioned word but I figured it was OK…close call though.


I give Heyward for Hamels, thoughts?
My OF: cargo, alfonso, stanton, jennings, gordon, heyward.
My SP: Pineda, Kershaw, Shark, Milone, Sabathia, Cingrani, Cashner, and Ryu


It’s a fair value deal but I’d personally feel comfortable with that rotation sans Hamels. I’d rather be a little short on SPs than OFs.


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