Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 21

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles DodgersB


Keuchel @ Garza

Chatwood @ Strasburg – Chatwood pitching well, away from Coors, vs. struggling Nats

Deduno @ Kazmir

Hefner @ Hamels

R. Hernandez @ Phelps – Phelps hard to predict so far this year but upside is there

Hammel @ Dickey – Hammel much better on the road… your call on Dickey

Lester @ Fister – have to sit struggling Lester vs. Tigers

Teheran @ W. Peralta

Santiago @ Guthrie – good matchup for Guthrie rebound

Holland @ Lyons – tough matchup for Holland but results have been there

Cueto @ Miley

Cole @ Weaver

Kershaw @ Richard – Richard may get back into the always-start-at-home graces with a few more good ones…

Colon @ Iwakuma – surprise All-Star preview matchup of the year

Nolasco @ Lincecum


Trade pedroia to get Shelby Miller I have Franklin and rendon to replace pedroia and my pitchers are weaver, Strausberg, latos, cueto, lyles, leak, Parker, kluber and price on dl. Should I make the trade then try and get a second baseman for one of my weaker pitchers. Or an I good to roll with Franklin and rendon

I wouldn’t do that. Pedroia remains an elite hitter at a thin position and as good as Miller has been, let’s keep in mind that he has yet to pitch a full season. Your rotation is plenty strong enough without him, and the step down from Pedroia to Franklin/Rendon is a significant one.


What do you think about Eric Young going forward on the Mets? Worth picking up and dropping say Garrett Jones?


We put your question on today’s podcast but in short, stick with Jones.


Any word on who is closing for Boston? I need a closer bad, who you like of the 2.


It sounds like Tazawa is the leading candidate. This is also something the guys discuss on today’s podcast, which is available now.


Are only of the following worth a pickup? Blanks, Garza, Wheeler, or Benoit?
I only have one 1B (Reynolds) and 2 Closers (Rodney and Jansen) with minimum production

Depending on league size, they are all worth a pickup! I’d definitely add Benoit though, considering your closer situation, which is OK but not great.


10 team head to head (catergory) change anything?

Benoit is a must-add. The others are borderline adds in a 10-teamer, depending on your needs.


Who should I drop for Logan Morrison… Jordan Schafer or Pedro Ciriaco… I’m in an NL only league where I need SB and batting average

Considering the health situation of the Padres’ MIs, Ciriaco is going to get tons of playing time, at least in the short-term, so I’d definitely sooner drop Schafer.


Thinking of sitting Holland vs Cards…I did pick up Lyles so can use him to fill in his spot for this scoring period….Im winning in W’s/ Whip/ ER/ and Ks so far this week and would hate for Holland to hurt my Whip/ERs?

Not a bad idea at all.

Shopping Segura, what should I be looking for value-wise on the SP market for him?Been offered Minor and Gio.

Not a terrible return but I’d aim even higher.


Adam LaRoche is available on my league’s waiver wire. I saw you guys note earlier this week that he is traditionally a better second half player, and with Ryan Braun out for who knows how long, I could use some pop in my lineup; LaRoche, with 33 HR last year, certainly has it. Should I drop the cooling Kyle Blanks for LaRoche?

your not asking me but YES

Yes, BUT I’d see if I could drop someone else besides Blanks (maybe a pitcher?) since you’ll need all the power production you can get with Braun out.


Thinking about sending Stephen Strasburg for Mike Minor but not sure if it is the right deal. Is Minor just of to a good start and will start to slow down and is Stephen Strasburg off to a bit of a rough year.

I’m a big Minor fan and have no issue with you trading Strasburg for him considering Strasburg’s inconsistent 2013 and the health concerns.


Thanks for good info. Quick question though. Would Segura+Puig for Chris Davis be a solid deal? 10 person mixed roto. I stand to gain Davis.


You are giving up a lot of value but yeah, I think you have to make this trade. As they say, to get something good, you’ve got to give up something good!


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