Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 22-24

MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at St. Louis Cardinals



Colome @ Sabathia

M. Gonzalez @ Wang

Quintana @ W. Davis – good matchup for walk-prone Quintana

Walters @ Kluber

Webster @ Scherzer

Liriano @ Vargas – Vargas rolling of late

Straily @ Harang

Chacin @ HarenI don’t trust Haren right now, too erratic

Norris @ Wood

Gee @ Pettibone – Gee is on a tear

Turner @ Zito – good matchup for both

Hudson @ Gorzelanny

Perez @ S. Miller

Greinke @ Volquez

Leake @ Corbin – whouda thunk it??


Pelfrey @ Carrasco – Carrasco worth a look in deeper leagues though

F. Garcia @ J. Johnson

Doubront @ Verlander

Archer @ TBD (NYY) – I like Archer but still too erratic

Axelrod @ Shields – Axelrod worth a look in deeper leagues, too

Morton @ Blanton – too risky on both

Parker @ Bonderman

De La Rosa @ Detwiler

Harvey @ Lannan

Maholm @ Figaro – your call on Maholm; Brewers can hit lefties

Lyles @ Samardzija

Eovaldi @ Cain

Magill @ Cashner

Latos @ Delgado

Tepesch @ Wainwright


Jimenez @ Britton – no on Ubaldo vs. O’s… bench but don’t cut

Rogers @ Hellickson – hangin’ with unpredictable Helly

Bumgarner @ Ryu

Lee @ Stults – he’s some kinda wonderful!


Since Koji Uehara is now closer how will he be fantasy wise going forward? Worth picking up?

Yeah, worth picking up, though it’s anyone’s guess how that situation will play out over the remainder of the season. Tazawa might see some chances too. Also note that Uehara has been injury-prone.


Being offered Sabathia n Dickey for Puig…keeper league…thoughts?


Honestly, in a keeper league I think I’d pass on that. Dickey has been completely unreliable and as great as Sabathia is, he’s showing signs of decline while Puig has superstar potential.


The offer changed to Kemp and CC. Change anything?

As long as Kemp’s price isn’t through the roof, yeah, I’d do that.

Thanks for everything one last question… Is Miguel Gonzalez of the Orioles for real? 5-2 3.75 ERA and been pitching well thoughts?

I’m a believer in Gonzalez. Still probably a PoD guy for now but he definitely has grad potential.


What are your ideas on Jon Lester. Should I drop him for the available Stults, Leake, Marquis, De la Rosa, or Nolasco

I’m definitely concerned about Lester but I wouldn’t be ready to drop him. That said, I’d try to find a way to pick up Leake regardless.


Carlos Santana was just dropped in my league I only have 1 catcher (Rosario) should I pick him up and drop Melky?

I don’t know if Melky is your best drop option, but if it is, sure go ahead. Grab Santana immediately.


Well is it time to drop Middlebrooks sohe doesnt use up my last active roster spot? Who do you prefer…..Lyles or Holland?

Hey Zach,
Wandy is available in both of my leagues. #1 (Greinke, Ryu, Masterson, Shelby Miller, Leake, and Garza) and #2(Gio, Zimmerman, Ryu, Sale, Garza, and Holland). My belief is that I have enough starting pitching as #1 is a 12-team mixed league and #2 is a 10-team league. Would you make a move to add Wandy or stand pat? Just checking.
Rich D.


I’m a Wandy fan but I think you’re fine in both of those leagues. Would I rather have Wandy than Leake ROS? Probably. But no need to tinker with your roster. The difference is minimal and Leake is on a roll, though I won’t be starting him @TEX this week!


Agreed….he’s already on the bench. Ha! Thanks for your help.

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