Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 2

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins


W. Peralta @ Strasburg – Peralta worth a look in deeper leagues

Pettibone @ Locke

Fister @ Wang

Corbin @ Hefner

Koehler @ Medlen

Erlin @ Lackey

Lincecum @ Bailey – not trusting Timmy in GABP

Saunders @ Grimm

Hammel @ DanksDanks worth a look in deeper leagues despite tough matchup

Kluber @ Mendoza

Hughes @ Deduno – Hughes OK on the road; Deduno rolling and Yankees slumping

Price @ Bedard – not trusting Bedard yet, even after handling Cards

Kershaw @ Oswalt

Feldman @ Griffin

Lynn @ Weaver


talk me off the ledge! or dont, 14 team mixed head to head, obp instead of avg. im thinking of dropping alex gordon. the royals are a terrible offensive team this year and he’s been under performing after his early season hot streak. ellsbury and dom brown are my other two OF, with granderson on the DL. i’ve been riding raul ibanez’s homer streak and grabbed rajai davis for steals since he’s playing full time right now. obviously gordon looks better on paper than those two, but im only playing 3 OF’s and i feel like i can grab whoever is hot off the wire until grandy gets back (provided his hand heals properly and he can even hit) thoughts? thanks for the advice, love the blog and the podcast!

I think dropping Gordon would be a mistake. Chances are you’re not going to find someone on the wire with more ROS upside than Gordon, and it’s not like you’re playing him right now anyway, so his slump really isn’t hurting you. Keep him around.


Who gets more saves ROS: Henderson or Rodriguez?

I’ll stick with Henderson, but K-Rod is worth holding onto. We still don’t have enough information to make a definitive decision. The Brewers haven’t had many save situations since Henderson came back.


you have start Lynn do you think it would be a mistake to skip his start vs Angels? He really hurt my team last week

I’d pitch him. The Angels’ offense has been erratic for much of the year.


Okay guys, I’m getting fed up with Gallardo. I’m in a tight race in this 13 team 5×5 mixed league, bouncing between 2nd and 3rd place, within 4-10 points of 1st on any given day, and categories that are tight where I can gain points are Wins, ERA, and WHIP. If it’s possible that one guy can cost me a championship, Gallardo is trying his best to be that guy. I’m trying to swing a trade to give up Segura for Bumgarner, since I lead the league in SB by 22 over the next guy, and just got Jose Reyes back off the DL. But should I drop Gallardo and just POD that spot the rest of the year??? Or hold onto him ’til the end of the month, and hope he gets traded to a decent team and that a change of scenery would give him some renewed value??

Oh, and also, in two other (different) mixed leagues I have Pettitte…is he done??? Keep him or drop and POD those spots????

Yeah, I think he’s close to done. He’s looked awful lately. In a standard 12-team mixed league, I have no problem with you using that spot for PoD.


Hold onto him for the rest of the month. My patience is wearing thin as well, but I don’t see Yo-Ga as drop material just yet.


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