Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 27

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels


Holland @ Hughes
Weaver @ FisterI’m very concerned about Weaver and this is a dangerous matchup… bench but don’t cut
Kluber @ M. Gonzalez – tough matchup but they’re both gettin’ it done
Wang @ Lester – bench but don’t cut Lester
Guthrie @ Deduno – either could be a nice blue-plate special pick
Garza @ W. Peralta – same for Peralta, coming off great outing vs. Atlanta
Corbin @ Strasburg
Hefner @ Chatwood
Pettibone @ Greinke


I have a trade offer in one of my leagues (h2h, 12 team). He’s offering me Pedro Alvarez and Shin-Soo Choo for Michael Bourn and Josh Donaldson. Should I accept or decline?

for some reason, Asdrubal Cabrera was dropped in my league. Am I missing something here? I have Andrus at SS and since Kinsler came back I have been using Daniel Murphy as my Util. Should I drop Murphy or Andrus for Asdrubal or just stick with what I have?


It’s probably because with Cabrera coming off the DL, the Asdrubal owner decided to just drop him instead of dropping someone else in order to activate him. He’s been pretty disappointing this year. Honestly, I’d stand pat.


Should I pull the trigger on this deal:
Receive: shelby miller
Trade: Jason Heyward
OF is Stanton, Cargo, Rasmus, Joyce, Gordon, and jennings.

10 tm league

Keeper league too, miller a dollar and heyward 18

I’d stick with Heyward.

Hey Zach,
My current SS’s are Andrelton Simmons and Didi Gregorius in a 12 team, h2h, mixed league. Stash Derek Jeter and drop one of them? He’s probably back after the ASB. Thanks.
Rich D.

I’m lukewarm on Jeter for this year as we don’t know for sure when he’ll come back and we don’t know how effective he’ll be once he does return. That said, since one of those shortstops is a bench guy anyway, sure, I’d take a chance and drop Didi for Jeter.


Would you trade Napoli and Lind for Mauer? I think Mauer is the best player in this but wondering if I’d be giving up too much power.

I have Crawford and Lawrie on the DL so I prob wouldnt pick anyone up and just wait to activate Lawrie

I’d lean towards no on this one. Yeah, Mauer is the best player in the deal BUT is the upgrade from Napoli to Mauer worth losing Lind, who I’m starting to believe in more and more with each passing day? Not really. And like you mentioned, that’s a lot of lost power.


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