Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 4

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Houston Astros


Hand @ Jordan – Jordan is intriguing but may not be around long enough to use

Kennedy @ Gee – would be nice if Kennedy would start producing results…

Cain @ Leake

Hamels @ Cole

Stults @ Webster – Stults’ meltdown in Miami enough to bench him vs. tough matchup

Britton @ Quintana – Britton worth watching, but not yet using

Jimenez @ Shields – Ubaldo still a pitch vs. weak offenses

Phelps @ Gibson – Phelps with two major blowups in his last six starts

Archer @ Lyles – tough call on Lyles but I think last two poor starts were a blip

Wood @ Parker – Parker may get pushed back to Saturday if hammy is still sore

Verlander @ Rogers

Alvarez @ Teheran

Iwakuma @ Perez

Capuano @ Chacin – not in Coors, nope

Wainwright @ Blanton – Blanton getting hot but Cards too tough


Worried about Fister’s back at all? I just flipped Cishek (Marlin trade bait?) for the Fist man.

I was offered the following deal in a ten team h2h points league (standard scoring except k’s are worth 3pts & hitters get bonus pts 4 xtra base hits). Please lmk ur thoughts:
Mark Trumbo
Matt Moore
Giancarlo Stanton
Jeff Locke

My outfield is comprised of Cespedes, Choo, Carlos Gomez, Morrison and Chris Davis & Trumbo who are OF eligible, but have starting @ diff positions

My pitching staff besides Moore is Harvey, Weaver, Sale, Holland, Mr. No-No Homer Bailey, Big Erv, Michael Gonzalez, & Lincecum with Cahill on dl.

Thanx guys!

Yeah, I’d absolutely make that trade. You’re getting the best player in the deal and have more than enough SP depth, quantity and quality-wise, to afford the Moore to Locke downgrade.


Is a guy like Juan Fransisco worth the pick up if you need help at CI? He’s been hot of late

Depending on who you’re dropping, sure why not!

Thinking about trading Dempster and Maholm for Hamilton, what do you think?
H2H, points, nonkeeper league.

I’m all for that. You’re not giving up much and Hamilton is probably the most appealing buy-low guy in all of fantasy right now.


I was offered this trade, Andrelton Simmons for Ian Kennedy… I have Brandon Beachy coming back from injury and I need a middle infielder

Makes perfect sense. A fair value trade that suits your needs.

No love for Perez who has been pitching well and is going against the Ms?

Not a bad gamble but personally I’d like to see a bit more from Perez.

Thoughts on Campana, called up by ARI? Hitting lead off tonight.

If you’re in need of speed in an NL-only, Campana is worth a look for the short-term, but I just don’t see him as mixed league material. I think there’s a good chance he gets sent back down soon, perhaps as soon as it takes for Parra to get back on the field.


Hey Zach,
What are your thoughts on Konerko? He’s had a tough season and is now struggling with back issues. I picked up LaRoche for the second half and have Matt Carpenter as a back up at 1B. Stay the course with Konerko or jettison to pick up another player. I don’t really have a glaring need and doubt anyone in our league will actually trade for him.
Rich D.

Well, he’s now on the DL, so assuming you have an open DL spot, that should solve the problem, at least for the time being.


Unfortunately, Braun already occupies that spot. I think I am going to have to cut bait.

Chris Johnson is available. Lack of power but good career second half numbers.

Heyward or Ibanez right now? Don’t have to drop anyone.

Short term, you’ve got to ride Ibanez’s hot bat. Long term, I think Heyward will prove to be the safer choice.


Howie kendrick or altuve ROS and thoughts on gallardo buy low or stay away Thanks again

Altuve for speed, Kendrick for a little more power. Depends on your needs. They’re very close in value. If Gallardo’s just hanging around on the wire, sure, I’d pick him up. But I wouldn’t exactly go out of my way to acquire him via trade.


Thinking about dropping Mark “average killer” Reynolds for Logan Morrison or Chris johnson? What would your thoughts be on this. Thank You for all your feed back.


I wouldn’t be opposed to a Reynolds for Morrison swap if you’re not desperate for power.


Reyes/j Upton or Holliday/Philips ROY?

I’m assuming Reyes/Phillips would just go in an MI spot, as my answer might change if you’re lacking a quality SS, but I’d take the Holliday/Phillips side. To me, it’s just a little safer. I’m getting very annoyed with Upton.


Hey Zach,
I was offered Josh Donaldson for Matt Garza. I already have Chase Headley at 3B. My starters are Ryu, Zimmerman, Sale, Gio Gonzalez, and Holland. Disrupt the cohesive group or stand pat?
Rich D.

I’d stand pat, Rich. I’m a Garza fan and his value will probably go up with a trade out of Chicago. And you don’t really have a need for a 3B. It’s not like you’re going to bench Headley.

Thanks so much Zach!

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