Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 18

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays


Archer @ Doubront (Gm 1 of doubleheader) – don’t trust Archer’s walk rate

Odorizzi @ Aceves (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – you can’t beat the Marlins, you don’t get the BoSox… sorry Jake

Harvey @ A. Wood (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Wheeler @ Maholm (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – tough debut, but let’s trust the pedigree

Big Erv @ Jimenez

Ryu @ Hughes – great matchup for Hughes but simply untrustworthy at home

Detwiler @ Lee

Francis @ Rogers

Hammel @ Verlander

Morton @ Latos

Parker @ Darvish – seven straight QS for Parker

Axelrod @ Pelfrey – Axelrod worth a look in deeper leagues

Figaro @ Lyles – rolling with Lyles vs. Braun-less Brewers

Samardzija @ Wainwright

Eovaldi @ Delgado

Bonderman @ Blanton – I’m not buying

Cashner @ Cain


looking at picking up seth smith or JD martinez….would probably drop Derek Holland although concerned about A Sanchez and his health….than probably would turn around and drop how ever I pick up for Reyes when he returns…my other starters are Wainwright/ Lynn/ shelby/ Sanchez/ and Bailey

There’s no way I’d drop Holland for either one of those OFs.


What do you think about Adam Lind? Is he for real? I tend to buy into what he is doing.

I’m still skeptical but Mike and Cory are beginning to buy into it. They talk about Lind on today’s podcast.


When you are looking at pitch or ditch decisions what do you think are the most important factors? In other words how would you rank things like, recent success of the pitcher, lack of success for the offense the pitcher is facing, past success against the particular team, or other factors I’m not mentioning?

I value recent success of the pitcher the highest, followed by quality of the opponent. I also pay attention to Home/Away splits. Past success against a particular team isn’t as reliable due to player turnover from one year to the next. Also, if an opposing lineup is, for example, very lefty heavy, I might be more inclined to pitch a borderline guy if he is a left-hander.


Who would be a better add in an NL only league for Middle Infield… Mark Ellis, Alexi Amarista or Juaquin Arias… I’m dropping Yuniesky Betancourt

I’d probably go with Ellis but it’s a real toss-up. All are decent NL-only MIs for the time being.


If I pick up Ellis should I hold onto him until Dee Gordon comes up? How long do you think it will be until Gordon comes back?

Waiting for my injured second basemen to return. Who do you think is a better bet, Rickie Weeks or Josh Ruttledge? Weeks seems to have a smidge more potential, but it seems he’s no longer an everyday player, whereas Rutt should see a good bit of time with Tulo out.


Yeah, Rutledge should see everyday at-bats until Tulo comes back, and who knows when that’ll happen. I have zero faith in Weeks right now. To me, Rutledge is the better option, at least for the short term.


411 crew,
14 team mixed roto, vanilla w 6 keepers. Have a GM open to trading Segura. Thinking to offer Nick Franklin and Parra or Matt Joyce. Have Reyes back in two weeks to cover SS and Profar to Util and move Stanton to OF. Fair trade being I need runs, HR and RBI? Avg would help also. Have Mitch Moreland coming off the DL soon also. I had offered him Moreland and Joyce in the past and he said he would do it, but he didn’t pull the trigger.

Cheers fellas,


Yeah, I’d make that trade in a second.


Hey Zach.

In a 14-team mixed, are Doubront and Maholm fair starts today? I know Mike and Cory focus on 10 or 12-team mixed when framing the PoD strategy but I use the recommendations in a 14-team framwork. Doubront is getting a little unlucky with his .358 BABIP (according to FanGraphs) and his walk rate is a little higher than last year but his GB rate is up and FB rate down with a lower HR/FB rate than last year. It also looks like hitters are swinging a lot less at his pitches outside the strike zone (7.9% less, again FanGraphs Pitch-Fx). Maholm looks like he’s switched to a two-seam FB and his working away from his slider. Could that be an identifying factor to some arm/elbow troubles?


I wouldn’t feel comfortable pitching Doubront today, even in a 14-teamer. He’s just too blowup-prone. Maholm, on the other hand, is someone who I’d take a chance on in this matchup.


I was just offered this trade… McCutchen, J.J. Putz and Papelbon for Bryce Harper… Accept or Decline?

I’m in an NL Keeper league and I am in need of Stolen bases and saves

Accept. Harper to McCutchen isn’t much of a downgrade, if it is one at all, PLUS you’re getting an elite closer! To me, this is a no-brainer.


Kinsler, Encarnacion, Sale for Mark Reynolds, Harper, and Melky Cabrera
Who gets the better deal?


I’d go with the Kinsler/Encarnacion/Sale side.


who would you rather have Jimenez or derek Holland…..seems Holland has been giving up way to many hits in most games recently…..picked up Jimenez today over Lyles to replace Sanchez in my line up but will need to drop Jimenez/Holland when sanchez returns

Holland. Even though he’s had a few poor outings of late, his overall stat line is far superior to that of Jimenez, and I simply feel more confident in Holland going forward.


I just got Miggy Cabrera, Bumgardner, and picked up Lowrie, for B Phillips, Seager, and Craig.. Did I give up too much?


Miggy and Bumgarner for Phillips/Seager/Craig? That’s fair value, and the fact that you’re the one getting Miggy, who is hands down the top fantasy player thus far, is enough of a reason to make this trade.


Name 3 starting pitchers that I need to go after in the 2nd half of the season? Ready…. go….

This needs more context as it depends on the price, but I like Cain, Gallardo and Parker as buy-low guys, though the window to buy low on Parker is closing fast.


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