Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 15-17

MLB: Houston Astros at Pittsburgh Pirates



Lackey @ F. Garcia

Dickey @ Lindblom – can’t trust Dickey in Texas

Guthrie @ Cobb – Guthrie seems to be back in his groove

Phelps @ Hanson – don’t love the matchups

Zimmermann @ Kazmir

An. Sanchez @ Deduno

King Felix @ Griffin

Danks @ Harrell – great matchups for both; all of Harrell’s bad starts are vs. OAK and DET

Feldman @ Niese

Gaudin @ Minor

Kershaw @ TBD (PIT)

Gallardo @ Bailey

Pettibone @ Chatwood

Lynn @ Koehler

Miley @ Richard – Miley too hittable right now to trust


Strasburg @ Kluber – Kluber very impressive lately and Nats are scuffling

Lester @ M. Gonzalez – hang with ‘em

W. Davis @ R. Hernandez – ah, no

Fister @ Walters

Santiago @ Keuchel

Johnson @ Holland

Sabathia @ Weaver

Iwakuma @ Colon – awesome matchup that no one would’ve thought as awesome back in April

W. Peralta @ Cueto – Cingrani owners shed a tear

Garza @ Hefner

Wacha @ Nolasco – good chance for Wacha to save his rotation spot

Greinke @ Cole

Kennedy @ Marquis – use Kennedy now before the suspension kicks in!

Hamels @ Chacin

Lincecum @ Teheran – your call on Lincecum


Shields @ Carrasco

De La Rosa @ Johnson – DLR due for some regression… don’t say I didn’t warn you

Arrieta @ Scherzer

Straily @ Tepesch

Quintana @ Norris

Harang @ Vargas

Wood @ S. Miller – Wood also due for some regression… don’t say I didn’t warn you

Haren @ Lannan – Haren too erratic this year to trust vs. good offenses

Gee @ T. Hudson – tough matchup for Gee but he’s on a burner…

Liriano @ Leake

Turner @ Corbin

Volquez @ Zito


Which of my outfielders should I look to get rid of (braun, Bautista, Bourn, S. Marte, Harper, Puig, Choo, Stanton, or Melky) I need to trade at least one of them for infielders!


Personally, I’d rank Melky last of that group but it really all depends on what you can get back. Be open to trading any of those guys if the right offer comes along.


Wait, ditch on Corbin against Mia? That’s a mistake right?

Who are some current closers that are likely to be traded to contenders? I want to start stashing backups now.


Focus on teams near the bottom of the standings. Will the Padres trade Street? The Mets say they won’t trade Parnell, but do we really believe them? Generally speaking though, I think it’s a little early to go into stashing mode. Roster spots have value, and holding a guy for six weeks comes at the expense of adding a player who can help you right now.


Hi Zach,
I hope you had a nice weekend. My current 1B/3B are Frazier, Alvarez, A-Ram, and Middlebrooks. Someone just dropped LaRoche. Would you drop Middlebrooks to pick up LaRoche or stand pat?
Rich D.


Yeah, I think I’d do that. LaRoche is the far more proven player and is historically a top-notch second half producer.


I really am getting annoyed by the Brewers’ closer situation because I want to drop either Henderson or K-Rod and pick up a bat or SP. I haven’t seen an update on this situation in over a week (and it doesn’t help Milwaukee had no save opportunities last week). I know Henderson is said to be the guy but K-Rod is supposed to get the chance to hit 300 career saves. Any insight on this, guys? Thanks as always!


Of the two, K-Rod is the guy to drop, but I’d try to postpone this move for as much time as you can. I’m in the same boat in one of my leagues as a K-Rod owner, and have so far resisted the urge to drop him, but that could change at any moment if a very appealing waiver wire option emerges.


Which of my outfielders should I look to trade (braun, Bautista, Bourn, S. Marte, Harper, Puig, Choo, Stanton, or Melky) I need to trade at least one of them for infielders!

ROS Reddick or Ethier? Both seem to be coming alive…maybe…

Not a big fan of either but I slightly prefer Reddick just because I view him as having the higher power ceiling.


Thanks, Zach! I appreciate your thoughts.

Braun, Bautista, Bourn, S. Marte, Harper, Puig, Choo, Stanton, or Melky I need to trade at least one of them for infielders! I have way to many outfielders


I answered this above.


Of the following, who would you feel more comfortable dropping in a 10 team mixed league: Haren, Cahill or Garza?


Haren. Way too many homers allowed and he hasn’t pitched with any consistency whatsoever. Cahill is borderline too. Hold onto Garza though. He was very impressive his last time out and since he just came back from the DL, let’s give him some time.


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