Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 25

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Minnesota Twins


Cahill @ G. Gonzalez – good matchup for Cahill, assuming he’s healthy

Masterson @ Tillman – Tillman 4-0, 2.25 in June

Darvish @ Kuroda

Wilson @ Porcello

Nicasio @ Dempster – now five straight QS for Dempster

Correia @ J. Fernandez – Correia hasn’t been great this year, but only one terrible start, and great matchup

Buehrle @ Moore – Buehrle 2.16 ERA in June

Medlen @ Big Erv

Jackson @ Lohse – both throwing well lately but Lohse has matchup edge here

Wheeler @ Sale

Westbrook @ Bedard – not trusting Bedard vs. high-scoring Cards

Arroyo @ Milone – not trusting Arroyo… note that 4.45 road ERA

Kendrick @ Marquis

Locke @ Saunders – gotta use Saundo at home vs. weak Pirates

Kickham @ Fife


Zach, two quick hits for you:

1. In a light week, H2H Points, would you roll out both Kendrick and Marquis? I easily see a 3-2 game at PetCo.

and 2. an impatient owner dropped Napoli in the same league (10 team H2H points), should I drop J Castro for him? Castro has been a real gem thus far but Napoli can get on one of those streaks.


ROS I’d still take Napoli. No question about it.


Who you like ROS…

Brandon Moss or Moustakas?

Moss. My confidence in Moustakas is extremely low right now.


Hi, guys-
I wrote last week expressing my annoyance with the Brewers’ closer situation and things only got murkier this week. I want to drop somebody but now I don’t even know who to activate on a daily basis and who to leave on my bench. Can I trust K-Rod is done with save chances now that he has No. 300? Or will Henderson’s recent struggles hold him back from getting all the 9th inning chances? Zach, please help!!


If I had to bet on one guy closing ROS, it would be Henderson. That said, I’d try to hold onto K-Rod for the next week or so until we get a clearer picture of what’s going on. That’s what I’m doing in the one league where I own K-Rod.


Thanks, Zach. I remember you saying you had both in a league, which is why I specifically asked for your take. I will do my best to remain patient. Thanks for the advice!

One follow up, Zach: who are you going to activate tomorrow, K-Rod or Henderson? Last week I would start one and the other would get a save; then I would start the other and the other guy got a save! Crazy!

I don’t have Henderson…just K-Rod. I’d activate Henderson over K-Rod.

what do I do with Mike Napoli at this point in the season?

What are your thoughts on Tyler Colvin. I was surprised it took him so long to be called up thought he would make the roster. Is there some off the field problems with him that put him in the doghouse? He has cooled off after bringing his hot AAA bat to the big club, but he was looking like the player I had counted on as a bargain at $3 in a 12 NL only league for a while after his call-up. What do you expect from him ROS, and more importantly next year. Should I be holding him for 2014 or wait for another hot stretch and sell high?


We’ve been waiting on Colvin for awhile to take that next step forward, and it just hasn’t happened yet. I think the power is for real but the AVG is terrible and, more importantly, the K/BB rate is terrible. And it’s always been terrible. That said, he does have value in a 12-team NL-only, though I’d probably be more inclined to sell as opposed to continue waiting on him to reach his “potential.”


Is traily droppable in 12 teams mixed league?

Sorry, I meant Straily of course

He’s a PoD guy, so yes!


Considering dealing my smarzdjia, mucija, and wheeler for price, do it?

It is a keeper league and the price for the shark and mujica are pretty high

I’d pass on that one, Tom. You’re simply giving up too much value (both present and future value) for a guy who’s coming off an injury and has yet to look like his old self so far this season. While buying low on Price isn’t a bad idea, you’re not getting him at any sort of discount here. He’ll need to have a Cy Young type second half to even come close to paying you back.


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