Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 14

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Miami Marlins


Dempster @ Tillman – both are HR-prone but appear to have recovered from rough patches

G. Gonzalez @ Masterson

Mendoza @ Moore – hang with ‘em

Buehrle @ Grimm

Porcello @ Diamond – Porcello worth a look in deeper leagues

Sale @ Bedard – Bedard very risky but White Sox are a soft matchup

Pettitte @ Wilson

Saunders @ Milone

Fife @ Locke

Lohse @ Arroyo – gotta go for it

Jackson @ Marcum

Westbrook @ J. Fernandez – good return matchup for Westbrook, though

Bumgarner @ Medlen

Kendrick @ Nicasio – I like both, but not chancing it in Coors

Cahill @ Stults – Cahill struggling too much to trust right now


What side you like .. Billy butler or BJ upton/Adam Lind. I have Rizzo and good OF options so really it’s a matter of a guy at UTL. I currently have butler.


I’d hang onto Butler unless you’re desperate for speed. I have a lot more confidence in him bouncing back than I do in Upton and I’m not ready to jump on the Lind bandwagon just yet.


Hey, isn’t locke vs dodgers on friday not A.J.?

Yep. The DL move came after I initially posted this.


I was offered Heath Bell for Gio Gonzalez… I need saves and it’s an NL only keeper league and I’m not keeping Gonzalez… What are your thoughts

Absolutely pass. Despite being a little inconsistent this year, Gio is still a high-end SP, particularly in an NL-only. With Putz working his way back, Bell might not even be the closer a few weeks from now.


I need to get rid of one of these OF’s to make room for Austin Jackson:
Daniel Nava
Carlos Quentin
Alejandro de Aza
Josh Reddick……thoughts?

Reddick. He’s shown me absolutely nothing this year.

I’ve been offered Chris Davis for Kershaw. I need HR’s really badly. Should I make the trade? I’m wondering if you guys believe that Chris Davis is legit or not.


While I am buying into Davis, Kershaw, probably the #1 SP in fantasy, seems like an awfully steep price to pay. If that’s what it’ll take to get him, I’d look elsewhere to address power. No need to give up Kershaw for a guy not named Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Braun or even Albert Pujols.


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