Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 9

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates


Shields @ Sabathia

Straily @ Cole – first test for Cole against a top offense, I’ll play it safe

Perez @ Britton – same for Britton as Cole… conservatism vs. top offenses

Johnson @ Jimenez – toss-up on Ubaldo but trust is in short supply

Jordan @ Hamels

Quintana @ Verlander – Quintana has upside, but too risky vs. Tigers

Teheran @ Alvarez

Gibson @ Archer – Gibson a toss-up but I’ll put him with Cole and Britton

Blanton @ Wood – Blanton is on a tear and Wood is an All-Star!

Cingrani @ W. Peralta I would’ve liked Peralta much better vs. the Mets!

Norris @ Wainwright

Nolasco @ Kennedy

Webster @ Iwakuma

Chacin @ Stults – Chacin 2.05 ERA in 7 road starts

Gee @ Zito – Zito 1.98 ERA in 10 home starts


Hey Zach:

What do you think of a Josh Reddick second half comeback? Possible or overly hopeful?

The good news for Reddick is that he’s batting .278 in July. The bad news is that his power stroke continues to elude him. Being that his body of work is slim, I just don’t see how anyone can trust this guy. If he was a proven player with several big league seasons under his belt, I’d feel a lot more optimistic.


I had stashed Pineda in my DL slot, but with him being sent to Triple A and his big league return uncertain, I want to stash another injured pitcher who should be back soon. Should I grab Alexi Ogando or Brandon Beachy?


Would you take Andrus or Asdrubal Cabrera ROS and if you could breakdown the upside on both or either that would be great. It seems like a tough decision to me but maybe I am overthinking this.



It is pretty close and if you’re already loaded in speed, you could definitely make an argument for Cabrera. The reality is that both have underperformed this year, but with Andrus at least you know you’ll get the steals, and if he can improve that OBP (a big if), he should score plenty of runs hitting atop that lineup. Cabrera is obviously the better power source but he has only six home runs so far. To me, Andrus is more of a difference maker, as worst case scenario is he helps you in steals.


10T H2H daily 15×15 dynasty, in 1st so boldly future planned stashing young talent w/o regard to position vs roster. This allowed protected stat gathering evaluation but it’s time to reconcile. Roster became “over” by 3 as Harper and Price (DL) and Wheeler (Reserve slot) are all “real life” active now. Trades declined; TO OPEN 3 ROSTER SLOTS are the least bad drop choices for a dynasty team Profar (Texas limbo), Hamilton (age), Masterson (2nd half regression?) or one of the “newbies” Cole, Cingrani, Wheeler? Would you instead dump one closer since they are the most volatile? Your thoughts please, thanks…had to 911 to 411… too many sleepless nights – RK
Roster – 1B Fielder (ALT; A. Craig), 2B Kipnis (Kinsler, Profar,Gyorko DL), 3B Miguel Cabrera (Machado), SS Alexei Ramirez
OF; Trout, Puig, Stanton, Hamilton, Holliday, D. Brown, Wil Myers, Harper (Non active reserve Oscar Taveras)
SP; Wainwright, Strasburg, Moore, Medlen, Price , Masterson, Gerrit Cole, Cingrani, Wheeler (Non active reserve Dylan Bundy who I will likely drop for M. Wacha)
RP; Rafael Soriano, Casey Janssen, Glen Perkins.


Whoa, I have no idea how you were able to assemble this roster. I’m getting a headache just thinking about this. Right now, I’ll say drop Profar, Wheeler and Bundy (and don’t pick up Wacha) but tomorrow I might say something different. And next week I might say something different!


Hi Big Z, my rotation has underperformed all year, and wondering if you could help me out.

Heres my arms:
Bailey, Price, Gio, Hamels, Latos, Leake, Fister, Turner, Kluber, Peavy.

I always seem to pitch some mid tier guys for their stinkers, and miss their dominant ones (like Bailey…yup missed the no-no). Should I just pickmy best 6/7 guys and start them every time out? Or maybe pitch my best guys every time out but pick matchups for the rest of them, if so who’s the cutoff point?. It’s really starting to pee me off! I have the starters to be competitive just cant get the results outta them.


For now, I’d spot-start Leake, Turner and Kluber based on the matchup and pitch everyone else regardless of the matchup.


Do you think Francoeur is a good add if I drop Will Venable? NL only league

I think I’d stick with Venable. Frenchy won’t even be playing every day.


You guys need to always say bench Nolasco, meaning to start him. Haha.

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