Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 19

MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres


Tillman @ Porcello – tough matchup for both but increased K rates give optimism

Ryu @ Kuroda (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Capuano @ Hughes (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Mendoza @ Masterson

Nicasio @ Buehrle – will Oswalt start for Rockies?

Hellickson @ Dempster – Hellickson benched until further notice

Milone @ Grimm

Sale @ Correia

Lohse @ Bedard

Saunders @ Wilson

Fernandez @ Cahill – Cahill scuffling but still a favorable matchup

Stults @ Bumgarner – have to roll Stults, right?

G. Gonzalez @ Kendrick

Marcum @ Medlen

Locke @ Arroyo

Jackson @ Westbrook


For what it’s worth, I have to agree with each choice today, and Stults is a definite start for me. Guess we’ll see Thursday how it all shakes out. As always, I enjoy and appreciate the insight.

What pitchers would you drop for Papelbon and Patrick Corbin… Wade Miley, Bronson Arroyo, Dan Harenbe or Ian Kennedy

Haren for corbin do it now

Haren and Arroyo for Paps and Corbin.


would you pick up porcello or stults for Feldman? Feldman has been very reliable so far this year…who you rolling with?

And Teheran or Josh Johnson? Thanks

Stick with Feldman and Teheran.


Melky Cabrera was just released in my league. I have the #1 waiver pick, if I want to use it. What do you expect from him the rest of the way?


I’m not a huge fan of Melky, as he’s gotten off to a mediocre start to the season and the PED situation calls into question his 2011-2012 performance. Expect a pretty good AVG, some power and some speed but I’m not expecting him to be a true mixed league difference maker.


Would it be wise to drop Mark Reynolds or Brandon Belt for Nick Franklin?


Depends on where you stand in homers and AVG as well as your positional needs, but generally speaking I’d be more inclined to stick with Reynolds as you know what you’re going to get from him. Of course, if you already have Adam Dunn and Dan Uggla on your roster, going with Reynolds probably isn’t a great idea!


Hey Zach,
I was offered the following deal: I’d give up either Andrus or Castro and Wilhelmson to get Hardy and Parker. Keep in mind I already have Nathan/Frieri/Mujica as my closers in a 10t, h2h, mixed format. As for starters, I own Sale/Zimmerman/Gio/Ryu/Holland/Garza. Thoughts?
Rich D.

Also, Starling Marte or Matt Joyce for ROS?

Do it, Castro looks like a mess i would def take Hardy right now. Andrus hasnt looked any better but hes stolen a good amount of bases, so at least he has that. Wilhelmson is struggling hard and Parker will keep doing well. Pull the trigger

Marte. He’s the more well-rounded fantasy producer.



I’m not in love with this but don’t have a huge problem with it either. You’re selling low on Andrus and Castro, which is something I’m not thrilled about, BUT Hardy will give you a power boost and I’m a big believer in Parker, who has been flat-out dominant for awhile now. I don’t think you necessarily need him, but at the same time the SS downgrade isn’t all that steep.


Porcello’s day games stats- 2w, 3L, 6.03era, 1.367whip in 37 1/3 ip

holliday, neil walker, for chris carpenter and gattis ??

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