Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 26

MLB: Miami Marlins at Chicago White Sox


Dickey @ R. Hernandez – Dickey is outside the circle of trust right now

Bailey @ Griffin

Gomez @ King Felix

Oswalt @ Lackey – need to see more before using Oswalt vs. top offenses

Grimm @ Pettitte – Pettitte’s only good start of the last five was in Seattle

Kazmir @ Hammel – toss-up on Hammel, but he’s been facing some tough matchups lately

Hanson @ Alvarez

Marcum @ Danks – taking another shot on Danks

Minor @ Mendoza

Lynn @ Bedard – not trusting Bedard vs. the Cardinals

Diamond @ Koehler

Miley @ Zimmermann

Feldman @ Gallardo

Lincecum @ Kershaw – decent matchup for Lincecum, go for it

Hamels @ TBD (SD)

***ZACH SAYS “I’d pitch Wade Miley versus a Nats offense that ranks dead last in the Majors in runs scored in the month of June. Miley has been very inconsistent this year but he has posted a quality start in three of his last four outings. It’s worth a try.”


ROS: Ruiz, Montero, or Grandal? Same question as a keeper for 2014.

Thanks Zach.

That’s an interesting one, Larry. For this season, I’ll say Montero. For keeper purposes, I’ll go with Grandal.


Is it worth dropping RA Dickey or hanging on to him even though he is inconsistent or struggling?

and Franklin or Crawford at SS going forward?

I’d go with Franklin’s across the board upside.

Depends on the size of the league and your alternative options, but I’m not against dropping him if the situation calls for it.


Pads have Robbie Erlin getting the nod…is he worth a shot at home?!

Hi 411 crew,

Thanks for all the good work you guys put through day in and day out. Now if you don’t mind, I’m trying to figure out who to drop in a 8×8 h2h non keeper yahoo league with Kemp off DL, do you drop McCann, or Heyward? Have Carlos Gomez, Encanacion, Fowler, Choo, Papi DH and Posey catching. Also should I activate Zack Wheeler and drop either Teheran or Lester or stay put? I have King Felix, Darvish, Harvey, Ryu, Yogo but a shady Pen with Street, Henderson, Uehara. Should I ignore SV category at all and drop Uehara for Wheeler? Too many uncertainties as you can see, I have 8 players on DL from beginning of the season, and don’t even want to think what to do when Lawrie is back…


McCann or Heyward shouldn’t really be dropped in any league, so your best bet might actually be to do a 2-for-1 trade (either involving them or not) to free up a roster spot for Kemp.

I’d pass on Wheeler. I just don’t think you have a huge need for him and I’d be hesitant to drop any of your current guys for him.


Hi, guys-
In the last week, I’ve asked you about the Henderson/K-Rod Brewers’ closer situation as well as whether or not I should scoop Adam LaRoche (you said yes), who is heating up and available on my league’s waiver wire. I want to pick up LaRoche but have not yet because this closer situation is handcuffing me. Do I drop K-Rod and grab LaRoche right now? Or should I drop Anthony Rendon, who is playing well but won’t be a regular in my line since I have Jason Kipnis at 2B and Pedro Alvarez at 3B (and he isn’t sitting much vs. lefties these days.) I have Braun and need an infusion of power with him out. Thanks for your thoughts! I feel like I need to act quick on LaRoche so thanks for your help.

Yeah, I’d drop Rendon.

does it appear Dickey is rounding into form or just a good game to be followed by more inconsistency? I have Wainwright/ S Miller/ Lynn/ A Sanchez/ D Holland/ Bailey as my starting pitchers are any worth a drop for him? Also would you drop any of the following for Eric Young Jr Viciedo or Morrison…..will drop Bonifacio when B Roberts comes off DL?


At this point, the way I’m approaching Dickey is simple. If you already have him, hold onto him. But if you don’t, I wouldn’t go out of my way to add him. In your situation, with that solid pitching staff, I’d pass on Dickey.

I’d stick with Viciedo and Morrison unless you have a specific need for speed.


Will Chris Perez get his job back once hes activated, or will the indians play it safe with non save situations? Ive noticed half of all of the mlb closers are sort of struggling right now.. my team included..and vinnie pestano is definitely not the rex brothers of the indians.. could use some quick saves before the end of the week. any thoughts?

Perez will take over closing duties immediately.


Would you trade away Papi, Pence, and Teheran for Hamels and Myers…non-keeper league. Due to roster construction, I don’t have room for Papi unless I bench either Albert Pujols or Edwin Encarnation.

I should clarify….I’m not trading Teheran, but he would go to my bench when I obtain Hamels. The actual trade is Papi/Pence for Hamels/Myers


In a non-keeper, I don’t think I’d make that trade, but it’s close. ROS I’d take Pence over Myers. Papi for Hamels is pretty fair, but that’s with the idea that Hamels will turn back into his old dominant self, which is no guarantee.


I’m loving me some Lackey!!! 11k’s thru 6

A guy in my league is looking for offense and has put Harvey on the block. He is in desperate need of a third baseman and I have Lawrie, Rendon, and Headley. I know I won’t be able to get Harvey away from him but was thinking of offering one of them for Cole.

Lawrie for Cole? Perhaps. Rendon for Cole? Absolutely. Headley for Cole? No way!


Awesome, thanks!

BTW, good call on holding onto Hosmer.

My pitchers are Verlander, Kershaw, Masterson, Wheeler, Kluber, Kennedy, and Wandy.

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