Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 3

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres


Lohse @ Detwiler – Lohse 2.34 ERA in June

Lannan @ Gomez

Scherzer @ Johnson

Delgado @ Harvey – Delgado’s numbers not great but I like the matchup

M. Gonzalez @ Santiago – Santiago burned me last time and O’s can rake

Nolasco @ Minor – remind me please to never trust Nolasco again EVER

Volquez @ Lester – Lester 6.99 ERA over his last 8 starts… can’t take any more

Zito @ Cingrani

King Felix @ Holland

Kazmir @ Guthrie – nice matchup for Kazmir

Greinke @ Chatwood – toss-up on Greinke in Coors… 5.60 road ERA

Sabathia @ Walters

R. Hernandez @ Norris

Garza @ Colon – Garza’s last start with the Cubs?

S. Miller @ Williams – hang with ‘em on Miller

***ZACH SAYS “I’m ditching Johnson. He’s been way too erratic to trust against tough lineups like the Tigers. Agree on rest.”


So my outfield is now made up of Quentin raji Davis and Ajax with willingham and Fowler probably on their way to dl. Is it time to put one of my pitchers on the block to get another of. I have Parker latos price weaver Turner cueto Aj Griffin mike leake and Martin Perez. If so who should I try to move.

Also Strausberg don’t know how I forgot him

Yeah, you’re definitely thin at OF. I’d let the market decide which pitcher (s) to trade. It totally depends on which guys your league mates want and how satisfied you are with the return.


I need input on a trade please!

Bautista for Fielder

I personally would be giving up Bautista where my current outfield (without Bautista) alligns as M. Kemp S. Choo A. Gordon & D. Brown. First Base I currently have Pujols… Fielder in my opinion would fill my UT spot, Your thoughts?

Six of one, half dozen of the other, but since Bautista has been injury-prone whereas Fielder has been the model of durability, I’m fine with that


How do you feel about Henderson Alvarez making first start this year @ Braves? I know not greatest ERA over 2 years with Blue Jays but can he at least get me points? Don’t know much about him.

I’m a believer in Alvarez (drafted him in a couple of leagues) but there’s no way I’d pitch him @ATL in his first start back. The main appeal with Alvarez is that he has very good control. The drawback is his low K rate. He’s someone to watch though.


Is it time to try to trade guys like Lester and bourn? I already have Stanton puig Choo Marte Bautista and now with harper back bourn is the odd man out (plus I hv Braun on DL) thoughts???


I’m fine with trading them, though in the case of Lester, now isn’t exactly a great time to deal him with his trade value being so low.


I’ve been offered Matt Kemp, John Lackey, and Steve Cishek for Hunter Pence, Andrew Cashner, and Sergio Romo. Slight downgrade in pitching, but upgrade w/Kemp. I have to do this deal, right?


A very interesting trade, and I wouldn’t blame you for accepting. But believe it or not, I’d pass. Something just isn’t right with Kemp while you know what you’re getting with Pence. Kemp vs. Pence ROS? I’ll say Pence, also factoring in the injury risk attached to Kemp. Cashner to Lackey is pretty much a wash while Romo to Cishek is a clear downgrade (I don’t care how great Cishek has been lately). You’re taking on a bit too much risk here, and you’re not exactly getting Kemp at a discount.


No love for Timmy tonight? I am going down with the ship, outside of yesterday cincy has been scuffling, am I crazy?

Segura and Fister for Bourn and Lester?


I prefer Segura/Fister, and to me it’s not even close.


I don’t get why Chatwood doesn’t get any love, not many k’s but he hasn’t given up more than 2 runs in a start in his last 8 starts.

Yeah, I think it’s just a stigma that gets attached to any Rockies’ pitcher, but in this case I have to agree with Cory. The Dodgers’ offense is hot right now and it is at Coors. A bit too scary for my taste.


well my pitching is Wainwright/ Shelby/ Bailey/ Holland/Lynn with Anibal coming back saturday…thinking of dropping Lynn to make room as he has been hurting me in Era and terrible whip recently? also when Everth returns will need to drop one of these….Dominquez/ Moose/ or Eric young who is my 6th OF I also have Hanley for 3b so that is why I am considering one of my other 3B I do have 5 men for Holds with Matusz or Pestano being my 2 weakest


If you’re going to drop one of those SPs, Lynn is the guy. That said, I just don’t see him as waiver wire material. Maybe try to trade one of your other SPs to open up a pitching spot while at the same time getting an upgrade at a different position?

I’d drop Young. With Everth coming back, you won’t need Young’s speed, which is the biggest part of his fantasy appeal.


Who should I drop Tony Campana for, Schafer, Ross, Denorfia or Kubel… I’m in a 9 team keeper NL only roto league

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