Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 20

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves


Moore @ Pettitte – Moore hasn’t been the same since the rainy night in Cleveland, but Yankees no longer frighten
Danks @ Diamond
Griffin @ Lindblom – play it safe on Griffin in Texas
Gallardo @ Harrell
Lackey @ Alvarez
King Felix @ Hanson – good home matchup for Hanson
Cumpton @ Bailey
Oswalt @ Zimmermann – soft spot for Oswalt’s return but let’s see one first
Niese @ Minor – Niese on a nice run and Braves not exactly tearing it up lately
Feldman @ Lynn
Fife @ Marquis
Koehler @ Gaudin – home vs. Marlins? Might as well go for it!


I got offered Mark Reynolds and Matt Joyce for David Wright. I’m in first place in a 12-team H2H. Is there any compelling reason for me to accept?

Nope. There’s no way I’d make that trade, Brian.


Zach, here is a RP question for you to keep you on your toes. In a points league that counts Holds as well as Wins and Saves, who do you like more ROS?

Smyly or Tazawa? Crazy close right?

I’ll say Smyly, mainly because I think he has the better chance of closing at some point this season, which gives him the edge since saves are scarcer than holds.



In a point league I just dealt Choo and Aaron Hill for Hamels and Pagan. I already had Howie Kendrick at 2B and Branden Moss will be my OF until Pagan comes of the DL (assuming Moss cools off). Hamels will be replacing the duo of Vargas and Ubaldo, who I have been switching off with depending on matchups.



Yup, I’m totally fine with that, as Hamels is a clear step up over Vargas/Ubaldo. It’s a fair value deal though.


Have to drop one of Blanks, Rosario, or Berkman. If I said “which 2 for ROS?” Does that change who I drop? Thanks for help.


Definitely hold onto Rosario, as the fact that he’s a catcher gives him added value. Berkman vs. Blanks is tough as it’s a matter of track record vs. injury risk, but it’s not like Blanks has been the model of health over the course of his young career. I think I’d keep Berkman. At least you know that when he plays, he produces. Expect more ups and downs from Blanks the rest of the way.


I know not many people would start a Houston pitcher but Harrell has done fairly well if your streaming for points, no? Would you still totally avoid or do you think he will get points ?


Avoid? Absolutely not. Harrell is definitely on the PoD radar but he’s been a far better pitcher on the road than at home this year, so that probably factored into Cory’s decision to sit him for this one.


Hi Big Z got this conundrum in my keeper where my pitching sucked so I traded prospects for a bunch of big arms cos Price and Gallardo were injured/sucking. Now im overloaded with: Latos, Gio, Hamels, Price, YoGa, Fister, Bailey, J Johnson and Leake.

With all those starters would you just pitch your aces each time out? So with that said what about pitching middling guys in decent matchups like Bailey and YoGa today?

I guess you could say there are two tiers, my top 4 guys, and then the rest are just decent. I know I should be careful who I pitch from now on out and definately not pitch any middling guys in tough matchups, but Ive still got 960 innings remaining. Guess I just have to be stricter in who I throw out there?


Yeah, be a little stricter but don’t be too strict. It’s perfectly OK to be a little ahead of the pace in terms of innings projections at this point in the season. Take whatever production you can get now and worry about innings limits later. Who knows what will happen down the road? Half of your rotation could get injured and you’ll be wishing you collected the wins and strikeouts while you had the chance.


No love for Marquis today?

I never have any love for Marquis. Period:-)


Long-time reader, first-time commenter. My first year in a new league that counts Wins, Saves, Blown Saves, Holds, ERA, WHIP, K/9, and K/BB. Have both Bell and Hernandez from AR. Which should I drop when Putz comes back from the DL?

In this format, where blown saves as well as holds are categories, I think dropping Bell is the logical move. Hernandez is simply the better pitcher and should post the better ratios, but Kirk Gibson is so crazy that even if Putz gets injured again, he’ll probably stick with Bell in the ninth inning.


Late reply: Thanks for the response. I was leaning that way and the fact that you agree gives me some peace of mind!

Hi Guys,
I’m considering offering Strasburg for Chris Davis. What do you think?

Sounds reasonable, Jim.


Is Miguel Montero worthy of staying on an NL only 9 team keeper league anymore or should I drop him, there isn’t too many catchers on the waiver wire, though

Hold onto him. His track record suggests that there’s a good chance he turns things around. And in an NL-only, you’re not going to find a better option on the wire.


Should I stick with Brandon Crawford even through his injury? or drop him for the likes of either Profar, Lowrie, Gregorious, or Aybar?

It sounds like Crawford is just day-to-day, so I’d be more inclined to stay with him. Those are all fairly appealing waiver wire options but they all come with flaws.


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