Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 29-July 1

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Rogers @ Doubront – tough matchup for Rogers despite success as a starter

Wainwright @ Parker

Jimenez @ Axelrod

W. Davis @ Gibson – great setting for Gibson’s MLB debut

Blanton @ LylesBlanton 39 K’s in his last five starts, but bad matchup for Lyles

Sabathia @ Britton

Samardzija @ Harang – Harang worth a gamble at home vs. weak lineup, in deeper leagues

Leake @ Tepesch – scary matchup for Leake but results demand to use him

Verlander @ Archer

Jordan @ Gee – great setting for Jordan’s MLB debut

Kennedy @ T. Hudson

Cain @ De La Rosa

Stults @ Turner

Hand @ Liriano

Lee @ Ryu


Buehrle @ Dempster

Porcello @ Hellickson – looks like all that enthusiasm for Porcello was premature!

Masterson @ Sale

Big Erv @ Correia – Correia has allowed more than 4 runs only once this year

Wilson @ Harrell

Latos @ Darvish

Westbrook @ Milone

Jackson @ Bonderman – not buying Bonderman’s fast start just yet

Kuroda @ Tillman – Yankees are last in MLB in OPS in June. Last.

G. Gonzalez @ Wheeler

Cashner @ Eovaldi – Eovaldi looking very sharp since return

Cahill @ Maholm

Lohse @ Morton – watch for Morton in deeper leagues

Kendrick @ Fife

Bumgarner @ Pomeranz


Alvarez @ Dickey – oh so NOW Dickey’s pitching well again?

Pettitte @ Diamond

Moore @ Keuchel

Kickham @ Arroyo

Gallardo @ Zimmermann

Miley @ Marcum – hope everyone hung with ‘em on Marcum

Marquis @ J. Fernandez


Two part question.
Considering trading Garza for Cueto?
Then I’d have to pick someone up though and who would you pick up of these guys? Turner, Gibson, Jordan, Marcum, Bonderman, or Chacin

It’s a H2H points league by the way. Hefner’s also available.

I think I’d pass on that trade, Josh. Cueto’s return timetable is still up in the air (he might not be back for another month) and there’s no point taking on that risk at the cost of Garza, who is a very solid #3 type fantasy starter. I’m a big fan of Garza, by the way.


My buddy thats setting in 1st as of right now wants Gio Gonzalez and he is throwing Will Myers at me? My pitching staff… Justin Master, Juilo Teheran, Big game James Shields, Regressing Travis Wood, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Manlbal Sanchez, John Lackey and David price? Should i give him this trade or ask for a little more?

In a non-keeper I’d pass on that one. Myers isn’t proven enough to the point where his trade price tag should be a legit ace.like Gio…not yet at least.


How is this deal, I need SB… Juan Pierre and either Wily Peralta or Edwin Jackson for Ian Kennedy and Logan Morrison

Not in love with it since Pierre is an aging one-trick pony who is starting to lose playing time. I think you’re giving up too much here. Morrison is a solid hitter with upside and you’re selling very low on Kennedy. @ATL is a tough matchup, so I’m giving him at least a partial mulligan for that outing.


I’m in a roto 9 team league and I am in 3rd place

What would you do with Josh Johnson, nobody wants him in trade and he still doesn’t look all that good. Don’t want to use him against Detroit this week but being that he was a higher draft pick not sure what to do, would you just drop him then? Would you hang on to him? Space is valuable.

Bench but don’t cut.


So today I moved into first place in my league. I have a issue that I guess can actually be viewed as a good issue. Someone in my league dropped M.Montero and I picked him up. this is a 2 catcher league and right now my catchers are McCann and Pierzynski. would you bench either of those guys to play montero? this is a weekly league not daily.

Also can you evaluate my team going forward? I have alot of injured players some of which i have picked up when people have dropped them.

3B-Longoria (Michael Young) filling while longo hurt

B-M.Montero,Konerko,Frazier,M.Young and A.Escobar


Thanks again Zach



I also have Granderson on my bench forgot about him.

There are no DL spots in this league


Are you in a three team league because that team is ridiculous

believe it or not its a 10 team league and ive been in 3rd place til this week i made the jump to first on sunday


Cory and Mike answered this question on today’s podcast. The short answer? Keep Montero benched.


is Lynn worth holding onto as a starter….Dickey is available and wondering if he is worth a pick up? I have 3 starters for the Cards( wainwright/ Miller) being the other 2 and they all face the Angels this week what do you think of their starts vs that offense?

Yeah, hold onto Lynn. I see absolutely no reason to drop him. His overall stats are still very good.

Cole was just dropped in my league…would you take him over Lynn/ Bailey?

Nah, not yet. I like Cole but the low K rate and thin track record keeps him a notch below Lynn/Bailey.

Read on another site that they would drop Headley for Nolan Arenado. What’s your take on that?

I wouldn’t. I haven’t lost faith in Headley to the point where I would drop him for a guy with a couple months of big league experience. Chase deserves a longer leash after what he did last year.


10T H2H 15×15 no limit keeper; contemplating 2fer trade to make roster space AND upgrade …thinking try Kinsler & Hamiton for Darvish or Bumgarner or Cano. What ya think (sugesstions welcome)? Leaves my roster at;
Fielder (ALT; Allen Craig), Kipnis (Profar,Gyorko DL), Miguel Cabrera (Machado), Alexei Ramirez
Trout, Harper DL, Puig, Stanton, Holliday,Domonic Brown, Wil Myers
Wainwright, Strasburg, Moore, Medlen, Masterson, Gerrit Cole, Cingrani, Wheeler, Price DL, Rafael Soriano, Casey Janssen, Glen Perkins.
As always, thanks guys.


Wow, how did you get that team? I’m totally fine with either one of those trades given your roster situation/backup options etc.


Was a keeper turned Dynasty, it took years adding pieces and “wasting” productive roster spots on guys still in triple A, i.e. rostered Harper around June 2011, most of his AAA year. League champ in 2010 & 11 in no small part to the advice of “you guys” – thanks.

With David Price coming back who would be the one to drop… Andy Pettitte or Travis Wood?

I’ll say Pettitte. He just hasn’t looked good at all lately and while Wood is due for a regression, there’s also the NL Central vs. AL East factor to consider. ROS I’d still bank on Wood to put up the better overall stat line.


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